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Sunday, 6 November 2011


Although this blog is about Bondage for the Big Man, I still will post about Bondage in general.  And in this post I thought I'd include several links to suppliers of Bondage gear in the UK.  This makes sense seeing as I'm UK based obviously!  So if you need supplies, check out these places:

The Handcuff Shop - This place is your one stop shop for all things cuff.  I purchase from here regularly and have to say the service is first class, as is the merchandise!

Fetters - Fetters has been well established in the fetish community for many years, and with good reason.  The products really are top notch.  I would say it is more on the expensive side but you definitely pay for good quality and gear that isn't going to break after 5 minutes.

Devus - Devus has great quality gear but at fantastic prices.  I've used this store for years and haven't been disappointed yet.  They are always producing new gear to keep their stock fresh and at the right price!

Chastity Play - If chastity matters to you, then look no further than Chastity Play.  Lots of great products in differing materials, and some nice toys for CBT play.  Well worth a look if you want to lock your boy up and take control of his orgasm!

Expectations - A good all rounder.  Doesn't focus solely on bondage gear, and has a wide collection of Leather/Rubber/Neoprene gear if you like getting dressed up foreplay!

Regulation London - I really like this store, and that includes the layout and design!  Another good all rounder who has upped their game by becoming a supplier of Fetters dungeon gear, which gets a tick in my book.

Of course, this be only my opinion and experience from using the stores.  If anyone has other links to stores I may have missed, please feel free to leave comment as I'm always looking for great BDSM online stores!

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