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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Heavy Metal Bear - Cuffs and SJ

Thought I would share some pics of me from a recent play session.  I see this top every month or so and I really enjoy what he does and what he is all about.  Away from the cuffs and SJ, he's a lovely guy.

He's very much into chained restraint and Straitjackets.  He'll get you nice and secure and leave you to deal with it.  I always thought this sort of Bondage was not for me, as I always go soft when I'm left to deal with this sort of predicament.  That was until recently when during one session, he left me for an hour or two (I can't even fathom how long it was as I nicely hooded!) came back and said I was pumping out pre cum. Guess I liked this sort of isolation Bondage after all!

Going to meet up for another session next week, and I cannot wait!

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