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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Captured Guys

We all love Captured Guys, right?  Well this site does exactly what it says on the tin.  Now, there are no bears on here as such, but there are a plethora of muscled men to admire.  Here are just two of my favourite guys featured on the site:

                            This is Ben.  He's in a hogtie and ball gag, getting foot
                            worshipped.  Doesn't seem to be enjoying it much.
                            But I am!

                            This is Todd.  He is restrained with wrists behind his
                            back and is tape gagged.  Although the restraint is
                            minimal (and not very severe) I love edging and
                            cum control play!

If you want to see more of Ben and Todd (and other muscled, restrained guys) check out Captured Guys


  1. i wish i could have these as a download

  2. Boyz Tube is a good place to find clips, although you do have to pay a premium for it...

  3. God, the second video gets me so fucking horny.

  4. Oh yep. But he could do with a bit tighter restraint though.

  5. The criminal looks like one of my professors from the past, which so makes me want to cum even more. I like victims with some loose restraints, I'm not too much for men in pain.

    I NEED to find that video somewhere. I'm thinking that the Internet could shutdown any day now. I've been visiting here everyday for the last...two or three days, and on one of them I came two times.

  6. Well it always helps if the guy reminds you of someone you perhaps had a crush on in the past...

  7. I guess I'll keep cumming here until I find somebody that has that video of Todd for download.

  8. unbelievable i am so hard and wet right...tie me up right now and jerk me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!