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Monday, 21 November 2011

Spyder Gag

Here at Bondage For The Big Man, we don't only want to feature clips and pics of all sorts of big men in bondage.  We also want to showcase other bondage related items.  This post is all about the Spyder Gag.  The Spyder Gag is a metal ring gag which buckles behind the back of the head.  It has four metal prongs, two above and two below the centre strap, which stick out at a diagonal angle (this is to stop the ring going too far back into the mouth apparently).  This gag is fantastic.  What is so great is that the sub has no choice but to take his Masters/Tops cock in mouth.  His tongue is still free to taste cock and pre-cum as the cock is being rammed down his throat.  Being face fucked whilst wearing this gag is hot, and I know because I have a similar gag (not the Mr. S Leather variant which is being marketed in conjunction with Bound Gods) and have been used in such a manner, many times!  Below are some clips of the Spyder Gag in action.

You can see more of the Spyder Gag in action at the following link - Bound Gods

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