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Monday, 21 November 2011

My Chastity Agreement

I admit it, I can be a very lazy lover.  I want it to be all about me, and once I've cum, I'm not interested in doing anything else but relaxing.  So, with this in mind, me and my partner discussed a chastity agreement.  The agreement is that I wear the BON4 chastity device when I get home from work and it stays on until I go to bed.  Any time I'm at home, I have to wear the BON4 (unless there is a medical problem I can't) and I'm not allowed to cum unless it is during play, me as a bondage sub, me as a bondage top or if me and my partner are being vanilla intimate.  And even then, sometimes he can veto it if he wants.

The realities of this agreement means I get to cum, probably about once a week (give or take).  It's not enough to take the edge off but still enough to not drive me too crazy.  It's a nice little balance I feel.  I quite enjoy building up to the play sessions and still not knowing if I get release or not (although my partner has mercy and doesn't like to see me go too crazy!).

Maybe other guys in chastity has the same bi product as I do, but I've found that the bi product of chastity is that I have more energy, seem to think about bondage sex much more often, and I feel inspired to get busy and not loll about on the sofa all day long.  The other good (or bad) side is that I'm working on the blog and that is keeping me frustrated as hell, plus friends on Recon who like to torment me too.

Any of the readers out there want to share their chastity experiences?  Feel free to comment below.

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