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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Four


Flopping onto the big leather chair, Alex stared at the screen.  He was naked apart from a black towel which now rested over the tops of his legs.  The screen displayed a 24 hour live camera feed of his dungeon.   The very dungeon which housed his property, pig Toby.  The warm air conditioning in the bedroom began drying the remaining damp spots on his skin.  He reached over and turned up the volume control.  He stayed focused on his pig.  Suddenly Alex heard a loud noise which sounded like a pneumatic drill.  His pig was snoring!  As much as Alex wanted to play, he didn’t disturb him; content in the knowledge that his pig was more than happy in bondage.

Alex moved the mouse around on the pad; the movements paralleled that of the camera.  Inside the dungeon there was the wrought iron double bed in the back left corner, the bondage chair in the back right corner, the cage sat next to the bed and the X Frame was tucked just to the side of the bondage chair.  The walls were painted deep blue and the floor was made up of black wooden slats.  The lights were always kept dimmed for maximum effect.  Everything was exactly has Alex has envisioned, including the black latex snoring pig.  As his eyes locked back onto the screen, he pushed the towel aside, began slowly stroking the head of his cock as well as gently tugging on his left nipple.   There was his pig, held in the centre of the room like a prized package.   Watching him, Alex began pumping his cock.

Down in the dungeon, the pig was held on an interesting steel frame contraption.  It bore the weight of his body but also kept him in tight bondage which he wouldn’t be able to escape from.  The first steel frame stood upright, four pointed, which constructed the skeleton of a cube.  Peppered along the frame were eyelets.  These eyelets had chains connecting to other eyelets which were housed around the centre rectangular steel table.
On the steel table lay the pig, zipped and locked inside his latex prison.  The table was titled at forty five degree angle, his head positioned higher than his ankles.  His cock and balls were still filling the latex sheath and the tube gag was still fitted in his mouth around his teeth.  Mounted behind the pigs head and facing away from him, was a wooden backed podium with a white urinal.  A thick transparent tube connected the urinal to the pigs gag.  Another tube, this one transparent but much thinner, connected the cock and ball sheath to the gag also.  This made sure that the pig would not waste a drop of fluid given to him.  There was also a piece strapped around the nose with grommet holes and small tubing, allowing the pig to breathe but not interfere with the tight seal.
The latex moulded around his skin beautifully, due to the nature of the restraint he was in as all the air had been sucked out, creating a vacuum.  All the pig could do was breathe out of his gag, not being able to move a muscle.  Well, unless the electro pads all over his body and the electro butt plug hidden under the layer of latex, stimulated his muscles for him.

As Alex continued pumping his cock he became distracted by a buzzing noise coming from the console next to the screen.  He turned his body and moved forward toward the sound as the towel fell on the floor.  Alex was careful to monitor everything that went on in the dungeon, including vital signs.  Studying the information he could see that medically, everything was fine.  The noise simply reminded him that the machine was recalculating the pig’s body mass, so it could form a tighter seal around the body.  Alex watched as air slowly trickled into the latex suit, just the smallest amount, but enough for his pig to be woken from his sleep.  Before he had time to react, the machine quickly sucked all the air out and the latex tightened around his body again.  Alex watched him grunting and trying to move.  He reached over for the microphone and clicked the on button.

‘Afternoon pig; did you enjoy your sleep?’  Before there was any reaction, Alex continued talking.
‘Shush pig.  You just focus on my voice and listen to what I’m saying.  Any noise out of you and you’ll know what’ll happen’.  Alex stayed silent for a few seconds, taunting for a reaction.
‘So pig, your transformation is nearly complete.  It’s been a long road but I think a very successful one.   I remember when we started this; you’d be forever whining and complaining about how you hated being a bondage pig.  What I’ve showed you is that you are a bondage pig, no two ways about it.  So you sit tight pig, you’ll need your strength for what’s to come.’  Alex paused and raised a finger to his chin then laughed.

Sitting back in his chair, Alex began rubbing his solid belly.  Trapping bits of his chest hair in between his fingers he pulled upright, making some of the hairs stand up on their own accord.  Over the past few years, Alex had really enjoyed the way his body had developed.  Gone was the skinny, toned frame and instead the years had added muscle but fat as well.  It all combined to give him the look of a big, stocky rugby player.  His head was kept shaved at grade one and he had a thick trimmed beard which made him look menacing when dressed up in his leathers.   Alex enjoyed being looked at and idolised, he knew it as a game of sorts, and he was more than happy to play.  He thought back to the many boys he’d tried to train up and each one falling at the last hurdle.  But this time was different, there was a connection between himself and pig Toby that he’d never felt before.  He knew pig Toby felt the same way, he could tell by the way he whined for him night after night.

His hands wandered back to his cock and as his pig continued grunting, so Alex continued stroking until he blew his load all over his legs.  He let out a sigh before reaching down for the towel on the floor.  After he’d cleaned himself up, he switched the microphone back on.

‘Oh pig, I just blew my load watching you grunt away!  You always get me going pig.  It’s so nice I have my own little toy to play with and make me cum when I want.’  Silence filled the air as the pig didn’t dare disobey Alex’s previous instructions.
‘Tonight pig will be the last test for you.  I’m not gonna tell you details but I will say that I’ve got some buddies coming over for poker night.  Let’s just say you’re gonna be a busy pig tonight.  You just think on that pig.  I’ll let you know when the fun and games start pig.  Rest easy pig.’

Flicking the off button, Alex put the microphone next to the monitor and walked over to his wardrobe, his head full of what was to come but right now he needed to get dressed and prepare for his visitors…   

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