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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Con Air

Con Air just had to feature in this blog.  I guess, since my posting entitled 'Arresting Officer', you guys probably know why.  Burly Prison Officers, Handcuffs, Bagging and Tagging - it's stuff what fantasies are made of!  I've spliced a few of my favourite scenes together; in particular I love the Bagging and Tagging of a prisoner, instigated by the older, beary, hot Prisoner Officer.  But I equally like that he gets the same treatment later in the film!


  1. Must admit that these scenes are the only reason that I've kept the DVD for this film - love the squirming and grunting.


  2. Hi ukporkbelly,

    I totally agree! It a great few scenes. And I love that the con get the treatment, then the hot daddy guard gets it later.

    I've had a few guys say the same as you have about these scenes, so I'm glad I put them up!