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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Stories and the like!

After reading many horny bondage stories out there is cyberspace, I've finally decided to write my own.  I quite enjoy creative writing and I don't really know why I've waited so long to combine two things I really enjoy - writing and bondage!  I'm not modest in the slightest and know I'm perhaps not the worlds best storyteller but what I hope to achieve is a story which you'll enjoy and perhaps even wank off too.

The story will be called Expanding The Pig and I will try to post up parts every few days.  I can't guarantee this but will do my best.  And anyway, sometimes it's better to leave the readers waiting and wanting more.  I say readers because at the present time, having just started, I'm not sure there are any!  So maybe by the time you stop by or find this blog, there will be several parts already written.

Happy reading!

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