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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Chastity Matters!

Chastity Matters!

Okay, not everyone is into the fun that can be found in a chastity device, but you'll not hear me complaining!  Personally I think chastity is a great way of getting the mind and body to focus on someone else's pleasure, rather than your own.  Now that could be your partner, master, or whoever!  Sometimes there is nothing worse than a lazy sub.

So what device to go for?  Well, I've tried the CB2000 and CB3000, both of which were good but because I'm a big guy I'd didn't find them the most comfortable to wear.  Same applies to the Fort Brig device (which is basically a metal version of the CB3000).  I've also got cock cuffs and other less constructed pieces, which don't hit the spot either.

I saw the BON4 and thought I'd give it a go.  It sounded a better ideal for me, because it's silicone it's more pliant with the movement of the body.  And I have to give it credit for that.  It does indeed feel more flexible against the skin and it certainly moves with my 280lb body!  The only issue is that it's easy for me to get to my cock and work it about.  But then I think it also acts as a barrier to stop me doing that, if you know what I mean.  The proof is in the pudding, so thought I'd include a picture of me wearing it:

BON4 - 05th Nov 2011

I can't really say which is the best device, I can only point out which ones worked for me.  Technically the CB devices are really good, but my problem with them is that when my cock shrinks, the foreskin catches on the top vents of the cage.  Not good.

But perhaps the Daddy of devices is this fellow:

Mr. S Leather - Aluminium Seed Pod

Total hardcore enclosure and totally chastified!  I need to get me one of these!

If you wish to acquire one yourself, head to the Mr S website - Mr. S Leather


  1. How did you get the BON4 around your balls. I'm having issues with my birdcage (I know they are a bit different). Any tips would help.

  2. Hi RubberNtape,

    The reason could be because the BON4 comes with 3 different rings, so I have a size that fits. I think the birdlocked only has one size?

    My technique to it is to sort of manipulate one ball through and then try and create as much space as possible and then push the other one through.

    Hope that helps!