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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Five


Alex rifled through his wardrobe, undecided on what to wear.  Eventually he stopped midway through the rack and pulled out a pair of leather jeans.  He removed from the hanger and gave them a little shake.  As he guided the jeans up toward his waist, the lining felt cool against his skin.  The jeans fitted perfectly, making his legs look thick and sculpted.  The subtle smell of leather filled the air and got him hard.  He walked purposely toward the chest of draws and grabbed a black vest top.  The top had a slightly musty smell, like it had been well worn.  This was Alex’s trademark look when he played on home turf; he liked his subs to smell him, even if he were clean out of the shower.  He closed the draw and opened the one above it, selected a pair of black socks, and then walked back toward the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black boots.  Sitting on the bed he stretched out the boots a little.  He looked at the screen, still showing the static view of the dungeon.

‘Oh pig.  I really hope you understand what tonight is about.’  Alex spoke quietly in almost whispered tones.
He pulled the tongue on his left boot and pushed in his foot.  He bent forward and began lacing.
‘You’ve come so far; it’s been months since your last outburst, maybe you are ready to be my permanent pig in life as well as bondage.’  He scratched his left temple and then repeated the process with the right boot. 
‘Not long till I find out whether you’ll pass the test, pig.’  Alex pulled himself out of his thoughts, went downstairs to prepare for the evening.

Everything was laid out in the kitchen ready for poker night.  The trestle table was loaded with poker chips, bowls were full of salted chips and a cooler full of Beer rested by Alex’s seat.  The table was opposite the Kitchen work surface, and pointed toward it was a mini television.   Fiddling with the television picture controls, he twiddled the knob until the static faded and the screen was crisp and sharp into focus.  Before he could fiddle anymore, the doorbell rang.  Hitting the standby button, Alex went to the door.  Pulling the door open, he saw two guys stood on Alex’s porch.

‘Hey guys, come in!’  Alex greeted both men with a hug and a kiss on the lips. 
‘Alex!  So good to see you!  How long has it been?’
‘Probably a good three months Bill.’  Alex closed the door behind them, and they waited to follow his lead toward the Kitchen.
‘And how are you Mike?’
‘Can’t complain Alex, work is still busy as usual’ Mike trailed behind Bill and Alex as they walked through the hallway. 
‘Haven’t seen anything of you though, where have you been hiding?’
‘Well, I’ve been working very hard on a special project.’  Alex smiled.
‘Oh yeah, that special project of yours.’ Bill laughed and rubbed his eyes.  ‘You’ve been texting so many hints it’s been driving us crazy.  Come on, spill.’
‘All in good time, guys!’  Alex gestured for the men to go into the Kitchen. 

The men took their coats off and placed them on the back of the chairs at the poker table.  Both men were wearing Levi’s which tightly hugged their backsides; Bill was wearing a red flannel shirt and Mike a plain grey t-shirt.  Both men were wearing black boots too.

‘Damn, you guys look hot’ Alex moved toward both men and pulled them close. 
‘So do you Sir.’ Both men spoke in unison.
‘Thanks for the compliment boys.’ Alex pulled Bill to his lips and began kissing him deeply.  Mike got on his knees and starting kissing Alex’s crotch.  ‘Oh yeah, that’s good.’  Alex grabbed Mike’s nipple and twisted.  Mike groaned loudly.
‘Okay boys, enough for now.’ Alex pulled Mike up toward him and continued with the hug.  ‘Plenty of time for that later, first we play a little poker.’

The hours flew by as Alex, Bill and Mike caught up over a few rounds of cards.  The Beer had been flowing and they all animatedly discussed what had been going on in their lives. 

Alex had met Bill and Mike when he was out at the bars.  They had been at the local fetish night, and Bill had accidently spilled Alex’s Beer.  After the apologies and initial embarrassment, all three men spent the night chatting about their lives, fantasies and such.  It was like they were old friends rather than new ones.  Bill and Mike had talked about their relationship, the dynamics and how they both met through their love of fetish and bondage.  Bill was about five foot five, in his mid-fifties and was greying; he had a nice barrel belly, was broad, chunky and hairy.  He always had a bit of stubble, and a moustache which he kept neat and tidy.  Mike was taller at about five foot ten, about ten years younger than Bill and had light brown hair and a goatee; he was thinner than Bill but still stocky with some muscle definition.  It was clear to Alex from meeting them that Bill was the top and Mike was the sub.  Even if they hadn’t mentioned in conversation about defined roles, he could tell from the mannerism they both displayed to each other.  In the years since that first meeting, the couple has become firm friends as well as bondage buddies.

‘So, since the cards have been crap all night, are you going to tell us about your little project?’  Bill stroked the back of Mike’s neck.  ‘Enquiring minds want to know’.
‘Fair enough, let me show you what I’ve been working on.’  Alex grabbed the remote from his pocket and hit the standby button.  The television on the Kitchen work surface glowed into light and there on the screen was a picture of the pig in the dungeon.
‘Wow!  Fucking hell Alex, you did it!’ Mike stared at the screen amazed.
‘I know.  I finally got to have my dream realised.  I present to you, the pig!’  Alex laughed and patted Bills shoulder.
‘Jesus Alex, that is some set up!’  Bill put his hands on the table and leant forward to get a better look.
‘What exactly is the set up?’  Mike interest was piqued and he wanted as much detail as possible, staring at the pig as if it couldn’t quite believe it. 
Alex began explaining the complexities of the project and if he had looked under the table, he would’ve seen they were all hard as he talked…  

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