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Friday, 4 November 2011

Kicking Things Off!

So here goes!

Welcome to Bondage For The Big Man!

I decided to start this blog because, being a big guy myself and a fan of bondage, could find very few bondage blogs dedicated to the bigger guy.  I enjoy bondage in all forms and on all types of men, but big men are my favourite.  

I'm not the most technically minded and I can't always guarantee speedy updates but hopefully as I learn and grow with this, so will the fan base.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the posts and please feel free to get in touch with comments and/or pictures of your own for the blog.  Happy to link to profile sites, if you want your profile displayed to all and sundry!

Thanks for stopping by!

Heavy Metal Bear


  1. Good to see a site dedicated to bondage for men with wider waists. Like what I've seen and read so far - keep up the excellent work!

    - ukporkbelly

  2. Hi ukporkbelly,

    Thanks so much for your support. I hope this blog will grow and a lot of men will interact with it. Keep reading and if you're big and want to be featured in a post, let me know!

  3. great site, thanks very much from a chubby bondage sub in the uk

  4. Hi bondmk, Thank you for the lovely comment, much apprecited. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Hope you keep reading and enjoying!