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Sunday, 20 November 2011


I've been chatting to Andyspen on Recon for a while now and last month we finally got together for a meet.  I spent time with him in bondage, but also I had the opportunity to tie him down.  Below are some pics from the session. I have to say, Andyspen looks great in his army fatigues!

Blindfold, Gag & Collar

Sucking my OH

Double Gag

Bondage Hug!

Sucking me off

Andyspen can be found at the following link  - Andyspen Recon


  1. Wondeful pictures, love the gag(s) and goes very well with the cammo - two very good looking men.

    - ukporkbelly

  2. Thanks ukporkbelly!

    It was very fun session. One I hope will be repeated in the future.