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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Three


As the suction kicked in, Toby readied himself for the next part of the cycle.   He could feel the sheath tightening around his cock and balls, which along with the continued tingling sensation of the electro, was making is cock semi erect again.  He tried to steel himself as the suction sound got louder, which meant the pressure was getting stronger.   After a few seconds he heard the familiar snoring sound, and he knew that cum accumulated in the sheath, was being sucked up a tube independent from his body.  He tried to focus on the sound, focus on anything which took his mind off the electro.  The current felt like invisible hands running up and down his body.  Just as he was about to burst into laughter through his latex covered face, the tube gag filled up with a viscose liquid.


Toby felt his cum in the back of this throat.  It took all his effort to control his gag relax and not pitch into a coughing fit.  He’d become accustomed to the familiar salty, tangy taste.  As he continued to suck the last drops through the gag, he realised he was becoming hard again.  Just as his horniness was kicking in, the electro stopped. 

‘Typical’ Toby thought, ‘Just when I was feeling horny again!’

His cock filled the sheath again and he could feel a layer of cum rubbing against his cock head.  It felt like delicious slime.  Now he could focus again, Toby was suddenly consumed with the urge to piss.  There was no reason for him to feel surprised, this always happened after he’d cum.  The electro play and state of sexual bliss was great at masking his full bladder.  Toby tried to hold it back; he was going to fight it for as long as possible.  He took deep breaths and tried to think about something else.  But when he needed his thoughts as an ally, they showed themselves up to be his worst enemy.  All Toby could think of was running water.  Before he knew it, his bladder released and he went into full flow.


As Toby was relishing this release the suction machine started up on high.  Suddenly his mouth was full of piss.


The piss built up in his mouth and he knew he had to start drinking before it backed up.  He swallowed mouthfuls of his piss, one coming after the other.  The taste was warm but foul, like a pair of old gym socks that had been boiling for a few days.  But at least the taste was fleeting because it went down as quickly.  It was always the last bit that Toby hated.  As he swallowed the last mouthful and the suction machine wound down, the last few drops held static in his mouth.  Those drops would leave a nasty lasting impression on his taste buds for the next hour at least.  And there was nothing Toby could do about it, except belch.  Then the crackling started in his ear.

‘Bad pig.  You could say excuse me at least.  Weren’t you taught matters pig?  What’s that?  Oh yeah, I forgot, you can’t say a thing.’

Toby felt humiliated and ready for a fight.  He suppressed all his bondage desires, wants and needs into the pit of his stomach, his cheeks felt flushed, like there were flames on his covered face.  There was so much he wanted to say but articulation in his bondage prison was not allowed.  He was going to try anyway.
‘What’s that pig, I can’t understand a word you’re saying.’  The voice laughed.
‘Pipe down pig’ the voice was angry now. 
‘This is all part of your training.  This is ALL your doing.  You wanted this, we both wanted it.  So settle down.  And I thought you were beginning to learn, pig.  Do I have to teach you a lesson?  I have the electro box in my hand.  It’s set to shock you at random, but I can move it to the stab setting and crank it up to level 10.’
‘MMMMPPPPFFFHHHHH!’ Toby began to whine.
‘It’s ok pig, I accept your apology.  But it looks like we’re going to have to continue training for longer, aren’t we pig?’
‘MMMMPPPPFFFHHH!’  Toby couldn’t reply but all he wanted to say was thank you Master. 

He felt sad and upset that he’d let his momentary anger consume him.  He knew the voice was right, he knew he needed this training.  He knew it was a process, it would take time but he was happy to be right where he was.  He realised how much he craved this life, how much he craved his new Master.  And with that his cock got hard again…

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