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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Two

Expanding The Pig

Part Two

The stinging continued in periodic waves, developing into a tingling that tickled Toby’s skin.  Wave after wave rippled over Toby’s frame.  He bucked forward, trying to thrust his hips to generate some sort of movement, although no movement came.  His cock, already hard, attempted to expand further into the sheath that encased his cock and balls.  As the waves continued, the orgasm feeling rolled and he began to moan.

‘UUUGGGHHH!!  MMMPPPFFFFHHH! UUGGGHHHH! MMMPPPFFFHHH’ was all he could say as the pleasure kept building. 

The waves were getting quicker and in response so were his moans.  They seemed to be coming from every direction.  First, tingling on his torso, then a rippling over his thighs and calves, next his pecs came under the pleasurable attack; his back started twitching, next the upper and lower arms and finally, he arse and feet.  He squeezed his arse cheeks and felt the large electro butt plug buried deep in his arse.  He let out another moan as he continued to squeeze and contract his cheeks.  In reality he had no idea where the pattern began and ended.  He just endured it all, moaning into his tube gag.

He imagined what he looked like, as if he was floating outside his body.  He hadn’t been allowed to see any of the photos of himself in his bondage prison, but Toby could imagine with glorious intent what he looked like.  He continued thrusting and wiggling, struggling to try and give momentum to the pleasurable pain he was absorbing.   He felt like he’d fallen into a dream and at this moment he wished this pulsating could go on forever.  He’d gone from groggy, just out of sleep into a jolting ball of energy. 

Toby had never really appreciated the intensity of Electro play, until now, where he’d been forced to endure it as part of the process.  He never knew when the next cycle would start and whether he’d get the setting he nicknamed ‘stabby’ or the one he lusted after, the wave.  This time he had lucked out, and he was thankful he had.

It felt like the wave setting was developing into a pulsating rhythm that kept Toby continually on the edge.  Inside his head he screamed ‘Fuck, fuck, FUCK!  AM GONNA CUM!  NEED TO CUM SO BAD!’  He didn’t know how long he could stay in this state, but he knew that he was fucked and would have to endure and take whatever he was given.  He was feeling hyper sensitive now and so desperate, and he revelled in it.  Suddenly, in the midst of another wave of pleasure, Toby could hear crackling, then a voice in his ear.

‘I can see you’re enjoying yourself Pig.  Not like last time, hey?’  The voice was firm yet had a reassuring, compassionate tone. 

Toby knew that voice very well.  It was the voice of the man he had come to rely on now.  Toby flashed the man’s image in his mind and smiled to himself.  He longed to see that man in the flesh, and not just a discombobulated voice in his ear.  He wanted to be held tightly and tenderly, crave that body contact he hadn’t had for what felt like a lifetime.  Under the compassion Toby heard, he knew the voice belonged to a man who cherished his property but would not tolerate disobedience.

‘Guess you lucked out on the setting this time.  Bet you wish you could stay this way don’t you pig?  I know how much a pig like you craves bondage and control.’

Toby tried to reply in earnest.  ‘MMMPPPPFFFHHH!  MMMMPPPFFFHHH!  MMMPPPFFFHHHH!’

The voice in Toby’s ear chuckled.

‘Well Pig, the setting isn’t done yet.  Perhaps you should hold off cumming as I’m sure if you cum before the cycle has completed, it’ll be even more hellish for you than what you’re going through right now.  Have fun Pig.’

With that the voice clicked off and Toby was again alone, left to deal with the rotating pulses; speeding up, slowing down, waves shallow and hard; left to deal with the plug which he loved and detested in equal measure.  He tried to hold off cumming, going through thoughts of things he hoped might stunt his pleasure.  Nothing was working and he felt he would cum at any second.  Just when he figured he had a handle on it, his cock twitched and he knew he was screwed.  Suddenly his cock exploded.  He screamed and bit down on the gag so strongly he thought he might bite it off.


His cock pumped up and down in the sheath, working off of almost nothing.  Toby felt a rush all over his body as cum jetted out; the long load spurted upward toward the top of the sheath.  He kept twitching and pumping until he was spent and down to a dribble.  But as the voice predicted, the electro continued to attack his body, only now it was no longer pleasurable.  Before Toby had a chance to process the information, he heard the familiar sound of the suction machine whirring into life… 

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