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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Frustration City

A few days ago me and my boyfriend has a nice, stocky, hairy, big man under our control. We did various, tormenting things to him which he wonderfully enjoyed.  But I decided to do something which I love to do to guys who sub for us, and that is, frustrate him in the most evil way.

I put him in pup mitts, sat him on the floor and told him to wank himself off if he wanted.  So he sat there desperately rubbing at his crotch to no avail.  He was so hard and yet so frustrated.  It was fun watching him try to get off for a bit.  Unfortunately it wasn't long enough for me.

At some point in the future I want to try the following scenario: imagine you're were taken into a room, gagged and blindfolded.  You were simply chained to the post but able to move your major limbs about.  You're left in pup mitts (locked on of course!) and told to enjoy yourself for a few hours.  Wouldn't not being able to get off just drive you crazy.  Frustration City.


  1. Woof Woof!! You can strip me naked and lock me to a post ;).

  2. Gentlemen, we have a taker! Glad to here this appeals Paul! ;o)

  3. I'd definitely volunteer for a trip to that city. Sounds frustratingly terrific!

  4. It is Jon! I always prescribe to the saying 'never do to others what you haven't had done to yourself'.

    So that 2 of you. Should I get you both chained to a post, both in pup mitts, cuff your wrists together and put your leg irons together and let you both try and get each other off.

    Sounds fun! LOL

  5. It's always a fun time when twin cities overlap!

  6. That sounds great to me! Woof Woof!!

  7. Hahaha! Glad to see there are guys who just love to be frustrated!