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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vids - Captured Guys - Jace Is Foot Worshipped

More foot worshipping, this time from Capturedguys.  Big muscle guy Jace is tied up, gagged and then foot worshipped against his will.  He can try and protest but the ropes and Duct Tape are making quick work of that!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stories - Raw Lust: New Player, New Equation Pt 1

Captor has very kindly continued the bondage adventures of Brad and Rob.  I have to thank him for allowing me to post his stories and supplying this blog with some great material. Hope you enjoy the continuing story, I know I have!  The story carries on where Brad was dropped off...


  Brad breathed in the clean air and heard the occasional calls of squirrels. He was sure he was in some wooded area. He heard an approaching car. He prayed it should be Rob!  It crunched to a stop. A door opened and Brad could have wept with relief when he heard the deep boom of Rob's voice, "Hey! Look what I found! What a sight for sore eyes! Hahaha!"  Rob's booming laughter would've certainly frightened the squirrels and wrens in the woods. 

 "How did you land up here, mate?! Who's the bastard who left you like this?"  Brad heard him muttering 'Fucks' before his blindfold was removed. It was such a relief seeing the friendly mammoth figure of Rob!  He had worn a white T shirt that looked as though it was painted on to his torso! And the usual, obscenely tight old jeans! Brad couldn't take his eyes off those impossibly huge and dense pecs. His eyes also took in those massive thighs threatening to burst the seams of the skin tight jeans! And of course that prominent tell tale bulge!  Brad's cock responded very promptly. He squirmed at the discomfort.

 Rob was about to take Brad's gag off when he gave a devilish smile and stood in front of his bound friend.  Rob stood with his thick legs apart and swayed from side to side, all the while gazing at the helpless Brad. He brought his hands to his own humongous pec beef and slowly fondled it. Brad noticed Rob's nipples poke through the T shirt.  Humming softly, Rob brought his beefy hands to Brad's immense man boobs. He asked, "Hey! What the hell's that?!" just as Brad grunted and Rob's fingers felt the clamps beneath his T shirt. Rob lifted the tied up man's T shirt. Brad writhed as the T shirt rubbed against the clamps on his nipples. 

  "Wow! Look what we have here!" Rob exclaimed. "And what's this key?!" he asked. Brad peered down and saw a ring with a key hanging from the chain between the clamps clamps. He was relieved! It was the key to the handcuffs. He huffed and puffed in his gag and moved his body around to indicate his cuffed wrists. "Aah! The key to your handcuffs, eh?" Rob asked. Brad noticed a devilish glint in his eyes. Rob carefully took off the clamps from his friend's nipples. Brad let out a pain filled howl. 

"Must hurt you like hell!" Rob said and brought his lips to one of the nipples and licked it slowly before treating the other one with his tongue. "God! Can't control myself anymore, Brad! Damn sorry!"


100,000 Hits!

The blog has just hit 100,000 views!  A big thank you to all the readers and contributors for help making this blog a success.  When I started out, I never dreamed I'd get 10,000 views, let alone 100,000!  I'm hoping this blog continues to go from strength to strength and you keep enjoying the material.  Over the next 6 months I am going to be developing a few ideas which I hope you all like, and which I hope might allow this blog and material to connect to an ever bigger audience.  Watch this space...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pics - Heavy Metal Bear Strikes Again

Thought I'd subject you all to more pictures of me bound/chained and gagged - hope you like them.   Chubbies rule!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blogs - TSkinBoot

Time to shine a spotlight on some other great blogs out there.  Today it's the turn of TSkinBoot.  I met this guy a good few years ago when I first properly got into kink.  We only played once, but we've remained in contact and become friends.  I hope that once I've relocated 'oop north' we'll get reacquainted in a whole many areas!  His blog is a mixture of thoughts, pictures and videos of what he gets up to and all sorts.  On a personal note, I have to say I am in awe of his rope work and only wish I was anywhere near as good.  I'm hoping he can show this dog some new rope tricks!  Below are some pics of the guy himself, many others to be found on his blog too.  So if you're looking for a new blog to get into, I suggest you stop by at http://tskinboot.blogspot.co.uk/

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vids - My Friends Feet - Jamal

I've seen Jamal in other videos and I've always thought he was hot (maybe those videos will appear on this blog in due course) so when I stumbled across this clip from My Friends Feet I was more than inclined to post it.  If you like foot worship and tickling, you'll love this!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vids - Men At Play - Redder

A muscle hunk gets a taste of his own medicine by being put into bondage and rough housed in his own private playroom, in this video by Men At Play.  Obviously this is a follow up film because I'm guessing the first film focused on the prisoner already strung up in the playroom, who is freed to help overpower his captor.  I prefer the actors in this 'sequel' - muscled, hairy, beary and bearded!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vids - Str8hell - Mattias and Artur Pt 4

In the fourth part of the str8hell clips, the muscle sub is still working his mouth over his captors cock.  But now he's getting a bit of pleasure as his captor indulges in some 69 action...


Friday, 15 June 2012

Vids - Boyztube - Fitness Bondage

Great clip found on Boyztube.  A sexy, muscled guy finishes his weight workout and is then roped up.  This is definitely a workout of different proportions!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gear - Straitjackets

Can't beat a bit of Straitjacket play.  I'm lucky enough to get to play in them fairly often and I enjoy the way they restrict my movement, it's like a comfortable bondage hug which never gets tiring.  Okay, strike that remark, I've only spent 3 hours in one, come back to me when I've spent 24 hours in one and see what I say!  A picture paints a thousand words, so I thought I'd include a few of me all Jacketed up:

I once got to play in the coveted Fetters Leather Straitjacket.  I really want one of these and it's my goal to obtain one in the not too distance future...I hope!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vids - Gayforit.eu - Daddy In Charge

I love it when I find random clips on sites like Gayforit.eu.  Here's another gem for you all...


Monday, 11 June 2012

Art - Ebith

A friend of mine directed me to Ebith's art, whose images are fantastic.  I am going to include a link to Ebith's site but unfortunately I can't seem to get the site to load.  But seeing as this is where the images came from, it's only fair to do so - Ebith.  If there is another link I don't know about, please let me know and I'll update this post.  In the meantime, enjoy the art.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Vids - Bondissimo - Desert POW

Another great video from Bondissimo.  That stocky POW was worked over well!  Especially liked his time in the rigid metal restraints...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Gear - Sleepsack

I really hope I get to try a sleepsack one day soon.  Although I've been mummified with cling film (which I guess gives the same sensation) I've found it difficult to cope with.  A leather or rubber sleepsack fills me with a bit more optimism that I could cope with it for a longer period of time.  I like the idea of being stuffed into one, gagged/blindfolded/hooded, strapped down and not being able to move a muscle...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vids - Str8hell - Mattias and Artur Pt 3

Part 3 of this Str8hell story find our big brute being made to partake in some oral action. He's told to suck cock and that's exactly what he does!  But as the end of the clip shows, he might be getting a little pleasure himself shortly...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Stories - The Long Hours Of Raw Lust - Pt 4

This is the last part of Captor's story - The Long Hours Of Raw Lust.  Never fear though, I shall be posting more material in the future!

Part 4

Brad watched as his captor sat on the stool with their knees barely touching.  The masked man's burning eyes began on Brad's tennis ball fuzz on his head and slowly traveled to his mouth.  The narrow strip of cloth was wound tight around Brad's mouth. His mouth was kept partly open. The sadist leaned forward and kissed his massive prisoner. His tongue intruded Brad's mouth and ran over his teeth. It massaged his upper and lower gums.  He found it vaguely sexy and moaned.  'Batman' next sucked his captive's fleshy lower lip. Brad felt two hot hands roam all over his shoulders and come to rest on his colossal bulging breast slabs. 

 God! Not my chest! Brad thought.  If there were extra sensitive erotic zones in his huge body, they were, not in any particular order, his enormous dense man breasts, his large nipples and his cock. 
What his captor uttered sent a shiver down his spine. "My God! I've never seen  anything like these! Mmmmm!"  The hands squeezed the flesh slowly. Fingertips ran round round his huge taut nipples. 
Brad heaved in the chair. "Aah! You do love it don't you? Don't deny it! Just look at the fellow between your thighs! Hehe!"  A finger flicked cruelly across the angry red mushroom head of his cock. The immense tied up man grunted. This seemed to amuse his captor and he kept flicking his finger across the sensitive bulb of flesh.

 Brad breathed deeply as his cock was assaulted repeatedly by the finger. His gargantuan chest rose and fell. The masked man watched mesmerised as Brad's massive man breasts sagged over the tight rope beneath his chest every time he exhaled. He got up from his stool and perched on his prisoner's thighs. His eyes drilled into that incredible chest.

 The combination of the discomfort of being tied up in such an uncomfortable position, coupled with a tiny feeling of dread and a bit of thrill, caused Brad to sweat. His entire body shone in the harsh light. 'Batman' leaned close. He extended his tongue and licked his captive's forehead. The tongue descended to lick Brad's nose up and down. Slowly and seductively. Once again, hands caressed his dense sagging breast slabs and rolled his nipples between expert fingers. His nipples turned as hard as his cock. He closed his eyes and moaned. 

 The teasing tongue licked his chin. Brad barely felt the hands leaving his nipples. He gave out a short yelp as he felt a sharp pain in his nipples. Brad craned his neck down to see two little shiny clamps on his nipples. They were tiny crocodile clips and they bit painfully into his nipples. They were connected by a fine chain. 
His captor picked up the riding crop and sat down on the stool in front of him. 
"Just look at you! So damn sexy!" he said "You fill that chair in the wickedest, sexiest way! Hehehe!" He chuckled and shifted a bit for his captive to get a good look at himself in the mirror.

 Brad gazed at his own reflection.  What the sadist said was true!  The chair in which he was bound was not visible at all. His massive frame totally eclipsed it. He looked at the flesh of his huge man breasts protruding and sagging over the strand of rope beneath his pec mass. The rope couldn't be seen at all! His balls had swollen with all the cum trapped in them. They ached. As did his chest, his wrists and his ankles. His nipples were aflame with agony. Like his captor, Brad thought, his cock too was a sadist! It seemed to enjoy his agony. It was rock hard and throbbed.

 This didn't escape the attention of his captor!  He giggled and said, "This fellow too likes it. And I think, secretly, you too love all this pain, don't you?" He tapped the cock lightly with his riding crop. Brad grunted and tried to move his thighs to shield his cock.  The way his ankles had been pulled back and tied off to the chair's back legs, it was virtually impossible to move his thighs. He sighed in resignation. The riding crop kept up a rhythmic tattoo on the tip of the red hot shaft. 

 The huge helpless man moaned as his captor casually clasped the chain connecting the two nipple clamps and slowly pulled it. Pure agony ran through Brad's swollen nipples. He involuntarily tried to lean forward to offer some slack to the taut chain. It was futile as he'd been tied up so tight in the chair and couldn't muster any slack. The masked man found it highly entertaining and with a groan, said, " My God! You look so damn sexy when you do that! I think I'll shoot my load any minute!"  Brad looked at the man's lap. There was indeed a monstrous bulge in the trousers. His own cock was rock stiff but with his balls tied off, he wondered if he could manage even a few drops of pre cum!

 Without any warning, the sadist leaned forward and whispered, "Enough!".  And took off the clamps.  The pain of blood rushing back to his nipples was so intense that he let out a yell that his gag couldn't muffle. His tormentor went to the  corner of the room and opened a small fridge. Brad saw him returning with a bottle of wine, a wineglass and a silver pail that obviously contained ice cubes. Now what, he mused.

 The cold man poured himself a glass of wine and sat astride Brad's thighs. "To us!" he grinned and raised his glass. He grasped the big bound man's head and tilted it back placed the glass against his lips. The wine trickled through the gag into his mouth. Brad gulped it hungrily. His captor said, "Now, let me have some wine!" and let go of his captive's head. Brad saw his captor give a devilish grin. He held an ice cube in the other hand. Brad thrashed about in his chair as it rubbed lightly against one nipple then the other. He couldn't describe the feeling of the cold ice against his large swollen aching nipples. It was excruciating agony and incredible pleasure!

 The sadist kept rubbing the ice cube till it completely melted. Before Brad could sigh in relief, he jerked as he felt the cold wine being poured on his bulging man boobs. Gazing at his captive, the sadist smiled and bringing his mouth to the huge mass of flesh, he slowly licked the wine coated man boobs. Brad growled and heaved helplessly as the tongue ran around his nipples. It was such an unbearably erotic feeling for Brad! The total immobility of his body, the discomfort that came along with it, the dull ache in his wrists and ankles. He was sure his balls had swelled to the size of apples! And his unattended shaft twitched and wagged, waiting impatiently for his balls to be freed! More wine was poured on his expansive chest and that rough tongue wiped it off. Very slowly. "Mmmmm, shouldn't waste a single drop, should we?" his torturer chuckled. The tip of the tongue lasciviously licked a drop of wine hanging from Brad's nipple.

 Just when Brad thought that his sex drenched ordeal wouldn't end, he felt a hand go up his thigh, shift his hard cock and feel his numb balls. Brad felt the rope being undone. He sighed with relief. Brad gasped as his captor grasped the cock tight and poured wine all over the shaft. The man began licking the cock and gradually released his hold on it. Brad's tensed his massive body a second before letting out an animal growl in his gag. He glanced down to see his cock explode thick cum into his captor's mouth. He felt the hungry mouth suck out the last drop of the hot lava.  

 Weariness hit Brad and he sagged in his bonds. He realised that hours and hours had passed since he'd been kept tied up from the time he was forced into the car. His sadistic abductor spoke with a schoolboy grin, "The time has come to take you back to civilisation! Let's get you dressed."  He untied Brad and ordered him to his feet. Brad stood on wobbly legs. With a little help from his captor, Brad pulled on his tiny briefs and his tight jeans. He somehow managed to put on the T shirt. The sadist returned his wallet saying, "Count the money. Check your credit cards etc. They're all intact!  I'll return your phone when we reach London." 

 Brad was hardly surprised when he heard the command, "Cross your wrists behind you!"  Once again, he heard the metallic click of the handcuffs. 
Back came the gag and the blindfold.  He was pushed down the steps gently. Brad felt the crunch of gravel under his boots. A car door opened and he was once again pushed into the backseat. He groaned with frustration and agony as he was hogtied. His captor rolled him onto his back. Brad groaned as a hand kneaded his colossal man boobs. Fingers pinched his nipples. And once again, Brad felt his cock harden in his briefs. Damn! There was nothing he could do but suffer in silence. Was it really suffering, he wondered.

 The constant and gentle rocking, once again, played havoc with the big bound man's cock. This time though, the car sped without a 'man boobs-cock-grope' break. After what seemed an eternity, Brad felt the car turn into quite a bumpy road, and a short while later, come to a halt. He heard the sounds of  the car doors opening. His ankles were freed and he was roughly pulled out of the car. A hand grasped his thick arm and he was pulled along. Was he going to be killed?! The thought of death had never entered his mind till now! He grunted and tried to struggle. 

"For God sake, you are in no danger! I'll call your friend and tell him where to pick you up. You'll never see me again!"  Brad was made to stand against a tree. He felt the handcuffs come off but before he could do anything, his arms were pulled around the tree and his wrists were re-cuffed behind him. "Woof! Love the way your huge man boobs are straining against your T shirt. Mmmmm"   And for the thousandth time, Brad felt hands mash his massive voluptuous chest flesh. A hand rubbed against his crotch. "Wow! Ready for action, eh?"  he heard the soft seductive voice. 

   Brad heard his captor call Rob's number. "Listen carefully! Your friend is safe and sound and you can pick him up from ......"  the captor rattled off the directions and the exact tree where Brad was cuffed to a tree. The huge man felt his captor press his body against his. "There's something I'm leaving for you. Sort of a memento.." Brad heard a chuckle even as he felt his T shirt being pulled up, exposing his humongous dense pec flesh. He winced as he felt those small vicious clamps go on his nipples. Brad felt his T shirt being pulled down gently. A voice whispered in his ear, "Try not to move your body too much. The clamps rubbing against your T shirt can be hell. Goodbye!" The man shoved Brad's mobile phone back into his jeans' pocket. Brad heard a car door slam and the car start. It accelerated and the sound disappeared. The big helpless man tried to twist his wrists behind him.  It was useless. Brad sagged against the tree and waited for Rob to come and set him free................ 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vids - Bound Muscle - Duke Rivers Black Leather

Sexy Duke Rivers is in quite a predicament over at Bound Muscle.  I really like the Leather/Cowboy motif running through this video.  Duke Rivers looks very hot all roped up with rough rope, bandanna gagged, in his leather trousers with his chest and torso exposed.  And the Cowboy Hat over the crotch is a nice touch.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sites - Bearkink

Bearkink is a website run by a Amsterdam kinky bear couple.  From my memory (it's been a while since I visited) there were personal insights into their relationship as Master and Slave, along with chapters on day to day wearing of chastity.  I found it quite interesting reading, and the pictures which accompanied were always very nice.  Now it seems the site is password protected so I've no idea about content.  And I'm not sure how easy it is to get access, but there is an option to request a password so I'm guessing they still want visitors.  I should put a cheeky disclaimer that it's not my fault if the content has completely changed but something tells me it probably hasn't...