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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Vids - Captured Guys - Ladislav Strung Up

Hunky Ladislav has been strung up by his wrists by those Captured Guys and ball gagged so he can't make a fuss.  Sure there are plenty of ways to quieten him down...

Friday, 27 December 2013

Vids - Bearbound - Leather Captives Pt 1

This is the first part of Leather Captives which I managed to nab from Bearbound before it closed.  I really like this series, firstly because both captives are hot, but also because of the way they've been restrained.  I am gagging (pardon the pun!) for that arm binder piece which is used, where the hell can I get my hands on one of those???

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Just want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  2013 has been a year of many changes in my life, but through it all I've wanted to keep this blog going, even though at times, I thought about letting it fold.  The one thing that stops me from closing it down is the the fact that Bearbound has gone to ground.  Now there are even less places to find bound up bears.

Going forward from here, I hope 2014 continues to be kinky and I hope to get my hands on some UK bears to shoot for this blog.  But one step at a time.  Hope you have a great holiday, whatever you're doing.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Vids - Captured Guys - Hector Hogtied and Dental Gagged

I find those dental and other open mouth gags, extremely sexy.  Captured Guys have got hector, hogtied and dental gagged.  Unable to close his mouth, he's ready for action, whether he wants to be or not...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Storyboard - A Gift For Santa - Merry Christmas! (Re-Post)

Sadly, I've not had time to do a bondage style Christmas shoot this year.  As you guys know, I've recently moved into my new home, and trying to sort that is giving me enough to do.  So I thought I'd re-post this post from last Christmas, as I knew some of you liked the story and the photo shoot. 

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

Captor has written a wonderful bondage story involving Santa and seeing as it's Christmas, I thought it would be a nice gift for you all if me and my top/photographer friend recreated some of the scene using pictures.  I hope you like the story and enjoy the pictures.  Merry Christmas!


    He opened his eyes and tried to look around him.  The first thing he felt was the warmth. Too much warmth really. Sweat poured down his body. His eyes couldn't focus as his glasses were askew. It wasn't just that. He seemed to be enveloped in a fog. And he felt heavy headed. He shook his head. The fog slowly lifted and he was able to see quite well. The warmth  he felt came from the fireplace where a blazing fire gave off a scent of pine. The tongues of flame lit up and cast dark shadows in the vast room. He was seated close to the fireplace  and his naked chest felt hot and sweaty.
  Naked chest?! He looked down and gasped! The red coat was unbuttoned all the way down and his thick black belt too had been unbuckled! His ponderous man breasts sagged onto his belly. He could feel his large swollen nipples on the lower slopes of his man boobs  touch his belly. He didn't remember unbuttoning his coat. He tried to button it up but his hands wouldn't obey him!  He seemed to be seated on a very uncomfortable chair and he tried to get up. He collapsed back into the chair as he discovered that he'd been hopelessly bound in it! His arms were taken around the chair's back and tied at the wrists. His legs likewise, had been pulled back and his ankles had been tied to the chair's back legs. A single strand of thin black cord ran tightly across his belly. Whoever had tied him up had done a perfect job of it. The bonds around his wrists and his ankles were very tight. Cruelly tight, he discovered when he tested his bonds. No give of even a millimetre!  And he was ball gagged too. He grunted and struggled.

   His helplessness and immobility caused his huge thick cock to stiffen and go rock hard. He'd have given anything to have his hands free. On a table near him, he saw the small  shiny red doubledecker bus! And the last strands of cobweb vanished from his mind! All the pieces fell in place and he remembered everything.
  He had finished going down all the chimneys and stuffing toys for the kids in the stockings that were placed near the fireplace. Just one more toy. It was a small shiny double decker London city bus for a kid named Bernard. The address was a sprawling single storey house that stood quite aloof from the other houses in this upper class suburb. Getting off the sleigh, he entered the chimney. He landed in a very spacious living room. Moonlight reflected off the thick snow lit up the room and Santa saw the stocking hanging near the fireplace. As he began stuffing the gift wrapped package into it, the room was flooded with light and he whirled around. 
  A tall elegantly dressed man stood by an ornate table. He had a snifter of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other. He smiled and said, "Aaah! It's Santa Claus! What a surprise!"  "Well," Santa replied, "Little Bernie wanted a double decker bus, so I..." his voice trailed away.  "So sorry Santa!," the man said with a mischievous grin, "There's no 'little Bernie' here. I'm Bernard!"  He added, "Thank you for the bus, Santa. But what I have always wanted is YOU!" "What?!" Santa gasped. But he was stunned as the man's eyes ran slowly all over Santa's corpulent body. Santa felt rather uncomfortable under the man's scrutiny but he stood there transfixed. "Yes, you, Santa! You're the best toy for me." the man spoke as his eyes lit up with a lustful glow.

  Over the year, Santa had done some vigourous exercises as his doctor had felt he was getting too overweight and unhealthy. Santa did manage to lose some pounds from his paunch but they chose to resettle on his chest, ass and his arms!  He cursed himself for not going in for a new set of clothes. The trousers stretched to ripping point over his massive ass and his large thighs. His immense chest threatened to rip the buttons off his coat. Now, as he stood there, watching the man violating him with his eyes, his cock stiffened in his  trousers!  "What'll you have, Santa?" the man asked abruptly. "I normally have milk." Santa blurted out. If the man was surprised he didn't show it. Instead, he asked," Will chocolate milk do?"  When Santa nodded assent, he went to the kitchen and came back with a tall glass of hot chocolate milk. "Cheers!" the man said and clinked their glasses. 
   The man watched and smiled as Santa took huge gulps.  
  A strange look came over Santa's face. He placed the glass on a table and rubbed his forehead. "I...feel..fu....funny.." Santa stuttered.  "Yes, you should!" the man opened a drawer in a corner table and walked towards the unsteady Santa. Santa saw the cold smile on the man's face. In his hands, he carried a ball gag, some Plasti-cuffs and a length of thin black rope. "Come..." the man gently led Santa to an undersized rough  wooden chair and seated him in it. He felt his arms being pulled back. He tried to resist and asked in a slur,"Wha...what are you doing?" A grey curtain fell in front of Santa's eyes...... 

 "Welcome to the land of the living, Santa!" the man said cheerfully as he got up from his sofa and stood before the bound Santa. "Sorry about all this..." he muttered as he ran his hand over Santa's huge bulging man breasts. Santa groaned into his gag as the hand went and found his hyper sensitive nipples and rolled them. The bound bulky Santa squirming and trying to avoid the hand seemed to amuse his captor. "Mmmmm!" he said in a soft voice,"Your nipples are bloody sensitive, aren't they? Nice.  That's useful information."  Santa felt that his cock, if it was possible, had grown longer and thicker. All this fondling and pinching was having an erotic effect on his organ. He was also discovering that, after the initial moments of terror of finding himself tied up, a feeling of lust had been awakened in him.

 The man's hand landed on the tented front of Santa's trousers. "What have we here?!" the man exclaimed in a tone that Christopher Columbus may have employed when he first set eyes on his 'India'!  "God no!" Santa groaned into his gag as anxious fingers hurriedly unbuttoned his trousers. His cock sprang out like an irate snake! "Santa Santa! You ARE a bundle of surprises!" the man spoke in a soft whisper as his fingertip the length of the warm throbbing shaft. A pearl of pre cum appeared at the tip and the man slowly spread it all over the large mushroom head. The chubby gagged and bound captive could do little more than moan and squirm. The captor unbuckled the broad black belt around the coat. 

  Unbuttoning the trousers completely the man said, "I'll need your cooperation, Santa.." and inserted his thumbs into the waistband at the sides of his captive's waist. "Raise your hips." came the command. Easier said than done, Santa mused as with his legs pulled back and his feet  not touching the ground, he couldn't use them. He grunted as he raised his wide hips. Pulling down the tight red trousers was no mean feat as they were very tight and the man had to tug with all his strength. He left them at Santa's mid thighs,  leaving his crotch and butt totally exposed. Santa willed his cock to droop but it seemed to have mind all its own and stiffened further! 
  The man gaped saucer eyed at the 'smorgasbord'  of naked flesh on offer. His eyes bounced from Santa's humongous sagging man boobs, his  nipples and his stiff cock. He sighed and brought his mouth to Santa's left nipple. His hand landed on the bound bulky captive's twitching shaft. As a tongue lashed Santa's large nipple, the hand ever so slowly drew back his foreskin, exposing his swollen sensitive mushroom head. The tied up Santa sighed and bucked helplessly as the hand none too gently rubbed his pre cum all over his cock head. He was quite sure he was going to shoot his load any minute now. But he was not to know his captor had other plans for him. Plans that would push him to the very edge of endurance, the very edge of sanity.

  The man detached his mouth from the nipple and sat back on the floor. "Whoa! Just look at this!" the man exclaimed. Santa looked at his cock. It was rock hard and twitched. Its head was an angry ball and it shone with all the pre cum over it. Santa watched fascinated as the man poured a little Remy Martin from his snifter onto the cock head! It was an exquisitely agonizing feeling. The liquor initially cooled his sensitive flesh but in a flash, Santa felt as if his shaft was on fire. His bellow may have shattered the windowpanes had he not been gagged! His captor, totally unconcerned, seductively licked the cognac off the flesh. He poured the brandy over and over again and licked it off slowly. Sweat poured over the bound Santa's face and chest and belly from where some drops fell on to his cock. 
His captor, disregarding his prisoner's groans and his writhing, busied himself with the job on hand. Looking up at Santa, he muttered with a grin "Mmmm!  Remy Martin mixed with your pre cum and your sweat! What a heady cocktail, Santa!" His tongue once again ran over the exposed cockhead. 
   Santa so desperately wanted his hands free that he twisted his cuffed wrists behind him. The plasti-cuffs seemed to have turned tighter. The tongue rolling on his cock head felt like sandpaper and he tried to shift his immense bulky body. The man chuckled at his captive's discomfort. Santa heard him humming "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and looked down. All the ministrations of that tongue had turned his cock head into  a shiny red knob! The man grasped the stiff cock and brought his open mouth tantalisingly close to its head. He looked up at his helpless prisoner and grinned. Santa grunted and tried to thrust his hips forward to ram his cock into the inviting mouth. But he moaned in frustration as he couldn't move his body forward given the manner in which he had been bound.

  "Now look what you've done, Santa!" the man said as a fresh gush of pre cum dripped down the throbbing shaft onto his hand. He got up and from the table nearby, he fetched a bag and dropped it in front of the trussed bulky man in the chair. "These are MY  gifts for you, Santa.." the man muttered and opening the bag brought out the various contents. Santa was puzzled at the items. He had never anything like these ever before in his life! What were their applications, he wondered. His captor seemed to be a mind reader! He smiled and picked up what appeared to be a twine with  two clothes pegs  attached to its ends. His captor grinned and pulled the twine and it stretched. "Looks fragile but it's tough!" he cheerfully uttered. He next picked up what, to Santa, looked like a pair of gleaming steel knitting needles. Had he looked closer, he'd have noticed that the ends were rounded. Next, the captor caressed a black longish object that had a curved end. Santa of course recognized the roll of clear plastic cord. And the length of black silk cloth. 
 The man cut a length of the plastic cord and squatted between his bound captive's outstretched thighs. Santa's cock kept twitching urgently and there was a large pearl of pre cum glistening on its tip. "Don't want you jacking off before the fun starts." the man said as he made a noose at the end oft the plastic cord. Santa gasped as his balls were tied tight. Though he couldn't see it, he felt the man pulling the cord back and attaching the other end the other end to his left ankle. The captor sat back and watched his captive's shaft throb and twitch. He hummed the 'Rudolph' song once again before closing his mouth over  
'the red nose'. His hands caressed the tied up Santa's chubby thighs and going up his body, landed on his massive man boobs. Santa went crazy as his cock was sucked and his nipples were pinched and rolled relentlessly.

   "With your balls tied off," the man said with a cold smile, " I can suck your Yule log till kingdom come without you being able to jerk off. Hehehe..." His mouth did things to Santa's cock head that drove him to the edge. The man's fingers tormented the bulky prisoner's man boobs. Mashing them and fondling them gently by turns. Santa looked down at his chest. His heavy breasts had turned a shade of red that almost matched the colour of his dress. His nipples stood out like fat bullets! He groaned as teeth raked his cock head. 
    "Aaah! That was a good aperitif!" the captor told Santa with a smile, "Let's get to the main course, shall we?" The man noticed Santa's surprise and spoke to him,"Wouldn't you like to play with these toys? I surely do."  He picked up the length of black silk and blindfolded his captive. "You know Santa, they say if a person is deprived of one off his senses, the remaining ones turn very sensitive. You're temporarily deprived of sight, which means your sense of touch would have automatically turned acute. Terribly acute, I may add."  Santa jerked as a fingertip ran across his man tits! "There!" the man said triumphantly, "What did I tell you!" Santa heard a chuckle and felt a hand amble lightly all over his bound body. He groaned as it ran up and down his fleshy thighs. He so badly wanted that hand to at least touch his cock if not  jerk it.  But the hand took a detour at the last minute, leaving Santa fuming with frustration.

   He felt the captor step behind him. Hands landed on his own. Santa was quite sure they would've turned red due to the terribly tight bonds around them. He groaned with pleasure as expert hands massaged his thick fingers and his fleshy palms. The hands rubbed his forearms and his upper arms. His shoulders were next to receive the expert, soothing massage. He felt immense relief as his shoulders had begun to ache. The relief was short lived as fingers rolled and pinched his right nipple. 
   Santa couldn't control himself as something was attached to his nipple and sent a jolt of agony through him. He squirmed in his bonds and moaned in his gag. Another jolt of agony as his left  nipple was pinched and rolled and he felt something being attached to it too.  If he wasn't blindfolded, he would have seen his captor connecting the clamps with the twine. The bound Santa moaned as he felt his nipples being pulled. He tried to move forward to ease the agony but with his arms pulled behind him and the rope around his belly, he couldn't manage more than a few inches. This seemed to please the sadist no end as he kept tugging the twine and watching the chubby captive struggle. The agony had a strange effect on his cock. It kept spitting pre cum!
  Santa felt a hand caress his not inconsiderable butt cheeks. He grunted as something was gently inserted up his ass.  "You're in for some intense pleasure,  Santa!" came his captor's voice before he was slapped on his butt a few times. He experienced a faint rhythmic  throb deep inside his ass and he jerked as a stab of sexual ecstasy raced to his throbbing cock! It was as if he were ready to shoot his load! But he was not to know that this was a pseudo orgasm he was experiencing. For a true orgasm, his balls would have to be freed of its ties and his cock would have to be jerked either by him or his captor. With his hands useless behind his ass, the only option left was his captor helping  out. Fat chance there, Santa groaned in  frustration. And lust. A hand kneaded his expansive boob flesh and tugged the twine between the nipple clamps, causing the tied up chubby captive to lean forward as much as his bonds would allow him to.
   "Let me refill my glass and prepare a sandwich, Santa," his captor spoke, adding, "You are allowed to relax. Hehe!" Santa heaved his heavy body as a hand slapped his cock and tugged at the twine. He squirmed with pleasure and agony as his prostate was relentlessly massaged but at least his nipples, man boobs and his cock were left alone. 

   It wasn't the first time he was tied up. He thought of that night some years ago. It had been a stormy night with snow piling up everywhere. He had given most of his elves the day off and just four of them were there with him. As he had lain naked on his bed, fondling his cock, Elmo had asked him, "Santa, we'd like to play with you!" "Go ahead, Elmo!" he had replied and had laughed. But before he had realized what was happening, Elmo, Bounder, Baffle and Rando had swarmed all over him with lengths of satin ribbons. His arms and legs were spread wide apart and his wrists and ankles had been bound to the four corners of his bed. His ponderous man breasts had been squeezed and mashed, eager mouths had sucked his nipples and tongues had gone up and down his throbbing hot shaft. He had been driven mad and had growled louder than the scream of the icy winds outside the windows.......... 
     The memory of that night only made him and his cock wild. Footsteps approached him and he sat still, not knowing what was coming next. He grunted and  thrashed futilely in his tight bonds as ice cold liquor cascaded down his cock. A tongue licked the swollen mushroom head of his shaft and probed his piss hole. "And now, Santa, you'd better rock still, if you know what's good for you." the sadist chuckled. The chubby prisoner complied with his wishes. But Santa couldn't help heaving his huge body and moaning as something cold entered his cock through his piss hole! Very very slowly. He guessed it was one of those knitting needles that his  captor had referred to as a sounding rod. 
      The bound and utterly helpless Santa let out a long moan into his gag as his captor expertly and sadistically worked the gleaming, lubricated sounder in and out of his prisoner's urethra. It was done very very slowly. Behind him, the prostate massager kept tormenting him. A fingertip flitted across his tied off balls. Santa jerked in his chair. "Red as ripe tomatoes..." he heard his captor's soft voice as his balls were tickled. "Let's have some music, shall we, Santa?" his captor asked and playfully pulled the twine between Santa's huge man boobs. Santa let out a long groan. He felt the man getting up and walking away from him. Soon, Dean Martin's rich deep voice filled the room.  "My favourite song is the last one. Let's be patient, shall we?" He added, "Meanwhile, let me prime you for the climax!"
      Dean Martin's soulful rendering of 'The Man with the Mandolin' sent Santa to new heights of pain and pleasure as his captor pulled the twine away from his huge chest and strummed it in time to the beat of the song. As Dean sang song after song, Santa began to wonder if his sadistic captor  had been blessed with more than two hands. Hands used his sagging man boobs as a pair of bongos, his huge thighs were treated like a Steinway! And all the while, the sounding rod kept going in and out of his cock like a piston in slow motion!  He squirmed and grunted in his bonds as his merciless tormentor methodically drove him to the very edge of sanity. Santa wished Dean Martin would somehow stop singing and put an end to his ordeal. He continued twisting his wrists behind him, even though he knew it was so futile. Santa was certain his fingers, by now, must resemble fat sausages and his palms would be like boiled ham. The Plasti-cuffs ate cruelly into his fleshy wrists and his ankles. But he was past caring.
  "And next comes our song, Santa!" his captor told him,  "I think you should see what's happening. Hehehe" Dean stopped singing just as Santa's blindfold was taken off. Along with the blindfold, the sadist also took the nipple clamps off. Santa blinked and growled into his gag at the sheer agony of blood rushing into his large swollen nipples. The man was seated in the V of his prisoner's thighs. Santa groaned with pain and lust as the man gently massaged his raw nipples and his gargantuan man breasts. But all the while, the bound chubby man's eyes were riveted on his cock and the shiny steel rod that stuck out of its tip! His captor noticed where his prisoner's eyes were glued to and worked the rod in and out tortuously slowly, all the while gazing at Santa and grinning. He used the remote control and once again, Dean's rich golden voice flowed into the room with 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'. 
  Santa saw that his cock head had swollen to the size of a golf ball and was bright red and shiny------like Rudolph's nose! The man worked the rod in tune to Dean's song. Santa struggled with pleasure. He hadn't shot his load for nearly a month now. The task of gift wrapping the toys and tallying them with the list of the children had kept him fully occupied and physically drained. Now, he felt  his cock was ready to explode! He was a prodigious gusher. And with his prostate being massaged, his balls tied off and his cock being tortured, he shuddered to think of the avalanche of hot lava that would be ejected from his hot shaft!

 "Want me to release your balls and your cock?" the man asked. Santa nodded his head. "Beg for it, Santa." his torturer said with a cold smile. Santa pleaded with his eyes. The man reached behind his chubby prisoner and pulled the prostate massager off his ass. Santa moaned in his gag. "And now," the sadist said,"I'm gonna free your balls." Santa felt the knot being undone around his swollen balls. He moaned once again. The man kept gazing at his bound and helpless prisoner even as he gently worked the rod in and out of the rock hard shaft. 
  Santa's humongous body went rigid. The man slowly took off the sounding rod. But before he could bring his mouth to the rock hard baton, it erupted like a volcano. Hot streams of cum shot out and covered the man's face. Santa jerked his bound body and another stream of cum shot out. "You, Santa, are a bloody surprise!" his captor said and closed his mouth around the twitching one eyed monster. Santa thrashed and growled in the chair as the warm mouth sucked the streams of cum and a  tongue lashed his raw piss hole. When the last drop was sucked off, Santa collapsed in the chair and his head rested on his man boobs.
 He was untied from the chair. Santa couldn't stand on his feet. The man supported him and helped him to put his clothes on.  
"Thank you for giving me such a wonderful toy, Santa!" the man told him with a broad wink. "I think your reindeer must be missing you. Off you go, Santa. Merry Christmas! Hohoho!" Santa staggered out of the house. The eastern horizon showed a faint shade of pink! Was he kept tied up and tortured for a whole night, he wondered as he got on to the sleigh and flew back to his home................................

  ..............................the End.....................

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Vids - Bearbound - DavieBear (Re-Post)

Another blast from Bearbound past!

I found this big hottie over on Bearbound (where else!)  He looks mighty fine in his overalls and even better accompanied by lots of ropes woven against his flesh.  Tied on the bed or tied to a chair, it doesn't matter as long as he's kept tied!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Vids - Bare Foot Bound - Danny Struggles

Poor Danny has been hogtied by those Bare Foot Bound guys.  I really don't mind watching this hot specimen struggling as he attempts to break his bonds.  The duct tape round the mouth simply seals the deal.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pics - Bearbound - Jay Bound (re-post)

Re-posting this little gem!

Another cute Bear from the BearBound archived galleries.  Although the pictures are a little grainy, it's clear to see this Bear is enjoying his Straitjacketed, roped and gagged time. Those puppy dog eyes won't help him now - that gag is going right in, no complaining!  Love the addition of rope in the later pictures, gives that extra layer of security, so it's reinforced that he really is not going anywhere!  I hope he was kept like this for a long while.

If you want to see more sexy Bears all bound up, you know what to click - BearBound