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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Uniformbondagesubguy contacted me after I asked if any guys wanted to be featured on the blog.  And I'm very glad he did.  We've been chatting for a bit now, and he's a thoroughly nice guy who craves and needs tight, restrictive bondage.  No chance of escape and no chance of yelling for help!  Yes, as the name says, he loves playing with guys in Uniform and being tied up in Uniform!  I'm hoping we get to meet sooner, rather than later so I can keep him chained up in my metal restraints for a few hours...

You can find him on Recon - Uniformbondagesubguy

Mean Machine

Okay, so quite a short clip but it's got all the good ingredients; Jason Statham, Tattoos, Prison Uniform open at the waist, and heavy duty shackles - what's not to like?

Monday, 26 December 2011

Bondage Words

I was pondering tonight about the power of words.  Especially words which evoke strong bondage connotations.  I'm always surprised when after having a good chat about what a top might do to me, or what I might do to a sub, I find myself leaking a little pre-cum after the exchange.  I don't quite know why I am so surprised, imagination is a powerful thing!  And sometimes imagination and fantasy are better than the actual experience.  Not always but sometimes.  Also, I always think a bit of healthy bondage chat is never a bad thing to partake in.  It won't always end in a meet, but it's great to exchange thoughts.

I really do believe communication is very important in this world of kink, it is important to me. I'm not the type of person to go straight into a scene without a lot of discussion first and steady flow of ideas.  Sometimes, it's a powerful tool to frustrate those locked in chastity - and I include myself in this statement.  I'm currently talking to one guy who is delighting in getting me frustrated every time he posts a message to me.  But beyond the fun, I guess in a lot of ways it's how we first connect with each other in this community.  So I say, never underestimate the power of words.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My New Chastity Device

This wasn't a Christmas present as such (I ordered it weeks ago) but by a great stroke of luck, it arrived on Christmas Eve.  This was one box that wasn't going to be opened on Christmas Day!  I've been wearing it ever since I opened it yesterday (apart from bedtime, as per the agreement between myself and my partner) and I love it.  It is really comfortable and beautifully crafted.

I had been looking for a device for ages, when a Recon friend suggested Steelwoxx.  He wears the same device (has been since October 2010!) and said it was really good.  So I took a punt and purchased it.  I'm so glad I did!  I think I've found a device which will work for me.  It's so comfortable I don't want to take it off, and perhaps I shouldn't!

I've taken a few pics of me wearing it:

If you want to get your own device, check out the Steelwoxx website - Steelworxx

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May the holiday season be filled with kinky festivities.  Thank you all for stopping by and reading/contributing to this blog.  Here is to 2012 and may it be filled with more Bondage and Big Men!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Sensory Deprivation Hood

This is one serious piece of kit.

The hood has internal padding and a small hole for breathing.  The straps can be pulled tight to give a really snug fit around the head.  And if you add padlocks your sub knows that hood is not coming off!  I can attest to how great this hood is because I own one and have been put in it many times.  I always struggle to hear anything when I'm wearing it.  I end up saying 'Sorry Sir, I cannot hear you' when all I can hear is a whisper.  Pretty sure my captor is talking at normal volume too.  It's a head cocoon which blocks out everything, the only thing you can hear is your own breathing.  It's actually incredibly relaxing as well as horny! Seriously fun!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bear Tied and Mummified - Part Two

The predicament only gets worse for the bear in this second part.  As he continues to protest, he is subjected to a hogtie, hand gagged, and a rather interesting head and gag harness made out of rope.  All of his protesting won't do any good of course, as his captor is hell bent on making him pay for his past bullying behaviour.  In the last clip some hot beary friends come along to help out with the revenge.   Three on one isn't fair but it's damn hot.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bound Muscle - Back 2 Back

In the second part of this series, Bigg Pete and Dominik Mann are still nicely tied and gagged.  Only this time there is a twist to proceedings.  Both are tied back to back, with their arms in the air and dumbbells taped to each hand.   They have both been roped in such a way that if they lower their arms, they end up pulling on their own cock.  So the longer they keep their arms in the air, the less pain they will feel.  Easy to do perhaps without dumbbells taped to their hands, but in this case it doesn't take long before they're moaning in pain. Extremely inventive and sadistic set up!

You can see more hot scenes here - Bound Muscle

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Cuffed Squaddie - Part Two


One of the Redcaps was stood with his legs on either side of Squaddie’s head whilst holding the tops of his arms. Squaddie had a great view up to the Redcaps groin and could smell the leather boots. Again he forgot the situation he was in and started to become aroused again. The two Redcaps seemed to be oblivious to all this as they fastened his wrists again, and push open the cell door. As the door opened so Squaddie was pulled by his wrists and the pallet went with his weight. They door was opened just enough for both Redcaps to get out and it was pushed closed again and locked. The light went out and Squaddie was left in the cold. He was cold, wet, hungry and cursing his bad timekeeping.

He was woken from his fitful sleep by the light blazing into the cell and the sound of boots on the stone floor. The procedure he went through the previous night was reversed as he was un-cuffed, stood up and fastened to the cell door. This time he did it in a dream as they pulled him around like a sack of coal, with no sense of the fact that he was able to experience pain. They left him for an unknown amount of time when the door was jerked opened and the sour face of the sergeant was in front of him again. He made a comment about the smell and state Squaddie was in and disappeared as suddenly as he arrived though leaving Squaddie swinging with the movement of the heavy door. The sergeant returned with a hosepipe in his hands; he called out and Squaddie jumped and caught his breath as the stream of cold water hit him. The sergeant said that he could smell shite, so he stuffed the hose into the top of Squaddie’s pants and the water filled his boots. It stopped as suddenly as it started and the NCO did his vanishing acting, leaving Squaddie trembling with the shock of the hosing down.

Breakfast was bread and water served in the same way as the night before. The cell door was shut once again and Squaddie was left to his thoughts. Once he had started to dry out and warm up, the pleasant feelings he had had the day before returned, only this time he was able to elaborate on them. The tightness around his wrist and the inability to move was such a sexual turn on that he fantasised about the cropped head of the corporal the night before and the lovely smell of the mixture of boot polish and leather. Squaddie desperately wanted to be free of the heavy door but stay cuffed and on his knees in front of the stern faced corporal. He wanted to smell the boots again. In fact he wanted to be made to smell them and even taste them. Lunchtime arrived and the boring meal was taken in the same way again, only this time Squaddie enjoyed it. He enjoyed the rough way the sergeant pushed the bread in his mouth and he even started to fantasise about the sergeant roughing him up. He wanted the excitement and physical contact whilst still being in manacles and unable to resist.

All this was confusing, as he knew he could end up in Colchester Glasshouse if these feelings for his fellow servicemen continued. He would be dishonourable discharged before he had even started properly but even this didn’t stop him savouring every glorious moment of his captivity. As far as his captors thought, they had subdued him completely. He didn’t complain about the rough treatment, the cuffing or even that he wasn’t allowed to pee or shit in a sanitary way but left to stew in his own mess until the hosing down. What they didn’t know was all the time he was there he enjoying the treatment and feeling free to experience the helplessness of being restrained and the pain. Squaddie liked the burning pain in his shoulders and the freedom to go a toilet where he was. But most of all he enjoyed the physical attention of the Redcaps, which in his mind he turned into a sexual man on man, encounter.

He was released late on the fifth day. The sergeant unscrewed the locks on the handcuffs and Squaddie’s arms fell heavily to either side of his body. He was given his laces back and he struggled to put them back in. The sergeant gave him a playful pat on the shoulders as a goodbye gesture but it sent red-hot pains, pleasurably, round his body. Though his arms ached and felt heavy as lead, Squaddie quickly made his way to the toilet block. Once safely behind the locked door of a cubicle, he was able to finally give himself the relief from the pent of frustration of five days of not even being able to touch his cock, let alone wank.

Once back in training, with a clean slate, Squaddie kept his head down and wasn’t late again. It was decided he had learnt his lesson and would become a good soldier. What they didn’t know was that the experience had awakened longings and feelings that Squaddie hadn’t known existed and that his mind wasn’t always on the sort of military manoeuvres the Top Brass would approve of.

Again, I would like to thank Skinric for allowing me to post the story.  I have more of his stories which will posted in the future.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Few Good Men

Anyone who is a fan of duct tape is probably a fan of the following scene.  Two army officers (not being up on the rankings I'm guessing privates?) enter another guys room and proceed to rough house him.  They shove a rag in his mouth and then put duct tape over it.  Then they duct tape his wrists behind his back, and tape up his ankles too.  At this point the clip fades to black, but if it were me, I would be wrapping that duct tape all over his body.  It would be a waste of a good roll if I didn't...

I know in the film the guy dies.  This is of course fiction and I'm not advocating grabbing some innocent person and taping them up.  As always, play should be consensual.  Sorry for the public service announcement but don't want the world to think I advocate what is shown in the clip without mutual consent all round.  Here endeth the sermon.  As you were. 

Friday, 16 December 2011

What Would You Do?

Seriously, who could resist such a cute face!  Oh the many things I could do to this Bear. All he can do is wait to be used.  Bet he's loving every minute though!

So guys, what would you do to him?

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bondage Revelation

On Sunday I had a fantastic bondage session.  I think sometimes you can get a little complacent when it comes to play.  You find yourself doing the same things over and over, wondering if you have any tricks left in the bag.  I must admit I'd gotten into a routine of focusing more on naked and pain play.  Sunday's session was different, it was relaxed, there was no over use of 'Sir', it felt very fluid but the bondage was very good.  Having my partner watching me being tied up also added to the thrill.

During this session I was not naked for any part of it.  I was in my cammo combats, Olive Green t-shirt and steel toe-capped boots.  The top was dressed in a police uniform, which was bloody hot and made me feel submissive instantly.  Then after a few hours of me floating around in sub space, me and my partner tied him up for a bit and then had puppy play with him.

This session really open my mind to a lot of things.  I realise that I can change things up and I really shouldn't have overlooked the idea of gear based play.  It's definitely something I want to explore further, and I'll be definitely changing things up in the future.  Have lots of great pics from that day, which I will do a blog post about in the future.

Change is good!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Seven


Alex led Bill and Mike to the basement Dungeon.  The light began to diminish, the further they descended the stairs.  As they entered, the dim light threw shadows across the walls, trying to trick the eye into seeing things that were imagined.  But there as the centre piece was the pig.  With extra lights around the contraption, it almost looked like a spotlight was shining down on the pig.

 ‘What do you think boys?’  Alex lent against the door frame as Bill and Mike tentatively took a few steps closer to the pig.
‘Wow!’  Mike tried to keep his voice in hushed tones.  ‘Can the pig hear us?’
‘Nope, I’ve set the ear piece to white noise.  All the pig can hear is some slight static.  Those ear pieces are pretty heavy duty, so feel free to speak normally.’
‘Got to hand it to you Alex, this is some seriously sexy set up you’ve got going.’  Bill spoke a little louder than Mike, yet he was still afraid to disturb the scene in front of him.
‘Well boys, time for talk is over.  Are you still happy to help me feed the pig tonight?’  Alex approached Bill and Mike from behind and patted their asses.
‘Yes sir!’  Both spoke in unison and began to undress.

It seemed like only a few moments before Bill and Mike were naked, their clothes thrown in a bundle off to the side of the room.  Alex gave them both a long look up and down.  He fondled their balls, tweaked their nipples and gave their cocks a good slap.  At this point both Bill and Mike were rock hard, their cocks twitched and bounced gently up and down from Alex’s actions.

‘Do you remember what we discussed boys?’  Alex stood face to face and looked them in the eyes.
‘Yes sir!’
‘This is your last chance.  If you want to back out, now is the time to say so.’  Just by looking at the pre cum beginning to form on their cock heads, Alex knew the answer.
‘No sir!’  Bill and Mike both took a deep breath and steadied themselves for what was to come.
‘Right then, let’s get to work!’  Alex looked over at the pig; still quiet, still steadily breathing, still had no idea anyone was in the Dungeon.

 Alex got to work quickly, walking across the room to the back cupboard; he opened it and pulled out a leather sleep sack and leather body bag.  He left the door ajar and walked back to where Bill and Mike were.

‘Come here boy, you’re going to assist me with this.’  Alex pointed at Mike to join him by his side.  ‘And you boy.’  Alex gestured for Bill to join them.

Alex put the body bag on the floor and inspected the sleep sack.  He was used to looking over his gear in the Dungeon’s dim light.  He’d done it so many times before his eyes had become familiar with the lack of light.  Shaking out the sleep sack, Alex couldn’t help but inhale the faint smell of leather, which started a stirring in his pants.

‘Right boy, get in here.’  Bill stepped into the sleep sack as Alex roughly pulled at the D rings around Bill’s ankle, making sure the leather was smoothed out.   The sleep sack had two zips; one which started at the neck and one which started at the toes.  Alex gave the zippers a few tugs to get them to move.  He worked methodically, firstly continuing the smoothing process along; pulling the zipper at the toes upward, moulding the sleep sack against Bill’s skin.  Once Alex got halfway he paused for a moment.

‘Put your arms in here boy.’  Alex pulled open the internal sleeves, and after a small negotiation with the sleeves, Bill’s arms were enveloped in leather.  Alex continued pulling the sleep sack upward, as Mike steadied Bill’s lower body with a vice like grip. As Bill’s upper body got covered in leather, Alex grabbed the neck zipper and pulled it down until both zippers connected at Bills groin area.  Now Bill’s whole body was cocooned in Leather.  He looked down on himself as if he couldn’t quite believe it.

‘Thank you, sir.’
‘Don’t thank me yet boy, we haven’t finished.’  Alex looked down at Mike who was still steading Bill with his arms. 
‘What do you think of your boyfriend now boy?’
‘He looks fucking hot sir.’  Mike could barely contain his excitement at seeing his boyfriend, the top and dominant, enveloped in a leather sleep sack.
‘Indeed he does boy.’  Alex leant in toward Bill and snogged him.  ‘We need to finish getting you packaged up boy.’

The sleep sack had horizontal straps which started at the feet and progressed up to the neck.  With each strap approximately two inches apart it meant that even if Bill could pull his arms free from the internal sleeves, there was no way he was getting out of his leather prison.  Literally every part of his body was strapped up.   Alex tugged heavily on each strap, making sure each one was buckled tightly.  He left the strap across the neck, open.  

‘This is looking very good indeed boy.’  Alex stepped back to look at his work.  ‘Just one last thing and you’re done boy.’ 

Mike got up from his knees so he could use his whole body weight to support Bill who was now beginning to sway slightly.  By the time Mike had done this, Alex had returned with two leather hoods.  He walked over to Bill and pulled the hood over his head.  The hood was medium density leather, zipped and laced at the back and had detachable mouth and eye pieces.   Hooking his fingers in the open mouth piece, Alex fiddled with the hood until he was happy with the fit.  He pulled the zip from the top down, laced up and tucked the bottom of the hood into the neck strap of the sleep sack and then buckled it up.  Alex reached across to where he had left some gear and grabbed a mouth piece.

‘One last bit boy.  Open up.’  Alex pushed a stuffer gag with small breathing tube into Bill’s mouth and used the press studs to fix it in place.  Bill was now covered head to toe, mummified in leather. 
‘How does that feel boy?’  Alex waited for the response he loved to hear.
‘Exactly boy.’  Alex grinned at Mike and went in for a snog. 
‘Help me move him to the bed.’  Mike took Bill’s top half and Alex had the lower half.  They carried Bill over to the big metal frame bed in the corner.  They placed Bill gently on the bed and rested his head on the pillow.

‘Stay here boy; study your boyfriend for a few seconds because you’re next.’  Alex grabbed the bits he needed, picked up the body bag and walked over to Mike.  He shook out the body bag and opened it up.
‘Step in boy.’  Mike stepped onto the hard leather and waited.
‘One thing is missing here boy.’  Alex grabbed the pair of leather pup mitts which were on the floor next to him.  He unzipped the mitts and opened them out.
‘Put your hands in boy.’  Mike place both hands in the mitts and Alex zipped and buckled them up.
‘That’s much better boy.’

Pulling the bag up toward Mike’s neck, Alex followed a similar procedure to the one undertaken with Bill’s sleep sack.  The bag had slightly more slack than the sleep sack, but it had the same set up with the zips.  Once the bag had covered Mike’s body, Alex fixed the zips so they too were at Mike’s groin area.   Buckling up the horizontal straps tightly, Alex tugged on the leather, which eliminated any room for manoeuvre.  Again he left the strap at Mike’s neck open. 

‘Thank you, sir.’  Mike of course knew what was coming next, having help truss up Bill.
‘It’s the hood for you too boy.’  Alex supported Mike and again hooked the mouth piece with his finger so he could get the right fit with the hood.  Once again he followed the same procedure – zipped and laced up, the hood was tucked into the neck strap and it was buckled up. 
‘Open up boy.’  Alex grabbed the exact same mouth piece, and in went the stuffer gag with breathing tube.   It too was fixed in place with press studs.  Before Alex could say anything Mike made that familiar noise he loved.
‘Yes, exactly right boy.’  

Luckily Alex didn’t have to carry Mike to the bed as it was right next to them.  Instead he got him to shuffle a few steps in the body bag and Alex helped lower Mike onto the bed, placing his head on a pillow, right next to Bill.  Both boys were struggling in their bondage, testing the restraints.  There was a little bit of movement but nothing that was going to allow their release. 

Making another trip across the room, Alex rummaged around in the wooden chest until he found what he was looking for.  Buried at the bottom of the chest were several straps.   These were simple straps which are used to secure items to car racks, but Alex knew they could secure much more than that.  He walked back to the bed and began opening up the straps and throwing them under the bed.  When he had both ends at either side of the bed, he connected them together and pulled them tight.  He repeated the process with six more straps.  The result was both boys strapped down to the bed, head to toe, definitely unable to move a muscle. 

‘Now this is quite a sight, boys.’  Alex folded his arms and looked at both his prisoners.  The small squeak from the bed let him know that they were both trying to move around but both failed to get anywhere.
‘You are strapped down tightly, there is no way you are getting out of this.  I’d save your strength boys.  You’re going to need it.’  In spooky unison, both boys called out.
‘We’re nearly done here boys, just a few more pieces to go and then the games can begin.’  With that, Alex eyes lit up as he went back to the cupboard…

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bear Tied and Mummified - Part One

Poor bear.  All he wanted was a nice relaxing massage.  Unfortunately he called upon the services of a guy he used to bully at school.  And although the bear has little memory of the incident, the tormented guy remembers everything, so it's time for revenge!

In this part of the film, the bear is given a nice massage before he has wrists tied behind his back.  It's only then, when he gets prompted and has a good look at the masseur, does he realise the predicament he's in...


You can find these clips, and many others like it at - Bear Bound

Chastity Punishment

A while back I had four unauthorised orgasms.  I'm really annoyed at myself for giving in to my hornyness.  Me and my partner are still continuing with the chastity agreement but we've both decided I should be punished for the transgressions.  I have no idea what he is planning to do, or what form the punishment will take.  Hopefully it will make me think next time I feel like beating off.  For someone who is a bit of a control freak, this is a little out of my comfort zone.  But I will go with it and see what happens.  I will of course update for those who are interested, when I know what the punishment will be.  I fear it will be foisted upon me, in an unexpected moment, so won't be able to post till after it has been completed.  Watch this space.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Big Boss Man v The Mountie - Shock Treatment

It's time for more Big Boss Man.  

I was talking to someone on Recon and we started reminiscing about The Big Boss Man and the many guys he jostled with.  One of his more high profile feuds was with The Mountie in the early 90's.

Both the Boss Man and The Mountie fought it out over who would be considered the ultimate law enforcer in the World Wrestling Federation.  They would go back and forth with a war of words, and compete in several bouts, each getting the upper hand at some point in the feud.

In this clip The Mountie decided to play a little dirty and in an disused storage room, backstage in the arena, he cuffed The Big Boss Man to a pipe and used his signature cattle prod on him.  He shocks and beats him so much, he leaves the Boss Man foaming at the mouth - quite literally.  Then we see The Big Boss Man in the studio, talking about his ordeal (with his shirt open - woof!).  I'll forgive the fact that he looks to be wearing some cheap Handcuffs.

Now I don't think shocking someone to within an inch of their life is horny (although I think a little bit of mild torture can be nice, plus it's quite obviously all staged) but I can make exceptions when I see The Big Boss Man cuffed and open shirted!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Corporal Punishment

So, who amongst us gets off on Corporal Punishment?

It's not something I had experienced a lot of before meeting my current partner.  And to be honest I find it very hit and miss dependent on what implement is being used and what mood I'm in.  Sometimes I get off on the fact I'm not enjoying it.  It's the masochist in me!

There are a variety of implements available - Cane, Belt, Twase, Flogger, Paddle, Crop - the choice (isn't!) yours!

So readers, what is your choice of torture?

Grant and Phil Mitchell - Eastenders

Some of the non UK readers might not be aware of Eastenders.  It's a soap opera set in the east end of London.  I don't watch it now but when I did it featured the characters Grant and Phil Mitchell.  They have been on the show since the early 90's (although Grant has now left) but it has not been till the last few years that I started to take notice of them, age and expanding waistlines have made them cute. I think Grant probably rates higher than Phil for me, but both are sexy though!  The reason I've posted about them is because I found a clip on You Tube (not the one I was looking for) where they were both tied up a little bit.  It's not hardcore bondage, but it's nice all the same.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance

Ok, so this is something a bit different.  I actually came across Bubba Sparxxx's video for his song Deliverance by accident.  It's a complete rip off of 'O Brother Where Art Thou' but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Although you don't see a lot of Bubba in chains, the whole suggestive motive of the video works for me.  I'm not usually a fan of his music but the song is not bad.  Check out Bubba's chain mates, they're hot too!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Time for another Recon buddy.  I've been talking to Bearinbondage for a few years now, on and off.  He's a great guy and very hot bear, who enjoys tormenting me with his scenarios. Don't worry I give as good as I get.    Seeing as we're both switches, it has the potential for a nice bondage set up.  The only downside is that he lives in mainland Europe.  I've promised if I'm anywhere in the area, we'd get down to a nice bondage switch session.  Maybe one day! Here are some pics of the man in bondage action:

You can find Bearinbondage on Recon - Bearinbondage

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bound Muscle - Face 2 Face

In this two part series, two big muscled guys - Bigg Pete and Dominik Mann are pitted against each other in bondage.  In this episode they are tied and gagged face to face, each one has nipple clamps and parachutes attached, which are then tied together.  This inevitable affect is that they are end up causing each other pain with every movement.  A very hot bondage scene indeed. 

You can see more hot scenes here - Bound Muscle

The Cuffed Squaddie - Part One

So, along with Expanding The Pig, I'm going to start posting other stories on this blog.  This is part one of a story called The Cuffed Squaddie.  I cannot take credit for this story, but I have got permission from the guy who recited and wrote it, to post it here.  Read and enjoy.

This story was told to me by an ex-squaddie who had left the army after twenty years service. He was a very eager prisoner and enjoyed spending long periods in metal restraints, a position I liked to keep him in too. Now he swears this happened to him whilst he was on basic training. If it didn’t, I still think it is a great tale.


Squaddie was in his late teens when he started training and was getting on well when he blotted his good record by returning to camp several minutes late, after a few days leave. Squaddie was put on report and marched in front of the commanding officer. Now this officer gave Squaddie a choice. He could either try to defend himself at a Courts Martial or take the commanding officer’s punishment. As he was guilty and didn’t want a record, he opted for what he thought would be the easy way out.
The officer said Squaddie was to spend five days in the guardroom. Now Squaddie had heard that meant standing around in a cell all day, so though it sounded boring, it was something that he thought he could endure for a few days.

Squaddie was marched out and straight to the guardroom, which was by the main gate. He was searched and changed into battle dress with no belt and boots without laces. The cell was about four foot wide by six and the door was open bars, like the cells he had seen in the Westerns. Chained against the wall of the cell was what looked like a wooden pallet, which he took to be the bed. There was no room for anything else. Now what Squaddie didn’t know was that the sergeant was a lazy so-and-so and couldn’t be bothered to keep checking that his prisoner was stood to attention in the cell and not resting. Squaddie was ordered into the cell and told to stand with his back to the cell door with his hands through the bars. Once in that position, the sergeant snapped a pair of heavy darby cuffs around the protruding wrists, ensuring that the prisoner remained upright. Squaddie wasn’t expecting this, but once the shock wore off, he was surprised to find that he was enjoying the experience so much that he had a hard on.

The weight of the cuffs and their tightness pulled on his aching wrists and shoulders. He tried to push the cuffs off over his hands, first the left and then the right. It was no good; there was some movement but they wouldn’t shift enough. The more he struggled, the more his arms and shoulders ached and the more he enjoyed it. It was a revelation as he had never experienced a situation like this and he was becoming more and more sexually aroused. So he struggled until he was tired but strangely happy with himself.

The sergeant decided to look in on his exhausted prisoner around mid afternoon to feed and water him. This was where Squaddie found out he was also on a bread and water diet. He hoped he would be released to eat his meagre fare, but he soon found out he was wrong. The sergeant unlocked the cell door and sharply pulled it open. Squaddie was caught off guard and was dragged painfully with the heavy door. Without speaking, his captor broke off a piece of bread and stuffed it in Squaddie’s mouth. He started to gag on the dry bread only to start to choke even more when the sergeant forced the water from a metal cup into his mouth. This was repeated several times until the sergeant had had enough. Squaddie was wet down his front and his jaws ached from the forced feeding regime. He was trying to catch his breath when the sergeant moved away out of sight behind him. At last, thought Squaddie, he is going to undo the cuffs as he was bursting for a pee. Again the sudden movement of the door surprised him as it was violently closed. Squaddie found his voice and called out that he needed the toilet. The sergeant spoke for the first time that day, telling him to do it in his pants, though not in those exact words.

As it was autumn, the light soon dimmed in the cell though Squaddie had lost all sense of time. All that his mind was full of was the numbing ache in his arms and shoulders and the ever frustrating ache in his groin as his cock grew and subsided as he tried to find a comfortable position. He then heard muffled sounds as the sergeant handed over his post to the next relief. Surely, thought Squaddie, I will be un-shackled soon. The cell became dark and cold and Squaddie now had wet clinging pants to add to his discomfort. The light came on and the sudden light from the bare bulb hurt his eyes like an explosion. But with it came a sense of relief as he thought that things would return to normal, well near enough considering he was under guard. He shifted upright as he heard the sound of the boots approaching, two guards this time. He braced himself in anticipation of the cell door being pulled open, but it didn’t happen. Instead he heard a friendly voice ask if was all right and if he was ready for a kip. Despite the pain, the damp and the cold, Squaddie felt better as he started to look forward to ending the throbbing in his cock with a leisurely wank.

Not for the first time that day Squaddie found that what he expected and what happened were two different things. The door was pulled slowly open so he could keep his feet. A young military policeman moved into the cell and unlocking the pallet, let it fall to the floor. The sight of this closely cropped head bent in front of him made Squaddie’s cock strain harder, confusing him even more. The RMP corporal looked up at Squaddie with an icy stare as his gaze took in the obvious bulge in the pants. Squaddie flushed with a mixture of guilt and panic as he realised that he could now be on the receiving end of a beasting.

The young corporal squared up to Squaddie who flinched in preparation for the expected pain from a blow to his body. Instead, the corporal tightly gripped the tops of Squaddie’s arms as the handcuffs were seized and slowly taken off the right wrist. The movement of his arms being pulled to the front of his body caused Squaddie to yelp in pain but this didn’t stop the two Redcaps from completing their mission of putting their prisoner to bed for the night. The young corporal held his arms whilst the other moved into the cramped cell with him. The Redcaps each took an arm and pulled him forward. They didn’t utter a word, so Squaddie was unable to make a guess at what they wanted him to do as he was pulled further into the cell and then down on to the pallet. His back and legs hit the hard pallet with a bump. The burning in his arms increased several fold as they were wrenched up above his head until the wrists were yet again through the bars...

I'd like to thank Skinric for allowing me to post this story.  This is an actual true life event which happened to Skinric when he was in the Army.  He hopes you enjoy it as much as he did.  Skinric can be found on Recon - Skinric

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lee Boardman

Okay tenuous link coming.  I posted a nice little video clip from Cool Hand Luke last weekend, and mooching about on the internet found that Lee Boardman is playing Dragline in the stage version currently running the London's West End.  Didn't think much till I saw what he looks like, and all I can say is WOOF!  Would happily clap leg irons on him any day!

You can view the trailer for the West End production here - Cool Hand Luke

Expanding The Pig - Part Six


Alex talked animatedly, waving his hands around and rubbing his beard, making sure to cover every detail.  Bill and Mike sat transfixed, alert, they took in every word.

‘Hold up, the pig lives in your dungeon permanently?’  Bill looked perplexed, trying to calculate everything Alex has said.  ‘I mean how can that even be possible?’

Alex smiled and gave them both cocky look.   ‘The pig lives there more or less permanently.  I release the pig once a week.  Pig is put in rubber restraints, wrists locked behind the back whilst shower and cleaning is taking place.  At this point pig is free to talk about how he is feeling.  I need to let the pig have that verbal release as it makes the pig more compliant in the long run.  And I’ll let the pig suck me off if I’m in the mood.  If I’m feeling generous I’ll wank off the pig, but that doesn’t happen often.’

Bill looked at Mike and Mike scratched is head, working out logistics as much as Bill was.  Mike was full of questions too. 

‘So does the pig have a daily routine?  Mike could feel his cock getting hard in his jeans.  ‘Or is the pig just stored there for when you’re ready?’ 

Alex leaned back in his chair and passed a poker chip from one hand to the other.  ‘The pig is stored in the dungeon always.  The pig is sealed in vacuum packed rubber and cannot move a muscle.  Generally the body does not hold up to long term storage in this way.’ 

Alex grabbed a potato chip and devoured it quickly.  ‘Luckily I have the pig wired up to an electro stimulation machine.  There are pads all over the pig’s body, on the cock and balls and a butt plug up the arse.  The pig’s whole body can be stimulated – either all at once or in sections.  Not only does it stimulate the muscles to keep them strong, it also produces a lot of pain or pleasure.’  Alex laughed.  ‘The pig never knows what is coming!’

Bill leaned forward on the table and considered what he’d heard.  ‘Okay, I get the cleaning and muscle stimulation but what about food and water, how do you administer that?’  Bill rested his arms flat on the table, his belly rubbing the edge gently. ‘What about wastage?’  Alex continued to talk.

‘I wondered when you would ask that.  The pig has a tube gag which is fully moulded to the mouth.  Inside the gag is a stuffer piece, which keeps the pig from talking.  But it also has a hollow tube perfect for accessing fluids.  The tube runs to the base of a urinal which is located behind the pig.  There is also a smaller tube running from the pigs cock and balls to the mouth piece.’  Alex smiled.  ‘Everything is suctioned, so the pig doesn’t miss a drop.’

Alex’s fingers moved enthusiastically in the air as he traced the layout of the tubes.  ‘It means that the pig gets to drink what I put down the urinal; that could be anything from Coke, to water, to my piss.  It also means that the pig gets to recycle his own piss and cum; a true pig in every sense of the word!’   Alex loved the look on their faces as he kept explaining.

‘As for waste products; the pig is on a liquid diet which means there is not much to shit out.  I’ve learned to spot the signs when it’s coming, so the same routine is applied as when the pig is cleaned – rubber restraints whilst on the toilet.’

Mike’s mouth was open slightly.  He loved everything he’d hear d so far, but still wanted to know more.

‘So what were all the monitors and machines I saw by the side of the pig?  What are they for?’

Alex smiled ‘Ah, glad to see you’re paying attention Mike!’  Alex ruffled Mike’s hair.  ‘Those machines monitor all of the pig’s vital signs.  If there is even a sniff of a problem it alerts me.  Alex drew breath and continued before Mike said anything more.  ‘It means I’m a bit of a prisoner in my own home – oh the irony, but as I work from home it’s not too much of a problem.  If I need to get out of the flat then I have a very trusted friend who comes over to pig sit.’ 

There was an important part of this whole set up that Alex had not shared with anyone.  But tonight, seeing as the pigs training was nearly over, he felt he could be even more candid with his friends.

‘There is one piece of this puzzle I still haven’t explained.’  Alex leaned in closer to the guys.  ‘Of course my fantasy had always been to own and control a boy, who I could mould into my slave.  But it goes deeper than just conditioning the mind.  I had to condition the body too.’  Alex eyes became emotional as he explained the last part of his plan.

‘Have you guys not noticed that every mirror is covered?’  At his point Bill and Mike looked around the kitchen and noticed that the mirror had a dust sheet over it. 

‘You see guys, when I say conditioning of the body; I wanted my pig to have the perfect body.  So I’ve been feeding the pig, shake mixes which will not only supply nutrients but will allow him to grow fat.  This with the combined electro stimulation has turned the pig from skinny boy into a big, stocky chunky pig.  During this process the pig has put on 5 stone and has the barrelled belly to prove it.  That’s another function of the computers, to recalculate the pig’s size and readjust the vacuum for a tight seal.  It’s just how I always wanted my pig to be.’

Bill turned to Alex and spoke softly.  ‘So the pig doesn’t know any of this?’

Alex looked pensive.  ‘Well I presume the pig knows he’s put weight on, but he’s not seen what he looks like since the first day of arrival as all the mirrors are covered. That was 6 months ago.’

Bill and Mike didn’t know what else to say.  All questions had been exhausted, all had been explained.  Now all that was left was that all three of them were hard.  Sensing the sexual tension in the air, Alex continued talking.

‘Now that I’ve explained all about the pig, do you guys want to meet him?  We have some unfinished business in the dungeon.’  With that, all three left the table and headed downstairs into the basement…

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bondage Interlude...

Just wanted to let the readers know, I'm posting this whilst I have a guy in bondage in the other room.

He's currently in pup mitts, arms above his head, padlocked to the door hangers.  He has on a leather hood, with the big lockable gag in place (the one I did a post about last month).  He has nipple clamps on which have been tied off to the D ring on his posture collar.  He has leg irons which have been screwed on in place.  And finally he has the Fetters Leather Chastity Shorts on, his cock and balls are nicely zipped and locked up.  Oh did I forget to mention there is a vibrating cock ring, locked up with his cock, on the highest setting.

I can tell he is enjoying his predicament from all the shuffling and heavy breathing he's doing. Think I'll answer a few more messages before I go and torment him further...

Straight Hell - Leon (Part Two)

Adrian is continuing to torment Leon with implements on his arse.  He's had enough of his whining so out comes the red ball gag!  Later he attaches pegs to Leon's nipples and cock, then leaves him to endure the humiliation and pain.  (Apologies for the sound quality).

If you wish to visit Straight Hell, click here - Straight Hell  (Please note this site is not available to subscribers in the UK so they can protect the actors identity.  Why, I have no idea!)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Frustration City

A few days ago me and my boyfriend has a nice, stocky, hairy, big man under our control. We did various, tormenting things to him which he wonderfully enjoyed.  But I decided to do something which I love to do to guys who sub for us, and that is, frustrate him in the most evil way.

I put him in pup mitts, sat him on the floor and told him to wank himself off if he wanted.  So he sat there desperately rubbing at his crotch to no avail.  He was so hard and yet so frustrated.  It was fun watching him try to get off for a bit.  Unfortunately it wasn't long enough for me.

At some point in the future I want to try the following scenario: imagine you're were taken into a room, gagged and blindfolded.  You were simply chained to the post but able to move your major limbs about.  You're left in pup mitts (locked on of course!) and told to enjoy yourself for a few hours.  Wouldn't not being able to get off just drive you crazy.  Frustration City.

Heavy Metal Bear - Cuffs and SJ

Thought I would share some pics of me from a recent play session.  I see this top every month or so and I really enjoy what he does and what he is all about.  Away from the cuffs and SJ, he's a lovely guy.

He's very much into chained restraint and Straitjackets.  He'll get you nice and secure and leave you to deal with it.  I always thought this sort of Bondage was not for me, as I always go soft when I'm left to deal with this sort of predicament.  That was until recently when during one session, he left me for an hour or two (I can't even fathom how long it was as I nicely hooded!) came back and said I was pumping out pre cum. Guess I liked this sort of isolation Bondage after all!

Going to meet up for another session next week, and I cannot wait!

Monday, 28 November 2011


Ducter is another friend from Recon.  The twist on this Recon guy is that his is a top who loves to get big men tied and taped up nice and tight.  I've been tied and taped up by him a couple of times and I have to say it's been amazing.  What I really like is the fact Ducter really gets off on having a big man helpless and under his control.  He enjoys watching a big man struggle in his bonds, knowing that no matter how much he squirms about, he's not getting free.  And as his name says, he likes to use lots and lots of Duct Tape!  Check out some pics of the guys he's played with (see if you can spot me amongst them!):

You can find Ducter's Recon profile here - Ducter

Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Sunday Evening

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I got to cum tonight!  It's been the first time I've cum since last Sunday - so 6 full days in fact.  I really shouldn't complain about that, I know guys who are locked up with no hope of release.  I would say 'poor them' but I think they quite enjoy it.

Boyfriend got me in the rigid neck and wrist stocks, gasmasked, walked me to the door and attached rigid leg cuffs.  The then used rope to tie up my cock and balls so they were pulled toward my arse, and then tied off the rope to the collar.  He also used door hangers and more rope to tie me to the hangers so I couldn't move much.  I also had vibrating nipple clamps and 2 gasmask hoses on.

So there I am, dealing with the rigid restraints, cock and balls aching from being pulled, and concentrating on my breathing, and then out comes the rubber whip.  He gave me a good flogging until my back was nice and red.  (I must stress I trust my partner completely hence why we do flogging scenes.  It would take a while for me to build up trust like that with another top).

After that I was cuffed spreadeagled on the bed, at the wrists, and my legs were tied together.  He tied my cock and balls up to the headboard and tied the balls so they were split.  He removed the nipple clamps and started beating my balls instead.  At this point the gasmask has come off and I had the blindfold and stuffer gag in.  He then took mercy on me and milked me good.  Think I nearly screamed the house down!

Just when I thought we were done, he cuffed my wrists behind my back, took out the gag (but left the blindfold in) and made me suck him off.  The whole play session lasted about 2 hours but it felt like 20 minutes!

So that was my Sunday evening.  How was yours?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lockable Front Buckle Gag

I don't know if you guys agree but this could be the Daddy of all gags.  This gag has a cushioned panel with rubber stuffer piece attached.  The strap goes behind the back of your head and buckles at the front.  And if that wasn't enough, you are also able to padlock the buckle so even if your subs hands are free they can't get the thing off.  More time for them to say MMMPPPPFFFFHHHHH!  Pics of the gag are below, including a
few of me wearing my own I purchased a few years ago.

I purchased my Lockable Gag from here - MEO

Cool Hand Luke

Yes, it's yet another prison film.  But let's be honest, where else are you going to find films with really decent metal restraint scenes?  Anyway, I know Paul Newman is not a Bear (and I don't think I'm gonna find many prison films with lots of Bears in sadly), but the scenes in this clip are hot.  And I love the authoritative 'Boss' who has a menacing presence throughout the film.  Once the leg irons go on it gets a lot more interesting.  And when the second set go on it gets even better!  This all appeals to my ultimate fantasy, as avid readers will well know by now!  One of the best things about this film is the sound effects, you hear the clanking of chains a lot!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Straight Hell - Leon (Part One)

Over at Straight Hell the tops like to torment guys who need taking down a peg or two. Normally they only go after the more skinnier guys, but sometimes they take our their frustrations on the bigger more muscled guys.  Adrian has great fun tormenting Leon in these clips.  He locks him into wooden stocks, chains his feet to heavy weights so he can't escape and proceeds to beat his arse with a variety of implements.  (Apologies for the sound quality).

If you wish to visit Straight Hell, click here - Straight Hell  (Please note this site is not available to subscribers in the UK so they can protect the actors identity.  Why, I have no idea!)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tom Hardy

I'm rather partial to Tom Hardy.  I much prefer him with a shaved head, than with hair though. Thankfully his last few roles have needed him to shave it all off.  He's currently filming Batman, playing mega villain Bane.  Below are some pics of Tom on the set of Batman, and when he played Charles Bronson in Bronson.  And yes, clips of him in Bronson, will appear on the blog at some point.  Oh and the mask he wears as Bane is sexy too!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Five


Alex rifled through his wardrobe, undecided on what to wear.  Eventually he stopped midway through the rack and pulled out a pair of leather jeans.  He removed from the hanger and gave them a little shake.  As he guided the jeans up toward his waist, the lining felt cool against his skin.  The jeans fitted perfectly, making his legs look thick and sculpted.  The subtle smell of leather filled the air and got him hard.  He walked purposely toward the chest of draws and grabbed a black vest top.  The top had a slightly musty smell, like it had been well worn.  This was Alex’s trademark look when he played on home turf; he liked his subs to smell him, even if he were clean out of the shower.  He closed the draw and opened the one above it, selected a pair of black socks, and then walked back toward the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black boots.  Sitting on the bed he stretched out the boots a little.  He looked at the screen, still showing the static view of the dungeon.

‘Oh pig.  I really hope you understand what tonight is about.’  Alex spoke quietly in almost whispered tones.
He pulled the tongue on his left boot and pushed in his foot.  He bent forward and began lacing.
‘You’ve come so far; it’s been months since your last outburst, maybe you are ready to be my permanent pig in life as well as bondage.’  He scratched his left temple and then repeated the process with the right boot. 
‘Not long till I find out whether you’ll pass the test, pig.’  Alex pulled himself out of his thoughts, went downstairs to prepare for the evening.

Everything was laid out in the kitchen ready for poker night.  The trestle table was loaded with poker chips, bowls were full of salted chips and a cooler full of Beer rested by Alex’s seat.  The table was opposite the Kitchen work surface, and pointed toward it was a mini television.   Fiddling with the television picture controls, he twiddled the knob until the static faded and the screen was crisp and sharp into focus.  Before he could fiddle anymore, the doorbell rang.  Hitting the standby button, Alex went to the door.  Pulling the door open, he saw two guys stood on Alex’s porch.

‘Hey guys, come in!’  Alex greeted both men with a hug and a kiss on the lips. 
‘Alex!  So good to see you!  How long has it been?’
‘Probably a good three months Bill.’  Alex closed the door behind them, and they waited to follow his lead toward the Kitchen.
‘And how are you Mike?’
‘Can’t complain Alex, work is still busy as usual’ Mike trailed behind Bill and Alex as they walked through the hallway. 
‘Haven’t seen anything of you though, where have you been hiding?’
‘Well, I’ve been working very hard on a special project.’  Alex smiled.
‘Oh yeah, that special project of yours.’ Bill laughed and rubbed his eyes.  ‘You’ve been texting so many hints it’s been driving us crazy.  Come on, spill.’
‘All in good time, guys!’  Alex gestured for the men to go into the Kitchen. 

The men took their coats off and placed them on the back of the chairs at the poker table.  Both men were wearing Levi’s which tightly hugged their backsides; Bill was wearing a red flannel shirt and Mike a plain grey t-shirt.  Both men were wearing black boots too.

‘Damn, you guys look hot’ Alex moved toward both men and pulled them close. 
‘So do you Sir.’ Both men spoke in unison.
‘Thanks for the compliment boys.’ Alex pulled Bill to his lips and began kissing him deeply.  Mike got on his knees and starting kissing Alex’s crotch.  ‘Oh yeah, that’s good.’  Alex grabbed Mike’s nipple and twisted.  Mike groaned loudly.
‘Okay boys, enough for now.’ Alex pulled Mike up toward him and continued with the hug.  ‘Plenty of time for that later, first we play a little poker.’

The hours flew by as Alex, Bill and Mike caught up over a few rounds of cards.  The Beer had been flowing and they all animatedly discussed what had been going on in their lives. 

Alex had met Bill and Mike when he was out at the bars.  They had been at the local fetish night, and Bill had accidently spilled Alex’s Beer.  After the apologies and initial embarrassment, all three men spent the night chatting about their lives, fantasies and such.  It was like they were old friends rather than new ones.  Bill and Mike had talked about their relationship, the dynamics and how they both met through their love of fetish and bondage.  Bill was about five foot five, in his mid-fifties and was greying; he had a nice barrel belly, was broad, chunky and hairy.  He always had a bit of stubble, and a moustache which he kept neat and tidy.  Mike was taller at about five foot ten, about ten years younger than Bill and had light brown hair and a goatee; he was thinner than Bill but still stocky with some muscle definition.  It was clear to Alex from meeting them that Bill was the top and Mike was the sub.  Even if they hadn’t mentioned in conversation about defined roles, he could tell from the mannerism they both displayed to each other.  In the years since that first meeting, the couple has become firm friends as well as bondage buddies.

‘So, since the cards have been crap all night, are you going to tell us about your little project?’  Bill stroked the back of Mike’s neck.  ‘Enquiring minds want to know’.
‘Fair enough, let me show you what I’ve been working on.’  Alex grabbed the remote from his pocket and hit the standby button.  The television on the Kitchen work surface glowed into light and there on the screen was a picture of the pig in the dungeon.
‘Wow!  Fucking hell Alex, you did it!’ Mike stared at the screen amazed.
‘I know.  I finally got to have my dream realised.  I present to you, the pig!’  Alex laughed and patted Bills shoulder.
‘Jesus Alex, that is some set up!’  Bill put his hands on the table and leant forward to get a better look.
‘What exactly is the set up?’  Mike interest was piqued and he wanted as much detail as possible, staring at the pig as if it couldn’t quite believe it. 
Alex began explaining the complexities of the project and if he had looked under the table, he would’ve seen they were all hard as he talked…  

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Restraint Choices

There are a number of restraint choices out there...

Duct Tape




Something Else?

So guys, I'm throwing it out to you - what's your preference?  Comment and let me know!

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Thank You

I know this blog is in its very early stages but even so I wanted to say thank you to all you guys who have stopped by to read or view the material, and/or posted comments.  From a personal perspective I get off on knowing that perhaps a good few of you have been enjoying the clips and pics, if you know what I mean!

I'm trying to pace myself with postings, but I can guarantee I'll try to post something at least once a day (or two).  The most frustrating thing is the stories.  I can't seem to churn out the parts very quickly so you'll have to bare with me on that (although part 5 of Expanding The Pig I hope to have completed by the weekend - no promises though!).

If there is anything you want to see featured, let me know, or if you want to be featured on the site, let me know.

Happy reading!

My Chastity Agreement

I admit it, I can be a very lazy lover.  I want it to be all about me, and once I've cum, I'm not interested in doing anything else but relaxing.  So, with this in mind, me and my partner discussed a chastity agreement.  The agreement is that I wear the BON4 chastity device when I get home from work and it stays on until I go to bed.  Any time I'm at home, I have to wear the BON4 (unless there is a medical problem I can't) and I'm not allowed to cum unless it is during play, me as a bondage sub, me as a bondage top or if me and my partner are being vanilla intimate.  And even then, sometimes he can veto it if he wants.

The realities of this agreement means I get to cum, probably about once a week (give or take).  It's not enough to take the edge off but still enough to not drive me too crazy.  It's a nice little balance I feel.  I quite enjoy building up to the play sessions and still not knowing if I get release or not (although my partner has mercy and doesn't like to see me go too crazy!).

Maybe other guys in chastity has the same bi product as I do, but I've found that the bi product of chastity is that I have more energy, seem to think about bondage sex much more often, and I feel inspired to get busy and not loll about on the sofa all day long.  The other good (or bad) side is that I'm working on the blog and that is keeping me frustrated as hell, plus friends on Recon who like to torment me too.

Any of the readers out there want to share their chastity experiences?  Feel free to comment below.

Spyder Gag

Here at Bondage For The Big Man, we don't only want to feature clips and pics of all sorts of big men in bondage.  We also want to showcase other bondage related items.  This post is all about the Spyder Gag.  The Spyder Gag is a metal ring gag which buckles behind the back of the head.  It has four metal prongs, two above and two below the centre strap, which stick out at a diagonal angle (this is to stop the ring going too far back into the mouth apparently).  This gag is fantastic.  What is so great is that the sub has no choice but to take his Masters/Tops cock in mouth.  His tongue is still free to taste cock and pre-cum as the cock is being rammed down his throat.  Being face fucked whilst wearing this gag is hot, and I know because I have a similar gag (not the Mr. S Leather variant which is being marketed in conjunction with Bound Gods) and have been used in such a manner, many times!  Below are some clips of the Spyder Gag in action.

You can see more of the Spyder Gag in action at the following link - Bound Gods