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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vids - Bare Foot Bound - Shea Struggles

This clip courtesy of Bare Foot Bound shows sexy Shea tied up and duct tape gagged, his feet on display and ready to be tormented...

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Some Changes In The New Year...

Don't be alarmed by the post title, this blog will always be about Bondage and Big Men.  My personal life has been very hectic as of late, and I've not been able to give the blog as much attention as I'd have liked.  Of course I'm still posting up visuals, but I feel that this is getting a bit repetitive.  Once Xmas is over and done with, and I've moved into my new place, I want to spend more time on the blog, giving it a more personal edge - posting more musings and thoughts from my brain about all things Bondage and Big Men.  And once I've settled and have my gear in place, I shall purchase a video camera and I'm sure you can all work out what that will be for...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pics - XTube - Blue Collar Bound

Another great find on XTube - would really love someone to do this to me, especially the forced milking part!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vids - Dream Boy Bondage - Levi Bound

Another cute guy kept captive at Dream Boy Bondage.  Levi begs for help and longs for escape but we all know he's going nowhere...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Vids - The Bondage Cub - Prisoner Pt 2

This is the second part of Prisoner play scene, hope you guys enjoy it.  The first part can be found here - Prisoner Pt 1.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Stories - The Monarch's Secret - Part 2

Part 2 of The Monarch's Secret written by Captor.  You can find part 1 here - Stories - The Monarch's Secret - Part 1.


   Eburhart could do nothing but watch his bitch of a queen behaving like a common harlot. Fresh candles had been lit by Wilhelmina.  All the better for him to see what was happening, she had said and had slapped his enormous cock. That was another secret. His even otherwise large beastly organ was ever ready to be engorged with blood and rise and go rock hard! Only Carl had known this little secret. Now, his queen stared unblinkingly at her husband's massive cock tapping against his paunch above his navel. "Goodness! You are ready so soon?" She laughed softly and picking up her hairbrush swung it against the throbbing monster. Again and again.  Eburhart's scream was muffled by the tight gag. His eyes were screwed shut in agony and lust. He stood utterly helpless with his hands tied awfully tight by his queen, his huge legs spread unnaturally wide with his ankles tied off to the legs of the huge wide bed. His humongous man breasts rose and fell with each breath he took. His cock kept up its steady drumming against his paunch. Pre cum had filled his deep navel.  He ignored the agony as he twisted his wrists behind him. The monarch watched Carl standing blindfolded with his massive muscle laden legs wide apart. The groom's large erect cock shone with his pre cum and the queen's saliva.

  "I'm bored with you, Carl!" the queen muttered and dragged the helpless bewildered groom to where her husband stood with his gargantuan legs wide apart. She made Carl stand with his back to the heaving groaning Eburhart. She adjusted the distance so that Carl's heavy buttocks were a tantalising distance from her husband's huge one eyed angry beast. She knelt in front of Carl and grasping his rock hard cock, brought it to her deep cleavage between her breasts. Carl felt his cock rest in a soft cushion of flesh. He went insane with pent up lust and frustration and worked his iron hard cock in and out of the fleshy crevice. He had to bend his knees a little to bring his cock in position. This was perfect for Eburhart who thrust his hips forward and his cock found its target. "I want you two to do it s-l-o-w-l-y, understand?" Wilhelmina's command dripped with sexual dominance. 

 The two huge bound and helpless mammoths were compelled to obey her command and groaned and grunted as they went about their work. Even as his monstrous cock rammed into Carl's butt hole, Eburhart couldn't help  but wonder how long would he and Carl remain bound and helpless. His thighs ached at being spread unnaturally wide apart. His hands felt like dead weight behind him. The candles had burnt down to more than half their size and through the window, even though it was still dark, he noticed a very faint strip of pink on the eastern horizon.  

Meanwhile, in the town square, the light from a torch illuminated the pilloried Franz. Someone had shoved a filthy rag into his mouth to keep him from screaming abuse. He had been tormented the entire day by hungry hands on his colossal man breasts, his large swollen nipples and his cock. His ordeal hadn't ended. Now it was the turn of the two guards. His bulky legs had been pulled back, spread wide apart and his ankles  tied off to two pegs.  As his head was held immobile, Franz couldn't see the guard who had knelt before him. He felt a hot breath on his erect cock and a mouth closed over its angry red swollen head. Another hot breath on the back of his neck and he felt the weight of the other guard leaning against him. A pair of hands snaked around his wide fleshy torso and grasped his colossal man breasts.

  Franz knew that he was in for some additional torture at the hands of the two lusty guards as he had been in this predicament on so many occasions before! He grunted as teeth scraped on the tender flesh of his swollen glans and calloused hands kneaded the flesh of his enormous man tits and cruelly pinched his large nipples. With his head and his hands hopelessly immobile, there was nothing Franz could do except accept what was in store for him. He tried to squirm to avoid the teeth and the hands but the thick swollen cock of the guard rammed into his ass served as an anchor. The only silver lining was  the royal decree that declared no prisoner in the stocks should be whipped or beaten or have any sign of blood on them. Franz's balls ached with crammed cum and he pleaded with the guard sucking his cock to shoot his load for him. The guard laughed cruelly and slapped Franz's cock hard. His massive breasts were a mass of aching flesh but he decided to stay silent and let them torture him. It's not as if he didn't enjoy being restrained and having someone torture him. 

 The pilloried Franz raised his red sleep deprived eyes and, like the monarch, noticed a very faint strip of pink on the eastern horizon............... 

 Back in the queen's bedroom, Eburhart kept thrusting his long thick monster into the inviting orifice while Carl worked his massive organ in and out of the deep valley of delectable flesh. Not wanting to infuriate their cruel sadistic captor, the two giants grunted as their large cocks went about their work very slowly. Beastly sounds came from Eburhart's gagged mouth. However slow they worked their gigantic cocks, it was inevitable that they would explode with pent up thick hot cum. Carl felt his huge muscles tense up and his body go still a moment before he growled into his gag and his cock erupted and let loose a warm thick stream of white cum into the queen's deep fleshy cleavage. She bent her head and licked the tip of Carl's twitching cock peeping between her twin orbs of raw lust.  Wilhelmina, smiling wickedly at  her helpless husband, purred to the blindfolded groom, "Mmmm! Carl, if only you weren't blindfolded, you would have seen my breasts covered in your seed!" Carl stood motionless as he heard her calling out to her maid, "Greta! Take Carl away and clean him up.' Giggling, she added," And you can do anything with him." A very buxom woman entered and took the bound and blindfolded Carl away. 

 Eburhart glared at his queen as she approached him. His eyes were red with rage, lust and sleeplessness. His captor ran her hands all over his massive body and spoke in a surprisingly gentle voice, "Eburhart, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And," she added, taking his stiff huge cock in her hands,"I can see,so have you."  She gazed unblinkingly into his tired eyes and spoke in a seductive purr, "I would like to do this again. And again. I'll summon you when I need you." She slapped his cock and untied the bound and gagged giant of her husband. He collapsed on to the soft bed.  Eburhart would have loved nothing better than sleep, but he had a pressing, if utterly boring, engagement. Lunch with the der Bischof (the Bishop). He hurriedly dressed and took leave of his captor and left her bedroom.

 The Monarch preferred travelling in an open carriage if it wasn't chilly. As the carriage trundled along, he waved at the trickle of men and women on the street. It was still quite dark but the eastern horizon showed broader bands of pink and orange. The carriage rounded a bend and the monarch  ordered his driver to stop. He could see two guards tormenting a naked figure who was pilloried. "Stop it! Now!" Eburhart bellowed.  The two guards bowed and stepped aside. The monarch got down from his carriage and walked up to the pilloried man. His broad naked back and huge buttocks were red with all the rotten tomatoes flung at him. The prisoner, Eburhart noted, had a massive, dense chest with large swollen nipples. His rock hard cock, it was evident, had been tormented by the two guards as it twitched against his big paunch and spewed thick strings of pre cum. Eburart's own cock hardened and rose in his codpiece. 

 "Who's he?" the monarch asked.  "He's Franz. A notorious drunkard and a habitual brawler!" one of the guards replied, adding, "Franz seems to enjoy being punished."   "Really?! Interesting!" Eburhart said and ran his hand over the naked buttocks. Franz, who couldn't turn his his head, didn't know it was King Eburhart's hand on his ass.  He squirmed and growled, "While you're at it, why don't you suck my cock! These bastards have left it stiff as a board!" The guards blanched when they heard the words. "You oaf!" one of them spat the words, "Do you know who you're..."  Eburhart smiled and held up his hand. "Release him" he proclaimed, "Do what you want with him. But I do not want to see any marks of beatings on his body, understood? When you're tired of him," he grinned, " I want him in my...you know...private room by this evening."  "Suck my cock, you bastard!" Franz yelled. "All in good time.." Eburhart said softly and getting into his carriage, rode off.

 The guards unlocked the pillory and freed the huge naked man. Franz stretched his arms and flexed his legs. He let the guards tie his hands behind his ass. They hoisted him onto one of their horses while the two guards sat on one horse. They made their way to a stone structure set  behind the seedy inn from where they had picked up Franz. The solid wooden door was unlocked and they entered. One of the guards lit a candle. Franz saw a very large room. Everything about it was made of solid stone. They led Franz to a corner where there was a huge old bed. His hands were untied and he was made to lie on his back. His arms and legs were stretched and they were tied to the four corners of the bed. They placed a flagon of water against his lips. Franz gulped down the water in one swallow. He was gagged with a length of rag. The mattress was stuffed with hay and stank of sweat and sex. The two guards hurriedly undressed and pounced on the huge captive. Franz endured hours of torture as hands squeezed his ample flesh, lips and teeth tormented his man breasts and swollen nipples. He heaved his massive body as a ruthless mouth took his cock and drove him to the very edge. 

 Eburhart, meanwhile, sat at the immense food laden table and tried to appear interested as the good bishop droned about building a new church. The massive monarch answered in monosyllables as he attacked the feast laid on the table. His appetite for good food was only matched by his appetite for bondage torture. As he tucked in the roast beef, thoughts of Franz crept into  his mind. He let out a low groan as, under the table, his cock grew to its monstrous size! The lunch came to a close and the bishop stood up. Eburhart had no choice but to get to his feet. The bishop's eyes went to the huge giant's obscene bulge that the man tried futilely to cover with his meaty hand. "Your Highness, sorry for having  bored you." the old man said with a twinkle in his eye, " I see that your mind was elsewhere."  "No no, of course not, Your Eminenece!" Eburhart stuttered, "Why do speak so?"   "Because," the bishop answered straight faced, "I espy a much bigger fish in thine codpiece!". The giant departed quickly, his cock leading him to his secret room, where the guards had left the huge brawler. 

 Franz lay gagged and blindfolded on a bed with a rough mattress stuffed with hay. His wrists were bound to his sides. Rope was laced tight across his heavy immense chest and from his mid thighs to his ankles. Save his head and his cock, he was totally immobile. But  after those agonizing hours at the pillory and the maddening torment at the hands of the guards, Franz would have gladly relaxed on a bed of nettles! He heard the squeak of the rusty hinges as someone opened the solid door and entered the room. Eburhart had worn tattered old clothes and had rubbed dirt and mud on his face as he didn't want anyone to recognize him. He carried some bread and cheese wrapped in a dirty cloth and a flagon of cheap wine.  A shaft of sunlight played on the huge bound man as he lay squirming and grunting on the bed. Eburhart stood still for a few moments watching the broad bodied man as he arched his back in an attempt to touch his twitching cock. The monarch approached the bed, his fleshy face red with lust. The bed creaked and sagged as he sat at the foot and kept gazing at the bound gagged and blindfolded Franz trying to stretch his hands towards his throbbing shaft.

 Eburhart ran his hand lightly over the tied up helpless Franz's large body. The bound man tried to shift his body but there was no escaping that hand. Eburhart's eyes narrowed as he thought of the agonizing hours he had spent as a bound and gagged captive of his queen. He looked at his thick wrists. There were blue ligature marks where the rope had bitten painfully into  the flesh. His shoulders ached as did his thighs. The lusty monarch ached for a huge man tied up for him to torment. And here was his fantasy come true. He pounced on the defenceless  Franz and locked his mouth on one of the bulging man breasts even as his huge hand mashed the other breast. The helpless prisoner made animal sounds as he felt the weight of his heavy captor on his body. "Want something to eat and drink" Eburhart asked tenderly. The captive nodded his head vigorously.  "If you shout for help, I'll kill you. Very slowly." a chill went up Franz's spine when he heard the emotionless voice. His gag came off and he licked his dry lips. "Drink!" the voice ordered and he felt the flagon against his lips. He took a welcome swig of the wine. "You must be starving, eh?" the voice asked as he polished off the bread and cheese. Franz winced as his nipples were pinched hard. 

 He heard the man sigh and speak in a voice dipped in lust, "I can do anything with you, Franz. Hehehe!"  "Then why don't you give some relief to my cock?" Franz asked with no trace of fear. Eburhart's thoughts once again drifted to the agonizing torture he and Carl had endured. He transferred all that pent up rage and frustration on the squirming man on the bed. Franz growled as a sharp slap landed on his cock. His captor hand gagged him as his cock was slapped again and again. "You are in no state to order me around, Franz!" the voice was sharp as hands mashed Franz's humongous man breasts and rolled his large nipples. Eburhart noticed a fresh spurt of pre cum dripping onto his captive's shaft. His own cock couldn't have grown larger and couldn't have got harder. He peeled his hose off. Franz felt his legs being freed. Before he could sigh with relief, he was effortlessly flipped onto his belly. His thick legs were spread wide apart and Franz gasped as the man's weight descended on his back. 

  Eburhart lay on him and brought his hands around the man's torso so that they grasped his massive chest. His cock fit snugly into Franz's ass crack. The blindfolded captive moaned as large meaty hands ruthlessly mashed his immense man boobs. After a while, his captor casually lifted his broad hips and he felt the hot tip of his captor's cock at his asshole. Very slowly, Eburhart inserted his monster into the tight opening. Franz gasped at the sheer girth of it as it slowly invaded him. He had a high threshold of pain but he gritted his teeth as the long thick monster entered him. He felt the hot breath of his gigantic captor on his right ear and a soft voice whisper, "Very slowly..." The battering rod went in and out at a maddeningly slow pace and those meaty hands wreaked havoc on his swollen breasts and his distended sensitive nipples. 

 Franz's own cock had gone rigid and he could feel the sticky pre cum leaking on to the shaft. If only his hands were free, he thought, as he tried to reach his cock with his hands, but it was useless. "Yes Your Highness," Eburhart spoke softly, "Very very slowly..."  What was he mumbling, Franz mused.  Was he in the hands of a lunatic who thought he was King Eburhart?! This madman could do anything to him. Even kill him! A shiver ran through his spine as he thought of it. The giant lying on him kept muttering "Slowly...s-l-o-w-l-y..." as his warm monster ravaged his captive. Franz had never had to endure such agony, such lustful pleasure at the same time. After what seemed an eternity, the giant let out a bestial growl and released a warm stream of cum into his captive. 

 Before Franz could thank providence for the end of his sexy ordeal, his captor grunted as he pulled out his battering ram and flipped him onto his back. He moaned as a large hand fondled his erect hard cock. "How selfish of me! Not thinking of the needs of my dear people. Hahaha!" Eburhart taunted. "Just who in hell are you? The damn king Eburhart?!" Franz spat out and promptly grunted as his cock was slapped hard. "That's for speaking ill of your king, you drunkard and a brawler. However," he continued, "you have given me pleasure, so I shall spare your life, you miserable bulky beast!" Another slap and his legs were spread painfully apart and his ankles once again bound tight to the corners of the bed. Franz heard him muttering, "She taught me the maddening  pleasure of watching someone you love being tormented." A hand ran over Franz's large thighs and his mysterious captor spoke, "You and Carl all tied up, while I watch you two rolling and writhing on the floor and trying to get your cocks sucked. Mmmmmmm" The voice spoke, "Now, I must leave you. Don't you worry. The guards will free you." Another squeeze of his man breasts and a slap on his cock and he was gone.

 Franz was left wondering who this man was. Was he a lunatic who thought he was King Eburhart?  Who was Carl? He writhed in his bonds..............

                                                        THE END   

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vids - Straight Men In Trouble - Repair Man Molested Pt 2

Continuing this story from Straight Men In Trouble the repair man, once left with his shredded clothes, is milked very slowly until main to cum by his own volition.  Perhaps he's left strung up, ready for a second load?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vids - Captured Guys - Sean Jerked Off

Here is Sean from Captured Guys who's been tied to the bed, gagged and made to cum.  The noises he's making seem to suggest he's not finding the torment too bad...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vids - The Bondage Cub - Prisoner Pt 1

Some of you may have seen the pictures I posted a few weeks ago about my Guantanamo Bay scene.  Now you can watch some of the edited footage of me as the prisoner...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Vids - Punishing Officer Grrowl!

Another fantastic video of Jim Gagbear getting some bondage torment.  Looks like this officer needs to be punished!

Follow the link for more Gagbear - Gagbears World

Tuesday, 23 October 2012