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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bondage For The Big Man - Twitter Feed

I've finally set up a Twitter account which is linked to this blog.  I shall do my best to link posts and give you little insights to what is coming up.  If you want to follow, you can at this moniker - @Bndge4TheBigMan  I want to try and grow this blog, reach as many people as possible.  That's my bringing the world together moment done with, now back to bondage business!

Gear - Scavengers Daughter

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like metal pieces.  This medieval torture and restraint device is known as the Scavengers Daughter.  It also goes by other names such as A-Frame or Cravat.  I own one of these beautiful restraint devices, although mine has yet to be used on any willing victims for torture, restraint or otherwise!  I actually need to make a few adjustments to mine to allow for an escape free fit.  The device works by clamping neck, wrists and ankles in place on the frame, which only gives minimal movement and is guaranteed to be an uncomfortable wear after a while!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Vids - Gagbear - Hot Tub Tormentor

Another great video featuring Jim Gagbear.  I do like the whole 'trespasser gets what's coming to him' storyline even if the play is more vanilla than bondage.  Still, can't really complain, it's a nice mixture of vanilla and kink I thought.  And the players are very sexy, that always helps!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Pics - Heavy Metal Bear Hogtied

More pics of me, all roped up and hogtied.  Let me know if you like, as I'm genuinely interested in whether people want me to post pics of myself on here.  It may be my blog but I don't want to become some blog whore, pimping himself out with his pics every few posts!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recon Guys - Blacklabel

It's been a while, so thought it time to showcase another one of my friends from Recon.  Me and my partner have only played once with Blacklabel, but boy was it a hot session as the pics below will attest to!  We're ever hopeful of another session in the future, perhaps with me and Blacklabel tied together; two big bears all restrained and under control - can't say no to that!

If you'd like to see more of the lovely Blacklabel on Recon, click here - Blacklabel

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vids - Straighthell - Ben Pt 4

Ben is still being used by the Straighthell tops.  Now they have this muscle boy locked up in the Pillory.  From this position they have perfect access to his mouth and arse.  After warming up his arse with the whip, they turn their attention to using his holes.  The tops force him to suck their cocks and open up his hole with a mounted dildo.  Once happy he's been opened him up, they spit roast the brute and when done, clip a weight to his cock, leaving him to whimper and deal with the pain.  But they still aren't finished with this muscle stud yet...


Monday, 23 April 2012

Stories - The Long Hours Of Raw Lust - Pt 1

Here is a brand new story from a friend and avid reader of the blog.  He goes by the name of Captor and this is part one of 'The Long Hours Of Raw Lust'.  Hope you enjoy it.  And thanks Captor for providing the material!

Part 1

It was just 3.30 in the evening but it had gone dark. Brad walked to his favourite pub that was just a block away. He was a large chubby man. A black turtleneck T Shirt covered his large, chesty torso. Thick thighs stretched the denim of his old tight jeans. He saw a small queue outside a door. It housed a discreet gay club that attracted bondageaficionados. It turned out that some beefy men lay hogtied and gagged on massage tables in some of the rooms. For a fee, one could go and torment them as they squirmed and heaved their heavy helplessly bound bodies. The length of time depended on the fee!  God! The gimmicks employed to attract clients, Brad chuckled to himself.  He was in a terribly horny mood. Brad decided to pay for an hour and torment one of those tied up beefy guys.

 "Come with me! Don't turn around!" a voice hissed in his ear. Something sharp jabbed his lower back. A hand grasped  his thick fleshy arm and propelled him towards a large car. As they reached it, another order hissed in his ear, "Cross your wrists on your ass!" He complied. Brad wasn't particularly alarmed. He even thought this must be some antic by Steve his prankster buddy. Cold steel went around his thick wrists and he heard the cuffs click in place. 

 A group of guys in leather saw this scene. Brad felt a surge of relief. But all they did was let out appreciative wolf whistles! One of them spoke to his captor behind him, "That's a chubby fucker you've got cuffed and ready! You lucky bloke!" His captor laughed along with them. They walked away.

   Brad was pushed into the back seat of a car. With his wrists cuffed behind him, he fell on his face on the soft cushioned seat. Before he could turn around and kick out at his kidnapper, he was blindfolded. "Open your mouth!" ordered a voice. He did and promptly felt a gag being tied tight across his mouth. It was probably a large handkerchief.  

  A hand ran all over his rump. He heard a groan and the hand travel over the backs of is thick thighs. He felt his cock stiffen and rise in his briefs. God! Just what he needed! As he tried to shift his position, he felt his ankles being roped together. The next thing he knew was his legs being jackknifed and his ankles being tied to his cuffed wrists. "There! All tied up and nowhere to go!" he hears a chuckle and a hand slaps his butt.

  The car door shuts and he feels the car move. It gathers speed. He mentally thanked his captor for the comforting warmth in the car. It was the height of winter and bitterly cold outside. "It's quite a drive." his captor spoke, "You're comfortable, aren't you? Just relax. Hehe!" Groan! Hadn't he heard these words in countless bondage videos. Spoken by the cold sadistic captor. So predictably boring.
"If I'd wanted you to be comfortable, you'd sitting in the front with me. I want you to be very uncomfortable. Priming you for what lies ahead for you." This was neither boring nor predictable words! What was in store for him?

 The gentle rocking of the car as it sped at a good clip would've put Brad to sleep. But he was hogtied with his feet nearly touching his hands. His hands could feel the heels of his boots! It was a very cruel way to tie up someone, he mused. How long would he be in this highly uncomfortable position, he wondered. The car went over a bump. He grunted as his cock grew harder Brad shifted his body so that he lay on his upper chest. No relief there. His swollen nipples rubbed against the material of his turtleneck T shirt every time the car rocked. He sighed into his gag. 

 Brad cursed himself as he'd chosen to wear tight jeans and tighter briefs. They cut into his groin painfully. His shoulders began aching at the strain of being pulled back. The handcuffs ate into his fleshy wrists. He flexed his meaty hands. There was an ache in them. At least blood circulation hasn't been affected. 

  As he massaged his fingers, he decided to learn more about his kidnapper. He wasn't a Britisher, that's for sure. Not a White Brit, he corrected himself. He spoke good English but with a clipped accent that Brad couldn't place. A brand of English so dear to Hollywood and British movie makers when they had to show an Indian, Pakistani or a Bangladeshi.  So,his kidnapper was a South Asian. With that deduction came another thought.

 Who was he? Why had he picked on Brad? Had there been a case of mistaken identity? Was the Asian, a secret agent of another country? And had he mistaken Brad for a British spy? Nah! He was no James Bond. He was not even a Daniel Craig! He was a comfortably chubby fellow. The scene where Daniel Craig is stripped naked and bound in a chair and tortured brutally by the sadistic villain played in his mind. Would he be able to withstand such torture? Brad's cock responded the only way it was programmed. It went rock hard in his tight briefs. He prayed it wouldn't shoot its load. The tight T shirt played havoc with his extra sensitive nipples. What a bloody predicament to be in, he thought and moaned into his gag. The car slowed down and came to a halt. He smelled fresh beer and a gentle belch.

 "Sorry! What a lousy host I am! Having beer all by myself!" Brad heard the car door open. With a few grunts and curses, Brad was flipped onto his back. Chilled beer soaked his gag and trickled into his mouth. He swallowed the welcome liquid. He grunted as the ice cold beer was poured onto his nipples that poked through the material of his T shirt. A warm mouth sucked the beer very very slowly. A hand went up and down the hard bulge in his tight jeans.  Brad tried to heave his massive body. It was futile.

 Finally, his kidnapper probably got bored. He felt the doors open and close and the car picked up speed. Brad was entirely in the dark about why he was bound so cruelly and rendered so helpless. But one thing he was sure of. He was in the hands of an expert torturer. Brad lay on his back. An even more uncomfortable position as his arms and legs were now behind him. His cock protested in his jeans. He decided to be fatalistic and softly hummed  "Que sera sera..." in his gag. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Vids - My Muscle Video - Anger

This video was brought to my attention by a friend who is very much into big and/or muscle guys being tied up and abused (hey, aren't we all!).  Anyway, this video features a muscle guy.  A very angry muscle guy.  A very angry muscle guy who is tied up and trying desperately to escape.  I especially love the faces he keeps making as he grunts and shouts, willing his body to break free.  Of course, the guy who tied him wasn't going to let that happen!

If you want to see more muscle guys in action, check out the following link... My Muscle Video

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blogs - Metalbond

If you guys haven't checked out Metalbond, you really should.  His blog full of excellent updates, encapsulating all sorts from the world of male bondage; stories, video clips, pictures, art - if it's to do with male bondage chances are Metalbond will feature it.  It is the one blog I visit on a daily basis, it's that good.

Also, on a personal level Metalbond really helped me out when I was trying to set up this blog.  He took time out of his busy schedule to give me advice, even talking to me on Skype to walk me through something.  I'll be forever grateful for his help and wish him and his blog, continued success.

Metalbond kindly provided some pics of himself for me to post and I have to say he looks great in bondage!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vids - Straight Men In Trouble - Cum For Me

Straight Men In Trouble specialise in getting 'straight men' (although this term is debatable!) tied up and tormented.  In this particular scene, the 'straight' guy is tied to a table, his muscular frame exposed, and is subsequently tied, tickled, touched and even licked.  I do enjoy how the top moves through the different torments, changing from tickling to cock teasing and back again.  It almost feels like music to me, with it's own bondage tempo!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Vids - Bear Foot Bound - Anthony

Muscle boy Anthony is nicely tied up over at Bare Foot Bound and more than willing to struggle for the camera.  Two different clips and two different positions for Anthony to deal with.  The moaning and struggling is wonderful to watch, his body twisting and turning, his hulk like frame trying to break the bonds but failing miserably.  What would have made the clips better is to have someone use a crop on his feet - a little bit of bastinado would have kept his attention!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Gear - Muzzle

I'm not really into pup play to be honest (although I can certainly see the appeal!) but I love muzzles.  I think it's something to do with the way they look when the straps are all pulled tight and the chin and mouth are completely encased; it's quite a sight to behold.

Even better when they are used in a sadistic way to make that hogtie a little bit more restrictive!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Play - Hot Wax

On Friday I spent a few hours strapped in a straitjacket and chained to a chair.  I was naked from the waist down, so my cock and balls were exposed to anything the top wanted to do with them (within reason of course).  I was hooded and gagged so had no idea what was going on, but I knew he was busy planning something.

Suddenly I felt something similar to a needle being put into my scrotum.  Then I felt the same sensation on the other side of my sack.  It didn't take too long for me to figure out that the top was pouring hot wax over my cock and balls.

What the top didn't know is that I had never experienced hot wax on my body before, let alone my cock and balls.  I knew I was in safe hands though, and if I wanted to stop it I could have at any point.  To be fair he only poured a little bit over my cock and balls, but it was enough to get an idea what it felt like.  At the time I wasn't sure if I had hit my limit - perhaps something I wouldn't actually enjoy.  At one point it definitely hit the higher end of my pain threshold, but I could cope with it.  The wax play was very brief but it certainly left me thinking about it afterwards, because I wasn't released right away and had more time to enjoy the restraint.

I was pondering how I felt about hot wax on the way home after the play session.  At the time I wasn't sure what I thought about it all, it was painful but it was momentary, and once the first layer of wax goes on the sensation changes.  I never like to judge anything in the moment, preferring to think over the events and try to figure it all out afterwards.  I still don't have any concrete ideas, but think I need to experience hot wax play again just to compare. I'd only do it with someone I trust, who would stop if it wasn't to my liking.

This is what I love about my BDSM meets, I'm always learning about new sensations and experiences, and my opinions are always changing!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Film - Roger Rabbit

Now for a bit of fun.  I'm sure if a lot of you have seen this film, you'll remember this clip. Personally I could think of worse things than being cuffed to Bob Hoskins...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Vids - Straighthell - Ben Pt 3

Those Straighthell guys weren't joking.  Ben is naked and on all fours on the floor, ready to be pony for the day.  To prepare Ben for riding, they put a pony gag and bridle on his head, shackles on his ankles and that all important horse tail butt plug to complete the look.  Once he's ready to be saddled, the tops grab the reins and ride Ben around the room, giving him encouragement with a quick flick of the crop on his backside.   Eventually Ben gives out, tired from crawling around.  But as the tops say, they've only just got started!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Blogs - The Bondage Boss

The Bondage Boss is in my view a serious bondage top.  Someone who knows what they're doing, and with one look could have you on your knees licking boot!  He likes to spend his time training up Pigs, Pups and Slaves, as well as looking after (and I'm guessing) continuing to train his very own Pup.  

I believe there are certain tops which have a quality which makes them good at what they do. I'm not sure if it's appearance, mindset, attitude, or all of the above, but The Bondage Boss has lots of it!  I also like the fact he enjoys the bigger guy and isn't afraid of a little bit of belly.

I asked him if I could borrow a clip to accompany this post and he agreed.  I picked the one where the Slave is forced to watch porn whilst bound, gagged and obviously horny!

You can find more of the blog by clicking here - The Bondage Boss  Definitely one to add to your blog list!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pics - Heavy Metal Bear - Tied

Thought I'd share with you all a few pics from a short (but sweet) session I had last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can't wait to spend more time with this captor at a later date.  Hope you like the pics as much as I liked squirming for them!