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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vids - The Bondage Cub - Prisoner Pt 1

Some of you may have seen the pictures I posted a few weeks ago about my Guantanamo Bay scene.  Now you can watch some of the edited footage of me as the prisoner...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Vids - Punishing Officer Grrowl!

Another fantastic video of Jim Gagbear getting some bondage torment.  Looks like this officer needs to be punished!

Follow the link for more Gagbear - Gagbears World

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sites - Blogs

You know that I appreciate all the support you guys give to this blog; be it contacting me via Recon or Twitter to let me know how much you enjoy it, or leaving a comment on a post, or even just visiting the site - it lets me know how many guys out there really want to see big men in bondage, and it gives me drive to continue updating on the days I want to throw in the towel and hit the delete button.

Anyway, I'd like you to show your support to the following blogs, as the guys not only put a lot of effort into them but there is some top drawer material contained within.  Some are more general bondage whilst others are of a more personal nature, each has something to offer though.  I know all the blogs are listed on the right sidebar, but I wanted to acknowledge them properly and in case any readers actually hadn't noticed them listed before.  Click and enjoy!

http://rauber-inchains.blogspot.co.uk/ - A blog featuring a mix of personal and general bondage, created by Rauber who I've gotten to know recently, a lovely guy.

http://bndgboss.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=7fa4602293a916c - The Bondage Boss, to me quite a formidable guy with a blog full of personal posts about his and his slave's life.  Oh what I wouldn't give to spend even 5 minutes under this guy's control.

http://ruffsstuffblog.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=5ac33f530f5146e - Ruff is very well known in the bondage blogsphere, and it's clear to see why.  His blog is a pick and mix of all sorts, including some hot bondage. Plus he has a great sense of humour to boot.

http://www.metalbondnyc.com/ - MetalBond was probably one of the first blogs I visited.  Metal has been very supportive to this blog and helped me when I was starting out.  Not only is it jam packed full of bondage, Metal has a big love of metal restraint, something I'm very into.

http://roidsnrants.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=188e50fc3c1ffdd9 - This blog is less about bondage and more about muscle.  Still it's a great read, and who doesn't like a bit of muscle?

http://bodylounger.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=7b87fc88b893db8f - I found Body Lounger through a friend and I have to say his artwork is amazing, especially when he adds a bit of restraint to his drawings.

http://mrkristofer.thumblogger.com/ - Mr Kristofer is a well known bondage porn actor, director and owner of several porn companies.  His updates are always horny and worth a look.

http://bearpaul.blogspot.co.uk/ - Bear Paul's blog is a mixture of personal updates and general bondage posts.  He's a lovely guy who I've had the pleasure to get to know over the past few months.

http://nosafeword.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=521889a2d5e32eb1 - No Safe Word is a great blog featuring insight into the life of a gay couple into BDSM.  I really enjoy reading the updates, seeing the pictures and videos - very hot.

http://tskinboot.blogspot.co.uk/ - This blog is all about TSkinBoot, his life, his kinks, his world.  TSkinBoot is a guy I have known for a few years, he's very kinky but also a very sweet guy.

http://mencomix.wordpress.com/ - What can I say about Mencomix?   Well the artwork is simply stunning!  I love the updates, the comics, the stories, the drawings - the guy who runs this is quite a talent!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Over 200,000 Hits!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all you guys who visit the blog.  Can't believe this blog has been viewed over 200,000 times!  When I started this I thought it would be a very small blog that not many guys would be interested in.  But you guys prove there are a whole lot of guys all around the world out there who love seeing big men in bondage!

Vids - Bound Jocks - Paddy O'Brian

This is a great video of Paddy O'Brian, all tied and struggling, courtesy of Bound Jocks...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pics - Dagdabear

Time for another feature on one of my Recon friends.  I've been chatting to Dagdabear for a good few years, but unfortunately we never had the chance to meet before I moved away from London.  He's a big bear into the usual, the things that draw all of us here.  He's kindly allowed me to profile some of his pics where he's tied up.  No escaping for this bear!

If you'd like to make contact with Dagdabear, you can find here Recon profile here - Dagdabear

Monday, 15 October 2012

Vids - Slow Teasing Hand Jobs - Bo

The guys at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs have Bo, spread eagled on the bed and ball gagged.  Bo is teased ever so slowly, the top clearly enjoying taking his time milking his prize stud.  Even after Bo shoots his load, is cock is still stroked, causing him to jerk and howl from the sensitive movements.  Poor Bo - not!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vids - Buff And Bound - A-Train Hogtied

A-Train has got himself into a spot of bother over at Buff And Bound but I'm sure we all don't mind seeing him hogtied and tormented, do we?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Vids - Straight Men In Trouble - Repair Man Molested Pt 1

This repair man has found himself in the clutches of a masked man, over at Straight Men In Trouble.  He's tied up in the garage, ball gagged, stripped of his clothes and greased up.  This brute is wondering what's next in store...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Stories - The Monarch's Secret - Part 1

Another fantastic story from the brilliant and kinky mind of Captor.  Again, a huge thank you for the stories you contribute to the blog.  I know I'm not the only one who enjoys reading your stories and look forward to your next creation!


   King Eburhart had been on the throne for nearly twenty years. He had ascended the throne when he was a newly married seventeen year old prince. His father, the King had been slain in a battle and Eburhart had become the king. He was a robust giant and was very popular with his people. He still commanded the respect and affection of everyone in the small wealthy kingdom.

   Sitting on the throne was an ordeal for him as it had been made to seat kings of normal builds! Not a colossus like him!   King Eburhart had to squeeze himself into the cushioned seat. The throne creaked in protest as his huge buttocks settled down. His enormous thighs were sheathed in yellow silk hose.  On his expansive upper body, he wore a shirt of the finest linen embellished by exquisite embroidery. Its neck was cut low enough in front to display the deep cleavage between his immense man breasts! His hand landed in his lap and he groaned as he adjusted his codpiece.

   "You are a crude boar!" Queen Wilhelmina spat out the words as she looked at her husband with a combination of revulsion and naked lust. "Can't help it dear, my 'cod' demands release." he answered and winked at his queen. Queen Wilhelmina spoke frostily, "Come to me. I'll help your 'cod'!"  "I will." he smiled at his queen. The thought of what was to come, caused his penis to stiffen and rise. He had to use both his hands to conceal it from view. His organ was simply enormous! No one had seen it in all its glory. It was a secret.

  He had always been huge and he seemed to add weight year by year. By the time he was ready for marriage, the seventeen year old Prince Eburhart was larger than anyone in the tiny nation.  His handsome fleshy face broke into a smile as he thought of the night of his wedding. His bride, Wilhelmina, had been escorted by the maids to the royal bedchamber where he had waited. She had been a sight to behold! A vision in a salmon pink silk dress that accentuated her thin waist, her heavy bosom and her slim hips. Eburhart ought to have been insane with carnal lust. But he hid a secret! He had never ever had sex with a woman! Instead, he had been secretly meeting Carl, the husky, lusty groom every night in the royal stables. Carl was a year or two older than him.  But his experience astounded Eburhart!

    In the young prince, Carl had found a terribly  eager pupil.  It wasn't long before Carl introduced bondage. Eburhart took to it like a fish to water. He didn't know which was more erotic. Getting tied up and having Carl drive him insane with frustration and lust or tying up the equally huge Carl and making him plead for release! In the end, Eburhart had decided that he equally enjoyed tying up Carl and getting tied up by the sexy brute while his 'captor' ravished the young monarch's awesome man breasts.  Carl was huge all over. Even between his hugely muscled legs. But even the groom had gasped the first time he had laid eyes on the young monarch's cock. Fully erect, it was as nearly twice as long as his own. And twice as thick.  It was another secret....  

   He had been very nervous and worried on his wedding night. Would he able to perform his  'husbandly' duties?  He sat on the bed and watched as his bride walked in. The candles placed near the bed cast highlights and shadows on the figure lying there. She saw a giant of a young man, obviously naked under the silk sheet that left his upper body naked. His chest was so wide and his nipples were the size of medallions! She noticed the film of sweat on his fleshy face. "Come to me!" he ordered her. He imagined the bride approaching his bed to be Carl. His cock was ready. He caught hold of her and slammed her down on the bed and ripped the dress off her body. She let out a gasp as he whisked the sheet off his own massive body. She let out a gasp!  The one eyed monster that wagged between his huge thighs surely couldn't belong to a human being!  Before she knew what's happening, Eburhart snuffed the candles.  

 In the darkness, it was easy for him to imagine Carl lying in bed. He brought his mouth to her ample bosom. His hands grasped her buttocks even as his beastly organ was positioned between her legs. She remembered her mother and the other women in the palace advising her that sex was solely for procreation. It was even a sin for a woman to enjoy it!   But now, as she felt the heat of that shaft, a feeling of lust coursed through her body. She wrapped her arms around his head and pressed it to her warm bosom. The searing pain of his massive organ entering her made her cry out  agony. Eburhart had closed his eyes and for him, it was Carl lying beneath his own heavy body. He thrust his cock into the pitifully  narrow opening. There was no stopping him now.  He kept thrusting his penis deeper and deeper. She felt his enormous body tense before he bellowed and his cock spewed a hot river into her. 

   Later, he slept like a baby. She couldn't sleep a wink as the sheer agony wouldn't subside and she was bleeding profusely. She cleaned herself and lay beside him. No more of this agony she decided. And she was puzzled why he kept muttering a name over and over again. It had sounded like 'Carl'. 

   Nine months later to the day, the queen gave birth to a bonnie baby. It was a boy. The whole country erupted in joyous celebration. Eburhart was beside himself with pride and joy. But it was tempered by the fact that his queen wanted nothing to do with him in his bedchamber. Which, frankly, suited him fine. He took to smuggling the massive lusty Carl into his bedchamber for nights of maddening bondage.

   Two months ago, however, Eburhart and Wilhelmina had been dining by themselves. He nearly choked on the venison when she casually asked him, "Who is this Carl?"  There was no point in lying to her. After he confessed everything, he noticed a look of triumph in her eyes. She spoke softly, "You pig, listen very carefully. If you love this Carl more than you love me, I have no objection. Let it remain a secret between us." Before he could thank his good luck, she added, "But when I need you, you will come to my bedchamber!" He nodded his head and smiled at the thought of having got off lightly. And also at the thought of spending time with Carl without feeling guilty. But  he didn't notice the cold smile on her face. 

  Two days later, she had sent the summons to him. Reluctantly, he walked to her bedchamber. He muttered some curses under his breath as  he knocked on her door. Eburhart had worn just a linen shirt unlaced all the way down to his paunch. His massive thighs were sheathed in blue hose.  "Come in, my lord and master!" came a sarcastic voice from within.  He swaggered in with a smirk on his fleshy handsome face. He came to a standstill. The enormous bedchamber was in darkness. 

  Suddenly a figure holding a candle walked to him. "You look so desirable, my master!" It was his queen. "I would like to see you better." Wilhelmina placed the candle on a small table and told him, "I would like to see your entire body."  "What?! Are you insane?" Eburhart asked, his cheeks red with rage and indignation. "You seem to forget that I'm the King!" he added.   She replied softly, "Aaah yes! A king!" she came up to him and slowly undid the thin silken cord from his linen shirt.  "A king who willingly gets tied up and abused by a lowly groom?!" she asked with a chuckle.   He went silent.  She took his shirt off. "O my God! You are so huge!" she said in a soft voice.  He sighed as her hands traversed the wide expanse of his naked upper body. Eburhart groaned as her fingers circled his large swollen nipples. 

   She lit some more candles.  "Aah! That's better! I can see thy body better, O Lord and Master!" she said with a smile.  Picking up the silken cord from his linen shirt, she tested its strength. Satisfied, she walked around the massive giant and stood behind him.
 "Cross thy wrists on thy royal behind!" came her command and a chuckle. Eburhart did so with a considerable amount of effort as his body was too wide and crossing his wrists behind him wasn't that easy. But he threw his shoulders back and managed it. "Silly woman! You plan to bind my wrists with that silken cord?!" he asked incredulously. He added, "You know not mine strength, woman!"
"We shall see, O Lord and Master!" he heard her say. She wound the thin cord tightly around his thick crossed wrists and knotted the ends. 
"Try your strength!" she told him. He winced and grunted as he tried to wrench his wrists apart. His huge powerful hands clenched and unclenched in his efforts. 

  Even as he twisted his entire body and kept grunting, a black silk scarf was used to blindfold him. "Woman, do you even know what you are doing?!" he growled.  He added, "I can have you imprisoned and beheaded for this, Wilhelmina!"   He winced as his nipple was pinched hard.  "You cannot do anything to me, King Ebuhart!" he heard his queen speak, "You are my prisoner and I can do anything I wish to do to you!"

   He sighed as a hand fondled his tree trunk thighs and came to rest on his 'codpiece'. While men all over the kingdom wore  codpieces to enhance their 'bulge', their good king's codpiece was nothing more than a layer of fine cambric to cover his modesty. He didn't need anything to enhance his manliness as he had been gifted with a huge  monster. He groaned as fingers roughly pulled out his shaft.  "Mmmm! You do have a cod here,don't you?!" she exclaimed.  "Do you remember how this cod had ripped you apart on our wedding night?" Eburhart asked with a chuckle. He growled in pain as something very hard slapped his cock!   "You bitch!" he uttered through clenched teeth.   "Shut up!" he heard her scream and he gasped as another slap landed on his monstrous organ!  "Has not Carl ever slapped thine cod?!" she asked with  mock surprise and giggled. "No! And he would not dare!" Eburhart muttered angrily.  "Well," she spoke softly, "this 'Carl' does dare!"
   "Come!" her voice was soft but firm as she dragged him by his tied up wrists. "Yes, this will do fine!" she said and he felt her hand caressing his enormous thighs. He moaned and squirmed in pleasure. A hand undid the drawstring of his hose and he heard a grunt as it was peeled off his mammoth thighs. His boots too came off. "Aah! A sight to behold!" she chuckled, "Mine husband, the King of all he surveys, standeth naked and bound before me! He is my slave and plaything for as long as I wish!"  "You bitch! How dare you talk thus!" he roared.  "Enough of thy bellowing, you wild boar!" The blindfold came off but his relief was short lived. He watched her step behind him. Before he could protest, the silk scarf gagged him tight. He was made to stand at the foot of her bed and spread his monstrously thick legs. She tied his ankles to the feet of her bed. He was compelled to stand with his legs uncomfortably wide apart. And with his wrists tied up behind his large buttocks, there was little he could do. His very helplessness made his thoughts drift towards Carl and his cock tapped against his belly, sending out a desperate message perhaps. He moaned and swayed in his bonds.

    "Thinking of Carl, aren't you?" she sneered from behind him. He heaved his body as something hard hit his buttocks. Again and again. She stood facing him with a smile that was pure evil. In her hand was a long handled brush that she used to brush her thick tresses. It had been a wedding gift from his cousin Ekatrina. It was made of mahogany with tough hog bristles. Gazing at her captive and with a cold smile on her lips, she casually slapped Eburhart's balls a few times. He growled like a wounded beast in his gag. His face had turned deep red at the raw agony. When he had stopped thrashing around, she ran the rough bristles over his walnut sized cum filled balls. There was no way of evading the brush as his massive legs were spread wide apart and his ankles had been tied off. Eburhart threw his head back and moaned. His one eyed monster tapped desperately against his paunch and spat strings of pre cum. 
   She stopped lashing her husband and gently peeled Eburhart's foreskin. "O God!" his tormentor exclaimed, "What a big ripe red apple! Let me taste it!" Eburhart growled like a bear as sharp teeth gently closed on his cock head. Her teeth scraped the swollen sensitive flesh relentlessly. The massive monarch could do little more than grunt and moan and squirm in his bonds. After what seemed an eternity, Wilhelmina let the cock head alone and spoke to her captive, " And now comes the surprise, you oversexed boar!" and slapping his gigantic organ, walked out of the bedroom. 

    Now what, he mused and twisted his thick powerful wrists behind him in an effort to snap the silken cord around them. He sighed in frustration as the bonds were very tight and seemed to eat into his wrists.
 "Look who is here, My Lord and Master and the Monarch of all he surveys!" came the taunt. His torturer walked into the bedroom, pushing Carl ahead of her. The tall massively muscled groom was stark naked! Around his bull neck was an iron collar with a thin chain attached to it. The queen held the other end. Carl was blindfolded. Eburhart noticed that, like him, this titanic sexy specimen of manhood had his hands bound behind him. And his huge cock spat pre cum all over his huge thighs! 

  "Are you not thrilled to see your lover boy?" the queen asked, adding," As thee can see, I have prepared him for you! Hehehe!" She grasped the rock hard cock of the groom and pulled him towards the bound and gagged Eburhart. When Carl neared the monarch, his captor pulled the leash down, forcing him to his knees. "You can smell His Majesty's majestic organ, can't you, Carl?  You know what to do..."  Carl, temporarily deprived of his sight, ran his mouth along Eburhart's enormous thighs and locked in on his monstrous organ. 

     The bound, helpless and frustrated Eburhart thrust his cock into the familiar warm welcoming mouth. Carl gagged as the leash pulled his head back and he heard the cold command, "Carl, this rutting boar is crazed with lust. But I want you to delay his cock erupting in your mouth. Understand?"  "Yes, Your Majesty.." he managed to mumble. Their sadistic captor sat on a comfortable chair nearby. She still held Carl on a tight leash. Every time Eburhart grunted and thrust his gargantuan hips forward, she would pull Carl's head back.

    "There's no need to hurry, is there?" she asked the two men.  She addressed Carl, "See those candles on the table?  I do not want this oversexed, over sized beast to eject  his thick mess before the last candle goes off. I want you to prolong his ordeal. And I want to watch! Is that clear, Carl?" The helpless groom groaned as she lashed his buttocks with her hairbrush. The bound and gagged Eburhart's face had turned a deep red with agony, ecstasy, rage and lust. He kept twisting his powerful wrists behind him even though he realised the futility of doing so. The silken cord was surprisingly strong and she had wound it very heartlessly tight. He groaned in resignation and glared at his queen. 

  "Let me add to your pleasure, My Lord and Master!" she said with a giggle and climbed on to the bed behind him. Wilhelmina still clutched one end of the chain from Carl's neck. Eburhart jerked his mammoth of a body as a hand ambled across the expanse of his buttocks.  "God! How huge they are!" he heard her say softly, "They look like the domes of our cathedral...." followed by a few stinging slaps.  Through the spread apart legs of her husband, she could see Carl moaning and giving the bound and gagged behemoth a tortuously slow blow job. While squirming in his bonds, Eburhart's  gaze fell on the candles and he let out a long moan. They were barely half their original lengths! He knew it was going to be a long night of  deprivation and depravity.

 After an eternity, the crazed giant was allowed to shoot his load into Carl's waiting mouth.   Eburhart thought that his captor was going to cut him loose, but she wasn't finished with him. Nor with Carl.  His immense cock throbbed against his belly. She made him stand and knelt between his oak tree legs. Smiling at Eburhart, she closed her mouth around the groom's hot shaft. Carl groaned. As did the monarch. Eburhart growled in his tight gag and tried to wrench his wrists apart. Their captor giggled and sucked on the huge swollen organ.

 While Eburhart watched the spectacle of his queen on her knees with the groom's cock in her hungry mouth, in another part of the city, barely two miles from the palace gates, a noisy quarrel was on in one of the seedy inns. Some guards who were passing by, entered the inn and emerged grasping a bulky man by his arms. His name was Franz and he was quite well known to the citizens of the poorer section of this city. Franz was a habitual trouble maker and a brawler. 

  Just as the sun rose, Franz was put in stocks in the town square. He was stark naked. He was held virtually immobile as he stood with his head and hands locked into the pillory. He cursed and swore loudly as passers by slapped his buttocks or ran their grubby hands over his sweaty body. 

 Neither Franz nor the monarch were to know that their paths would cross. And the result would be an explosion of lust, depravity and sadism.

   .................................................to be continued.......................................... 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Vids - Bound Muscle - Bigg Pete Mohawk Down

Watch hunk Bigg Pete gagged and struggling in Mohawk Down by Bound Muscle.  This brute is well and truly stuck with no way out.  Oh what fun could be had with him!