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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Stories - The Monarch's Secret - Part 4

Here is part four of The Monarch's Secret by Captor.  Hope you enjoy it!


                                                        THE TAMING OF THE COLT
     Adalhart had evidently taken after his father as far as his body was concerned, Carl mused, but those eyes were definitely his mother's! Light blue with flecks of darker blue that reminded Carl of chips of ice. Cold, with a hint of cruelty in them. Now, as the prince stood and gazed unblinkingly at him, the huge built groom was reminded of a hungry beast eyeing its prey. Carl, carrying the coil of rough rope stepped up behind the immense teenager. Grabbing his beefy arms, he brought the teenager's wrists behind him. "I'm going to tie you up." Carl asked a bit hesitantly, "Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?"  Adalhart looked over his wide shoulder, his wicked smile causing his dimples to deepen. He asked Carl, "Did I come here to admire your damn horses, Carl?"  Carl mumbled, "Of course not, but you see.."   "What?" the prince asked, adding, "I didn't see my mother seeking my father's permission before tying him up. She just tied him up. Did my rutting boar of a father take your permission before he bound you?"   "Well...no...but.." Carl stuttered.  "Didn't take you for a coward, Carl!" Adalhart sneered.

   Any feelings of guilt vanished with this comment. Adalhart didn't see the abrupt change in Carl's expression!  He had turned into a cold cruel sadist. There was no stopping him. Visions of Eburhart tied up by his queen floated in front of his eyes. He tied Adalhart's wrists behind him. The beefy young prince tested his bonds and Carl told him, "When I tie up someone, they stay tied up till I say so.."  "Mmmmm...that's good.." Adalhart replied dreamily. Carl wondered what he meant by that. He sighed softly as he ran his meaty hands over the prince's large buttocks. His captive squirmed and muttered, "That feels nice." He winced as a couple of sharp slaps delivered by a meaty calloused hand landed on his ass cheeks. Carl knelt and took the shiny fur trimmed shoes off the prince's feet.

  "I couldn't control myself the first time I watched my rutting boar of my father was bound and tortured." Adalhart almost whispered, "I messed up the velvet curtain of the bitch's bedroom." He chuckled at the memory. A puzzled Carl couldn't resist asking the young prince, "Adalhart, are you telling me you actuallyenjoyed the sight of your father tied up and tormented by your mother? Your own father?!"  The teenager looked down scornfully at the beefy groom and said, "If I had to confess to my sins, I'd have gone to the church and not come here!" He added, "You know why I've come here. Let's get on with it, shall we?"  The arrogance in that voice was like a slap on the face for Carl! 

 "You liked the way your father was tied up the first time, didn't you?" Carl asked with a sneer and added, "That's exactly how I'll tie you up, Adalhart!" He added with a chuckle, "Hope you won't bawl like a baby! Hehehe!"  "Me?! Bawl?! Hahaha! I won't give you that satisfaction, Carl!" responded the teenager. Carl grasped the thick fleshy arm of his captive and made him stand at the foot of the bed. Taking a length of rope, he tied Adalhart's ankle to its leg. Tying one end of another length of rope to the prince's other ankle he looked around for a place to attach it to. Carl looked at the small window with thick iron bars and he smiled cruelly. Taking the rope around one of the bars, he pulled it. Adalhart spread his legs. The groom kept tugging at the rope and the prince spread his massive legs further. "Not enough..." Carl muttered under his breath and pulled it further. His captive let out a soft groan as his legs were spread painfully wide. Satisfied that he couldn't make his captive spread his legs any more, he knotted the rope tight to the bar on the window.

 Carl rubbed his hands as his eyes strolled lazily----and hungrily--- all over his young captive's large body. Adalhart struggled to find a comparatively less painful posture as his massive legs were spread impossibly wide. He grunted as he tried to move his legs. Adalhart involuntarily tried to twist his wrists behind him, even though he knew it was futile and all it would do is tighten the bonds further. Carl pulled a small stool and sat on it, facing his captive. He drooled at the sight of those wide shoulders straining the thin linen of the shirt. The huge teenager's body filled his shirt and hose to near ripping point! His captor gazed lasciviously at the way his dense plump chest danced in his shirt. His large swollen nipples poked accusingly at their captor. Adalhart's thick muscles moved like pythons in his skin tight hose! His cock peeped out of the codpiece. As Adalhart kept moving his body, it occurred to Carl that his captive was in quite an unsteady stance given that his legs were spread so widely apart. He picked up another coil of the rough rope and approached Adalhart.

 "What now?" the teenage prince asked curiously. Carl didn't respond and instead, stepped up behind his captive. He tied one end of the rope to the bound wrists. Carl tossed the coil over the thick old wooden rafter and caught it. He pulled on the rope and watched Adalhart's wrists being pulled up. Carl noticed the massive teenager was standing almost on the tips of his toes. "Yes, that'll do fine" Adalhart heard his captive mumble as he felt the other end of the rope too being attached to his wrists. He tried to lower himself and rest the soles of his feet but this caused his bound wrists to be yanked up painfully. He grunted and raised himself back on his toe tips. Carl next wound a length of rope around his captive's mouth and tied it to the wrists behind him. The gag left Adalhart's mouth open but incapable of intelligent speech.

 The pain of the tight rope around his wrists, the strain of standing on his toes and the tight gag caused Adalhart's cock to go rock hard and drum against his belly!  "Ah ha! Your cock's as erect as you are, Adalhart!" Carl said with a cold grin and sat on the low stool. His face was a mere foot away from his captive's crotch. Picking up a riding crop, he ran it from Adalhart's fleshy cleft chin all the way down to his naked feet. He groaned at the pleasurable sensation. The tied up and gagged teenager writhed as the tip of the crop circled his large swollen nipples and made its way down. Adalhart jerked his huge body and moaned as the tip of the riding crop tapped against his huge thick shaft. 

 Carl replaced the riding crop with a stiletto. Its blade glistened in the light of the fire. With one downward slash, he ripped his prisoner's tight linen shirt. Adalhart heard a gasp from his captor as his immense dense man breasts tumbled into his captor's view. He felt the cold steel of the stiletto roam around his nipples. The bound prince tried to look down but couldn't as his gag was attached to his wrists behind him. Ignoring the discomfort he craned his neck but he groaned in frustration as all he could see were the upper slopes of his chest glistening in sweat. He heard the scrape of the stool being pulled back. He could now see his captor. "Hold still!" Carl's voice was a whiplash. The command was unnecessary, Adalhart mused, as he was bound in a manner that left him near immobile. And agonizingly uncomfortable too. 

 The stiletto went down his legs from his crotch, his thighs and right down to his ankles. Carl watched in utter fascination and lust as the tight hose parted slowly and Adalhart's massive legs emerged lazily. Carl stood up and Adalhart watched in horror as the stiletto flashed in a blur. His clothes magically parted. The drawstring at his waist was severed and Carl tugged the clothes off. Adalhart stood bound and gagged in all his naked glory. Carl's eyes shone as he ran his huge calloused hands slowly all over his teenage captive's massive body. "You're just like your father, Adalhart." he spoke in a lust filled whisper. The tied up prisoner closed his eyes and sighed as those hands squeezed his immense man breasts."Mmmmm..Lovely pink rosebuds.." Carl muttered as he gaped at the large pink swollen nipples of his captive. 

 Adalhart jerked his body and grunted as something painfully rough was rubbed against his chest. He opened his eyes and saw Carl gaze at him with a cold smile that didn't reach his eyes. In his hand was a big brush with stiff black bristles. "I use this brush to groom my horses. And they seem to enjoy it." Carl grinned and added,"I don't see why you too won't enjoy being groomed, Adalhart. Hehehe!"  The helpless captive heaved his massive body as the bristles rubbed against his swollen nipples. The brush went down from his belly to his throbbing shaft. He grunted in agony as the bristles ran up and down his long monstrous cock. Sweat poured down his face and dripped on to his huge heaving man breasts as Carl drew back Adalhart's foreskin and very gently rubbed the sensitive flesh with the brush. Had Adalhart not been gagged, his scream would have been heard in the next kingdom! 

 "You not only look like your father you even scream just like he does!" Carl giggled and rubbed the brush along the helpless teenager's inner thighs and his cannonball calves. Adalhart grunted into his gag as the bristles touched his huge ass. He ignored the red hot pain in his bunched up calves and tried futilely to move his buttocks away from that cruel brush. But the manner he was tied up, he could barely manage to move without causing extreme agony to his wrists and his shoulders. After what seemed an eternity, Carl tossed the brush aside and picked up the riding crop. He looked up at the face of his young captive and spoke in a voice dripping with sadism. "I've discovered that after I vigourously brush my horses, they are extremely frisky and very very sensitive to the touch. And to tame a wild stud, after brushing him all over, I tie his legs apart and muzzle him. And then," he added, with a malignant glint in his eyes, "I gently whip him with this riding crop. When I begin tapping his cock, he goes mad with lust. But he's tied immobile and you can imagine his plight!"  

 The uncomfortably bound and gagged Adalhart knew what's in store for him but given his near total immobility, there was precious little he could do. He looked down to see the riding crop land softly on the plump upper slopes of his humongous chest. It was barely a tap but he felt as if it was a red hot branding iron! He groaned and grunted and heaved his heavy body as the riding crop methodically covered his torso with its agonizing taps. It fell a bit more heavily on his buttocks, his brawny arms and his huge tree trunk thighs. He couldn't control himself as it slapped his already tortured calf muscles and his inner thighs. Each tap and slap seemed to transmit a secret message to his cock. It went wild and twitched, spitting strings of pre cum all over his thighs. He pleaded and whined in his gag, begging his captor to attend to his maddened shaft. 

 "You are behaving like that wild stud, Adalhart." Carl laughed softly and knelt before his captive. The red angry eye of Adalhart's cock swam in pre cum and glared accusingly at its torturer. The helpless teenager jerked his massive body and grunted as Carl's rough tongue licked the swollen sensitive flesh of his shaft. Though he was tied up in a diabolical manner that caused incredible agony to his wrists and shoulders and had to support the entire weight of his body on his toes, Adalhart thrust his hips forward but he groaned in frustration as Carl drew his face back. The groom chuckled and said, " You're in a tearing hurry, aren't you, Adalhart?  Well, I'm not." Picking up the flagon, he took a hefty swig of the cheap wine and wiped his mouth. Carl ran his face on the throbbing crazy shaft of hot flesh. Adalhart moaned as the rough hair of his sadist's unshaven cheeks rubbed against  his raw  sensitive flesh!

 Grasping his captive around his waist, Carl stood up and buried his face in the deep alluring cleavage between Adalhart's huge dense man breasts. To the captor, his young captive's flesh smelling of a mixture of sweat, his man smell and the distinct odour of horses left behind by the brush was very irresistible. He took in a deep breath and muttered, "God! Your smell is driving me mad!" One of his huge hands latched on to Adalhart's breasts. The captive moaned and groaned as his pec flesh was mercilessly mashed. Behind him, his captor's hand ran over his huge ass cheeks and a finger ran up and down the cleavage between his buttocks. 

  Before he could finish his groaning and heaving, Carl mouth reached a nipple. A nipple swollen with agony and lust. Adlhart screamed in his gag as sharp teeth nibbled it and a rough tongue ran around it! The sole comfort for him was the fact that his wildly twitching throbbing cock was now nestled against his captor's ample chest. Ignoring the acute agony in his nipples and his huge aching muscles, Adalhart thrust his hips forward and rubbed his cock in a frenzy against Carl's chest. It was all that was required for the rock solid shaft of flesh to explode and scatter thick white cum all over his captor's chest.  "Look what you've done, Adalhaart!" Carl gaped astounded at the sudden outburst. And the sheer amount of the bound and helpless captive's cum! 

 Carl untied the rope that had been holding Adalhart on his toe tips and also the bonds around is ankles. Adalhart couldn't suppress the yell of pure pain as circulation returned to his ankles and feet and his calves that had been bunched up and tensed for a considerable length of time. The beefy groom wiped his captive's body and his own. He held the teenager and laid him on his back on the rough bed. He took the gag off and made the captive sip some of the raw wine. Adalhart coughed and spluttered as the fiery liquid went down his gullet. "Tha...tha...thank you, Carl." he managed to mumble. 

  "Let me soothe your aches and pains..." Carl muttered and from the corner of the room brought an urn. "I use this" he told his captive, "to ease the stiff joints and pains of my horses." He sat between the spread legs and dipping his hands in the urn, he splashed the cool greasy balm all over the teenager's legs from his crotch to his feet. The groom's experienced hands kneaded the knotted muscles of the massive thighs and the cannonball calves. Adalhart moaned in a mixture of agony and pleasure. Carl, he realized, had not shot his load off and his cock wagged like a serpent between his legs! The sight of that thick shaft of flesh and the calloused hands massaging his thighs and his calves caused his own cock to stir. Carl was quick to notice it. He exclaimed, "Adalhart, this is something even your oversexed father cannot manage!"

 Adalhart was turned onto his belly and he sighed in pleasure as those hands kneaded his huge buttocks and his shoulders. The massage caused him to be sleepy.  Before drifting off to a deep sleep, the last thing he was dimly aware of was that his wrists were still bound cruelly tight behind him. Maybe Carl had some plans for the remainder of the night. As the backs of his thighs were squeezed by Carl, his cock grew rock hard under him and he shifted his position. He dreamt that his father was tied up like a wild beast. He was unable to move as his mother whipped her husband's monstrous cock. Adalhart wanted to touch his own cock but somehow his hands didn't obey him.

 The teenage prince, his hands still behind him, gently snored even as Carl ran his cock along the deep cleavage between those large, young, firm buttocks of his prisoner.....................................

                                                                                    THE END     

Friday, 29 March 2013

Vids - Bare Foot Bound - Caden Struggles

This is a great clip of hunky Caden all nicely bound in hemp rope and with a great big ball gag gob stopper in his mouth.  Listen to his whimpering, it's so delicious.  Well done Bare Foot Bound!   

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Bondage Bear Has New Gear!

Yep, you read correctly, since I've moved I've acquired more gear to go with the ever expanding stock I already have.  So if there are any big men who want to be tied up and are happy to feature on the blog, get in touch.  No problem if you want to keep your anonymity, I'll just hood you!

And for all you readers who like to see pics/vids of yours truly, there's more to come...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pics - Bearbound - Wayne

Bearbound come up with the goods time after time, and this post it's Wayne from the archives, one stocky hairy Bear/Cub (delete as you feel appropriate.)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Vids - Buff And Bound - Justin Cox All Taped Up

Another Buff and Bound recruit, Justin Cox is subdued, taped up, bothered and abused - like all Buff and Bound recruits should be...

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Vids - Bound Muscle - Rex Knight In The Gauntlet

Muscle Stud Rex Knight is put through the Bound Muscle Gauntlet test.  Can he get to the block of ice and free himself from his chains and restraints?