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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vids - Man Hub - Bear Spanked

This clip comes via Man Hub.  What is it with bears needing a good spanking?  Actually don't answer that...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Vids - Str8hell - Mattias and Artur Pt 2

In the second part of this Str8hell video, Mattias is collared, gagged, blindfolded and getting his hole opened.  This muscle brute is one hot guy and boy how I wouldn't mind being the one to torment him...

Friday, 25 May 2012

Art - Bearbound

I was trawling the archives at Bearbound and found some fantastic artwork.  I only know that it was created by someone called Steve.  If Steve is by any miracle reading this post and recognises his artwork I hope he doesn't mind me showcasing it.  And if he has his own website, I'd be happy to link back to.  Fabulous bondage artwork should always be showcased in my opinion!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stories - The Long Hours Of Raw Lust - Pt 3

Part 3

He replaced the gag and shepherded the bound and helpless big man down some steps. Brad smelled dank, moist air.  "And here we are!" the voice sounded so delighted.  Brad was reminded of a kid who's just entered a toy shop!
"This is my lair where I spend hours and hours when I need something that my guest possesses. And tonight," Brad jerked as sharp teeth nibbled at his nipple, "you're my guest of honour!  Hehehe!"  

  Brad was quite sure he has been mistaken for someone else.  An MI6 agent perhaps.  And who was his captor? Was he an agent of some rogue nation?  Though it was obvious that he was at the mercy of a guy who got his thrills tying up and keeping them helpless, what was not obvious was what this sadist wanted!  Brad suddenly thought of Rob! As a two time winner of the World Strongman Contest, Rob had visited a few countries in Asia. Had he got involved in some clandestine stuff? The thought of Rob as an espionage agent was too ridiculous! A jolly handsome giant a spy? Nah! 

   Brad felt his jeans being peeled off his legs. Next he heard a gasp and a chuckle. "Someone's damn anxious here!" he heard his captor and felt a finger rub against his cock head that peeped over the waistband of his tight tiny briefs. Hands mashed his ass. "God! We have work to do!" he heard his captor giggle. Brad smelt something cloyingly sweet and the next second, a rag was pressed against his nose. He felt light headed.......

 "Rise and shine!" he heard a cheery voice and felt cold water splashed on his face. Brad opened his eyes and looked around. It was dark. He was still a bit groggy. About 10 feet in front of him, he saw a figure that was spotlit. It was a large naked man. He had been tied to a chair. His arms had been pulled behind him. His thick thighs were wide apart and his ankles had been tied to the chair's legs. Thin black cord had been wound cruelly tight around his torso. His immense man breasts bulged between the strands. As did his large swollen nipples. He was gagged. Brad wondered who this massive man was. Well, he no longer felt lonely. 

 A hand on his naked ass lifted the fog from his mind. He heaved his huge bound body. So did the large man tied up in front of him! It was only then Brad realised that the man tied up in a chair was his own reflection in a large mirror that had been cunningly placed by his captor! He didn't know how long he'd been out for the count. But it had given the sadist enough time to strip him naked and tie him to this chair. " I'm sure you'd like to have a closer look at yourself.  Let me help you." the man pushed the mirror till it was a mere feet away from his captive.

 Brad got a first look at his captor. Not a very good first look as he'd put on a Batman mask that revealed just his mouth and jaws. And he'd worn a nondescript black loose shirt and jeans. In his hand was a riding crop. He trailed the tip of the crop very slowly, all over Brad's large thighs. And very gently tapped his erect cock. The bound and gagged prisoner grunted in his gag. The captor chuckled and went behind his captive.

  Brad squirmed as that hand caressed and fondled his not inconsiderable butt. He instinctively tried to shake away that hand. Brad wasn't surprised to discover that his wrists were tied together behind him around the chair's back.  He was surprised though to discover that he could neither lower them nor raise them! The ends of the strip of cloth that was his gag had been tied off to his wrists behind him. And in his reflection, he saw that his balls had been tied and had also probably been attached to his wrists. 

  Now that the mirror was placed close to him,  Brad studied his reflection. The chair in which he was bound was made of steel tubing. Judging from the cold metal that pressed against the back of his thighs, there was no seat. Just two steel tubing on which he sat. His butt seemed to hang out in mid air. And very vulnerable too as he learned. 'Batman' ran his fingers across Brad's deep butt crack. Brad moaned in shameless pleasure.
"Enjoying it?" came the silky voice in his right ear. A hot tongue ran along his earlobe. The huge helpless man grunted in pain as the riding crop lashed his buttocks. Again and again. The manner in which he was tied up, he couldn't squirm more than an inch. Brad took a closer look at himself in the mirror.

 The strands of thin rope ran across his wide torso.  He gaped at his own generous pec mass. A strand across the top of his pecs while another ran just below. They were wound so cruelly tight that they ate into his flesh, making his enormous man boobs bulge out even more. His large swollen nipples tingled. He now noticed that his legs had been pulled back and his ankles were tied to the back legs of the chair. And Brad was right about his balls. They'd been tied off and attached to his wrists behind him. His hard cock was, mercifully, left untied. He sent  a silent 'thank you' to 'Batman'. 

 "How's my handiwork?" the voice was soft. A hand came over his shoulder and caressed his massive man boobs. Brad could have screamed in lust. "It's time I got what I want from you!" the sadist said and stood in front of his prisoner. He pulled a small stool and placed it in the wide 'V' of Brad's large thighs. 
"Ready?" he asked and sat on it. His face was a foot away from Brad's. The big bound man saw coal black eyes shine in the mask...........

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Vids - Flint Tickled

For all you tickle lovers, here's a clip of the very sexy Flint being tickled from My Friends Feet...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gear - Household Items

You've got your sub gagged and tied up nice and tight, there's no way he's going anywhere. But what to do next?  You could play with his cock and his arsehole for a while, but I also find simple household items can serve as brilliant inspiration on how to continue on with the torment...

If you guys have any other suggestions for implements of torment, I'm all ears!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Vids - BoyzTube - US Officer Caught

I found this great clip on Boyztube and totally by accident too.  I think the whole thing is hot; the uniform, the set up, the bondage - everything.  I've no idea who made it or where it came from but I'd love to see more.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vids - Dream Boy Bondage - Malik Struggles

Malik has been caught and trapped by the tops at Dream Boy Bondage.  With the imaginative use of handcuffs and a pole, he is tied in such a way that is very uncomfortable.  Slowly as he tries to fight his tight bonds, more and more of his clothes are stripped off until he is naked and his muscular frame is on display.  When they get fed up with his shouting, the tops gag him with his own underwear.  Eventually, the struggling and uncomfortable bondage gets too much for Malik and defeated he slumps in his bonds.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Vids - Str8hell - Mattias and Artur Pt 1

This little gem is from Str8hell.  Artur has complete control of big brute Mattias, and makes him his sex slave for the duration of this shoot.  Although it's called 'Straight Hell' it looks like Mattias is enjoying himself.  This clip has been broken up into 7 parts, so you'll get to see the fun unfold...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Gear - VK79

Time for a bit of domesticity!  I'm trying to lose weight; not too much but enough to buy off the rail on the high street (about a 40 inch waist).  And once I do get there, I intend to buy a leather US NYPD uniform, and VK79 of Berlin might just get my custom.  I imagine their clothing is expensive but you have to pay for quality in my opinion - and checking out the website, the quality is first class!


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vids - Straighthell - Ben Pt 5

Ben is nearing the end of his Straighthell experience.  But before the tops are done with him, they torment him a little more.  Now Ben has been laid out with spreader bars and has been made to wear an open mouth gag.  The tops torment him with pain play; pegs, floggers and then some more forced anal with the dildo on a pole.  They used a clip on the tip of his cock which is attached to a filled condom full of piss.  As the weight of gravity pulls against the clip, the condom explodes on Ben's face, emptying piss over his body and into his gag, where he is left to feel the stale taste on his lips...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blogs - Body Lounger

Body Lounger is a fantastic blog, packed full of CG artistry, loads of muscle men, with a bit of kink thrown in too.  If the pics on this post get you going, you need to check out more of his art.  It really is amazing!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Stories - The Long Hours Of Raw Lust - Pt 2

Part 2

Brad tried to turn on to his belly but in the confined space, coupled with his enormous girth, it was almost impossible. With his wrists behind him and with his legs bent double and his boots digging into his ass, it wasn't a position in which he could lie for long. Deprivation of his sight and the tight gag only added to his misery. He grunted as he tried to move his body. "Yeah, keeping grunting! Sounds so sexy to my ears!" his captor chuckled.

  The car slowed to a crawl and Brad felt a hand groping his chest. He heard the car stop. Uh oh! That's bad news, he mused.  Sure enough, he felt the weight of the man on him. The sadist sat on his thighs and brought his hands to the wide expanse of Brad's chest. They gently kneaded the huge mass. Fingers flicked across his large taut nipples that poked through the material of his T shirt. Captor and captive groaned together. Brad squirmed and his captor giggled like a schoolgirl, "Liking it, aren't you?" 

  A finger running across his tented crotch made him nearly leap off the seat! "Well! Well! Well! What do I see here! You ARE liking it! Cocks don't lie!" Brad grit his teeth as his nipples were pinched and rolled. His cock grew harder and harder in his jeans, adding to his misery. A few more minutes of this torture and he'd shoot his load! 

 Mercifully, his tormentor stopped his torture and slamming the door, started the car. But not before a threat, "This is not over! It's just an appetiser. For you!" Once again the car sped at a good speed. Brad lay miserably on his back. It wasn't that he'd never been bound and gagged before. But it was always at the hands of his close friends. Friends whom he trusted. This was different. He didn't know his captor. He didn't know where he was being taken. And, why he was being taken. Far from being frightened, a dark thrill ran through him! 

 Just when he thought that this journey might never end, and he wouldn't be able to endure this extremely unnatural position for long, the car took a sharp left turn and after a few seconds came to a halt. He heard his captor get out of the car, open some sort of a gate that needed grease. The car moved again and soon came to a stop. "We're home!" he heard a jubilant voice and a hand untied his ankles. Brad bit into his gag at the shooting pain as his legs straightened after being held in a painful position. The pain of returning circulation into his legs was almost a pleasure to him. 

 A hand clasped his fleshy arm and dragged him out of the car. He stood on wobbly legs. 
"Take your time. We have the whole night ahead of us!" the voice was soothing. But Brad knew it was the voice of a cold sadist. 
He felt like James Bond at the mercy of Le Chiffre, the cold heartless torturer. 
The next words spoken by his captor sent a chill up his spine! "You possess some things that I need. Very badly! And I plan to get them. One by one. Very slowly. It'll be my pleasure to do so..."
Brad ought to have been terrified! Instead, for some inexplicable reason, he was not.  

 He was pushed ahead by a hand at the small of his back. "Mind the steps..." came the voice. Brad heard a door open and he was pushed inside. The temperature inside was high. Surprisingly high.
Brad let out a long sigh of relief as the warmth hit him. It was certainly a welcome change from the ice cold weather outside. Another push and he stumbled along. "Yes! That'll do!" came the voice. 

 "But first, let's celebrate!" he added. Brad stood there with his legs apart. He twisted his wrists in an effort to free his hands. He knew it was futile.  A minute later Brad heard, "Aah! Good! I love to see huge tied up guys struggling to free themselves!" He heard a chuckle and felt a hand rubbing his bulge slowly. He moaned into his gag. 

"You'll have all the time to moan and groan and grunt." the unseen sadist said, "Right now, let's have some beer. Your throat must be parched."  His voice turned cold, "I'm going to take your gag off. Don't even dream of shouting for help!" The gag came off and Brad felt a can of chilled beer against his lips. He drank it in two gulps. His captor placed another can against his lips. Again, the beer went down in two gulps. 
"Whoa! Someone's bloody thirsty!"  "And bloody hungry too!" the sadist chuckled as he fondled the huge helpless captive's bulge. Just as Brad was about to moan in lust, his phone in his jeans pocket tinkled. 

 "Who's calling you?!" the man asked with a trace of anger and surprise.  Brad writhed as a hand went into the pocket of his tight jeans and pulled out his cell phone. 
"Who's Rob?!" the voice was ice cold.   "He...he's a friend of mine." Brad stuttered.
The phone stopped tinkling.  Brad flinched as something sharp jabbed his left man boob. The sharp point went to his large taut nipple.  
"Why did he call?" the man asked.  "I...I was supposed to meet him at a pub. And later....go....to his flat for dinner."
"Fine." came the cold voice, "Let's call him and tell him of your change of plans. No panic in your voice, understand?" the sharp object gave a jab into his nipple. He winced and agreed. 
"I'm calling this friend of yours. The speaker's 'on'! So I'll hear everything loud and clear! Understood?" Brad nodded.
"Speak!" his captor said.

"Hi Rob! I...." before Brad could finish, Rob's deep voice cut him off , "Where the fuck are you, Brad?! You didn't turn up for the beer and not even a bloody phone call!" "Hey Rob, I'm so sorry mate. Something important cropped up. Shall see you later, mate" "Later?! When?" Rob's voice was a whiplash. "I'll call you when I'm free, Rob. Sorry to screw up your evening."  "OK Brad!" Rob cut off the conversation.

"That was a performance worthy of a BAFTA Award! Hehehe!" he heard before the sharp point went around his nipple and a rough hand massaged his crotch. "Let's go for a pee before I begin what I have in store for you." Brad was pushed along till they probably reached the toilet. 

 Brad felt his jeans being unzipped. A hand reached inside his tight briefs and pulled out his stiff cock. "My my! Look what we have here!" the voice taunted, "You're already ready for action, eh?! Good! I like that!" A hand held his cock while a soft seductive voice spoke into his right ear, "Pee your heart's content!" A tongue ran around the rim of his ear. Brad pissed a hot stream while a hand kneaded his man boobs. 

 "Come! The dungeon awaits us." He felt being led down some steps. Brad didn't have the foggiest idea about what was in store for him. But for some strange reason, he was in an extremely high state of arousal.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vid - Alpha Studs - Hans Hoffmann

A friend of mine gave me a link to this video, and I thought it deserved a feature.  This clip is from Alphastuds.  There is no elaborate set up, just Hans Hoffmann entering an apartment and being asked to perform various tasks.  This huge muscle giant is asked to do various poses and strip down (hats off to the gold lame underwear!) then comes the good bit.  He is made to wear a mask and has his hands cuffed behind his back.  The brute struggles for a few minutes before being moved to the shower and having rope wrapped around his upper chest.  If you want to skip all the posing, jump to 13 minutes in where the handcuffing begins.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Film - Papillon

Okay, I know Steve McQueen isn't a bear, still I think these clips of him in metal restraints are so sexy.  The first clip especially speaks to me as I want a set of combination shackles exactly like that.   And to be restrained in exactly the same way!