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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vids - Gagbear - Bad and Bound Pt 1

Can't get enough of Mr Jim Gagbear all bound and with a thick juicy ball gag stuffed in his mouth and this is only part one of his torment.  See more of Gagbear on his own personal X-Tube Channel.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Stories - The Monarch's Secret - Part 3

Apologies for the last posting of part 3 of The Monarch's Secret.  As it's been a while since the first two parts were posted, so click the following links for Part 1 and Part 2 to reacquaint yourselves with the story.  It's definitely worth the re-read.  Thanks again to Captor for his story contributions to the blog, I for one can't get enough of them!


   King Eburhart's joy knew no bounds at having added a new stud to his stable. To the people of his kingdom, he still remained a jolly giant who was not a cold, remote monarch like his father and grandfather were before him. He was an easily approachable ruler and was just in his dealings. Queen Wilhelmina too was very popular with the subjects. She was devoid of the frostiness of her predecessors and mingled with the people freely. King Eburhart and his Queen Wilhelmina made a handsome pair. Their son, Prince Adalhart, had obviously taken after his father. He was already a tall, handsome, massive giant for his age and he was an accomplished swordsman and archer. 

   The royal couple's private life, though, would have shocked his subjects. The colossal monarch was a sex slave at the hands of his queen. He dared not ignore her summons to her bedchamber. Wilhelmina was a ruthless sadist who derived a lot of pleasure in keeping her massive husband bound for hours and torturing him to near insanity. Every time he went to her bedchamber, it never ceased to amaze him at the devilishly agonizing ways she found to tie him up and have him completely at her mercy. The focus of her torture was his giant cock, his large balls and his gigantic chest and those swollen large nipples on them. The long agonizing hours in unbelievably cruel bondage coupled with the incredibly sadistic torture would have certainly felled a lesser man. But given his robust health and immense strength, he emerged from these horrendous sessions with nothing more than aching joints and a sore cock. 

  Eburhart transferred his own agony onto Carl and the new bulky sexy Franz.  Franz was no longer the shabbily dressed, boozy brawler. He loved the horses in the royal stables and enthusiastically took to his job. There was absolutely no envy or hard feelings between him and Carl. At night, when they were not busy with the horses, Eburhart summoned them to his secret room. It had been converted into a sort of a dungeon. A dungeon where the lusty monarch could indulge in his favourite pastime. Torturing the bound Carl and Franz.  Time passed very agonizingly slowly for the two studs as they played out the devious games thought up by their master. Eburhart was partial towards Carl's massive muscular legs, buttocks and his huge cock, Franz's huge, dense man boobs and his large, swollen nipples received special attention from his tormentor. 

 If the Monarch had his secrets, so did Carl!  The Queen occasionally sent for the massively built groom to her bedchamber. Her insatiable lust, combined with  her sadism left him grunting groaning and pleading and struggling in his bonds for hours. Perhaps the biggest secret was an incident that occurred three months ago and he dared not let either the Monarch or the Queen know about it. As usual, he had been summoned by the Queen one sunny morning. He asked Franz to groom the horses and he walked towards the palace. As had turned out to be a ritual, the Queen and he had sat sipping wine. Carl knew by now that the wine in his glass always tasted a bit strange. He knew that she was adding something to his glass of wine. And he always felt heavy headed.  But his cock, on the other hand, went rock hard in his rough hose. His huge chest felt heavier and his large nipples swelled up and turned extremely sensitive to the touch. When he began squirming in the chair, it was a signal for the Queen to start the proceedings. 

 On that particular day, Carl had begun stirring in his chair in the Queen's bedchamber. He adjusted his huge erect cock in its confines. She asked him to get to his feet and strip his clothes off. Her eyes hardened as they took in the monstrous bulging muscles on Carl's body. His own eyes had turned quite sleepy and he knew that he was going to be reduced to soft clay in her hands. The thought filled him with lust! She led him to her big bed and pushed him onto it. He landed  on his back and let out a loud 'whoooosh'! From under the bed she produced lengths of rough rope. "A strong stallion like you," she grinned and said,"needs strong rope." In a manner  most unbecoming of a queen, she lifted her dress and squatted astride Carl's broad hips. His cock brushed against her pubic hair. She ordered him to spread his arms and she quickly tied his wrists to the corners of the huge bed. She next bound his ankles to the other corners. Carl twisted his immense body as he tested his bonds. She had, as usual, tied the rope extremely tight. Wilhelmina ran her hands all over his large body. In her passion, her big plump breasts had tumbled out of her tight bodice. Carl moaned as he rubbed them on his chest. He tried to heave his body as those breasts rubbed on his monstrous throbbing shaft. She once again leaned down over the edge of the bed and this time, produced a riding crop. 

 Sitting between his spread legs, she tapped his cock and his chest with the riding crop. The rhythmic tapping caused his cock to spew a thick string of pre cum. Without warning, she swung the riding crop across his chest, his large nipples and his cock. Carl grunted and raised his hips in sheer agony. As she swung her arm to strike him once again, there was a frantic knocking on the door and her maid, Greta's voice, "Your Highness, have you forgotten? Der Bischof  (The Bishop) is waiting for you!"  "Damn that old fart!" Wilhelmina swore and said loudly, "Berta, tell him I'll be down in a minute. I'm sure my husband can keep him engaged till then."  Wilhelmina growled in frustration. Carl found it funny and laughed. Stop laughing!" she raged at him and swung the riding crop at his cock. He winced but kept on chuckling. "I want you hard when I return, do you understand?!" she told him. "Yes, Your Highness..." Carl replied mockingly. Wilhelmina hurried out of the room.  He lay there squirming and twisting his wrists to loosen the ties. But she had tied him as only a sadist could. He sighed and gazed at the ceiling. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a slight movement behind the floor length heavy velvet curtains. "Who's there?" Carl asked.  

  The curtains parted and Prince Adalhart stepped into the room. Carl couldn't contain his astonishment and stammered, "Wha...what are you doing here?" He was suddenly very embarrassed at being tied up and stark naked.  He stuttered, "You see Prince, we were..I mean I was...just..you know.."  "Save your breath, I understand." Adalhart walked up to the bed and standing with his legs apart and with his hands on his hips, gazed unabashedly at the huge bound man. Adalhart was a near replica of his father. Tall, very wide shouldered and extremely thick limbs. He had his father's immense chest. And as Carl noticed, the teenage prince had also inherited his father's the dimensions of Eburhart's cock! It had cast aside the codpiece and wagged like a monster, staring unblinkingly at its quarry, the tied up and helpless Carl! Perhaps the only feature Adalhart had inherited from the queen were his eyes. Pale blue and as cold as chips of ice! Carl saw sadism in them and he shuddered. 

  Adalhart sat on the bed and let his eyes run over the bound captive. Carl spoke to him, "Adalhart, you ought not to be here.  Your mother will walk in any moment."  The prince laughed mirthlessly, "Nothing shocks me anymore. I'm no innocent boy, Carl!"  What he said next shocked Carl, "You see," he ran his fingers lightly over Carl's tree trunk thighs, "I have witnessed you and the rutting boar of my father. You and that bitch of my mother too! As you can see," he kept running his fingertips across Carl's thighs, "I'm no child."  "Adalhart," Carl pleaded, "Please leave. Now. Your mother will..."  The prince pressed his palm against Carl's mouth and gagged him.  He spoke in a soft voice, "That woman will not be back for quite awhile.  Der Bischof  has come with some Church officials and they are going to bore the life out my dear parents." Picking up the riding crop, he began tapping Carl's nipples and his twitching cock. Adalhart spoke with an impish grin, "She has commanded you to stay hard till she returns, hasn't she? I'm just helping you..."

 Carl gasped as Adalhart bent his head and closed his mouth over Carl's big red cock head. The prince flicked his tongue over the sensitive bulbous flesh. Carl heaved his heavy body.  Adalhart suddenly asked his captive,"Tell me Carl, what gives you more pleasure? Tying up my father and tormenting him or getting tied up and having the monarch torture you? I want the truth, Carl!" Carl winced as the riding crop slapped is cock. "To tell you the truth tying up your father gives me more pleasure." Carl answered hesitantly. "Is it?" the icy blue eyes gazed at Carl as the prince asked this question. 

   The helpless groom writhed and groaned softly as Adalhart's mouth drove him to near insanity. He was also worried about the queen barging in and discovering them. But the prince didn't seem to have a worry in this world as he kept the tied up man groaning and grunting and heaving his huge body futilely.  Adalhart finally decided it was time to leave. He grinned innocently and told the tied up Carl, "My mother will be delighted to see you erect and hard as a rock. Hehehe. I'll meet you tonight. I give you my permission to tie me up and treat me as you desire...." As a parting shot he gave a few stinging slaps with the riding crop that fell unerringly on his throbbing shaft and his swollen nipples. Adalhart disappeared behind the curtains.

 The timing was perfect. Even as the curtains had stopped moving, the door opened and in walked Wilhelmina. Fury was writ large on her lovely countenance on account of the interruption in her torment. But an expression of raw lust soon took over her look of fury as she saw Carl lying as she had left him. His shaft, if anything, had turned thicker, and harder and it throbbed against his navel. "You are a marvel, Carl!" the queen exclaimed, "I had gone for such a long time and you stayed hard and ready for me. Eburhart' training I presume." She smiled evilly as she brought her mouth to his shaft while her fingers roughly rolled his raw sensitive nipples. "Oh my God!" Carl groaned and writhed his massive body as her teeth raked his shaft. 

 Later, after the queen had sucked him nearly dry and freed of his bonds, he hurriedly put on his clothes and stumbled to his large room adjacent to the stables. Wiping himself clean with a wet cloth, he sat naked by the fire on which gently bubbled a soup of offal and potatoes. Carl filled a flagon with the rough wine that he had made, from a small barrel. Taking a chunk of bread and some cheese, he sat on the crude bed that he himself had made a year ago. Biting off a piece of bread and the cheese, he took a swig of the fiery wine. Carl burped and thought of his life in the royal stables. He had a place to stay. The pay was good. And if one added the gifts Eburhart showered on him every time they met for some maddening agonizing torture, he felt his life couldn't have been any better. The aching joints, his sore cock and balls, his swollen pec mass and his painful nipples were a minor price to pay. The queen stepping in had initially shocked him. But this royal family had been throwing up deviants at almost regular intervals. Eburhart's grandfather had collected big built handsome young men as personal trophies. 

  Carl, far from being jealous of Franz, was quite relieved that the arrival of the newcomer gave him more free time. Of course, Wilhelmina utilised every free minute that Carl had!  All things considered, he was quite content with life. He had just taken a gulp of the wine when there was a gentle tapping on the door. Can't be Franz as Eburhart was keeping him busy today, Carl mused and opened the door. "You?! What are you doing here?" he gasped.

 "May I come in, Carl? I told you I'll meet you tonight. Here I am!"  Carl was still in a state of astonishment. He asked, "You...you really..mea...meant what you said?" He was exhausted from having been bound and tormented by the queen. And now her son was here. His exhaustion vanished like the morning mist at what he heard next. "I want to experience the sensation of being tied up. The feeling of utter helplessness. I can't go to my dear father or that harlot of my mother, can I?"  Carl's cock rose and hardened at these words. And by the sight of the gigantic robust young man. His massive body threatened to rip his clothing to shreds. Adalhard had evidently inherited his father's chest; colossal mounds that unimaginably stretched the thin linen shirt. Thick legs sheathed in black shiny hose. The monstrous bulge between his legs was also his father's legacy. As was his gargantuan buttocks. 

 Adalhart let Carl admire him for a few moments before he smiled and spoke, "I'm waiting. And I'm very very impatient."  Carl saw a cloth bundle that Adalhar had placed on the floor. "What's in that?" he asked. "Oh that?" the prince told him deadpan, "A change of clothing." He rummaged in the bundle and said, "And this!" He flourished a coil of thick silk rope. "For tying me up! Hehehe" he chuckled. "Good!" Carl said with a smile, "You've come well prepared, eh?" He approached the huge prince and lightly ran his hand over the bulge between his legs. The hand drifted behind to his considerable ass. Adalhard closed his eyes and moaned softly as Carl's meaty calloused hands squeezed the bulging mass of pec meat. "Take that rope." Adalhart said dreamily.  "No!" Carl said, "I have my own rope." Adalhart brought his hands to his linen shirt to take it off.  "Stop!" Carl's voice was a whiplash. "You'll be naked when I feel so!"

 The prince saw the brawny groom bring a coil of rope. It was rough. "Let's start today's game, shall we, Prince Adalhart?" Carl asked and stepped behind the huge young man.  "Yes! I'm all ready, Carl!" Adalhart spoke in a voice dripping with lust. "I'm all yours, Carl....."

.......................................................................to be continued.......................................  

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Vids - Buff And Bound - Angelo Table Bound

Angelo finds himself bound to a table and tormented by those pesky Buff and Bound guys.  But who wouldn't want to torment the beautifully buff Angelo...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Vids - Straight Men In Trouble - Homophobe In Trouble

Over at Straight Men In Trouble they seem to have gotten their hands on the local homophobe.  But what to do with him?  Tie him to a ladder, gag him and strip him naked...works for me.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pics - The Bondage Bears Weekend Of Fun

As promised, here are some pics from my bondage session from the weekend.  I have a thoroughly excellent  time; not only was the bondage fun and very very good, I've also made a lovely new friend.  It was the sort of relaxed day I enjoy; bondage interspersed with chat, food, laugher and fun.  Nothing was too planned or timetabled, we just went with the flow.  I'd like to thank my lovely host dressedandbound for a fab weekend.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vids - Bound Muscle - Cory Coxxx Chair Tied

Over at Bound Muscle, Mr Cory Coxxx is bathed in spotlight and tied to a chair.  He shifts his body around, trying to get loose but to no avail.  It's a shame he's allowed to run his mouth, I'd have gagged him from the get go, but still it's a great video...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It's Tying Time!

It's been two months since I was tied up.  The last time was for the A Gift For Santa - Merry Christmas! and that was a lot of fun.  I've purposely held of having any bondage fun because I wanted to get my affairs in order before I started playing again.  Thankfully by March I'll be in my own place and eager to start tying and getting tied.  But in the meantime I've been chatting to a guy on Recon recently, someone who has made contact again after a brief spell away.  The upshot being that this weekend he's gonna tie me up and we're gonna have some fun.  The bonus is that he's going to take pictures and perhaps even a video clip so I can post to the blog.  So look out for it next week if you want to see this Bondage Bear all helpless and squirming.  I'm hoping this session will be something of a kick start for me, but like they say you never forget how to ride a bike, even if you haven't done for many years...

Monday, 4 February 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013