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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Frustration City

A few days ago me and my boyfriend has a nice, stocky, hairy, big man under our control. We did various, tormenting things to him which he wonderfully enjoyed.  But I decided to do something which I love to do to guys who sub for us, and that is, frustrate him in the most evil way.

I put him in pup mitts, sat him on the floor and told him to wank himself off if he wanted.  So he sat there desperately rubbing at his crotch to no avail.  He was so hard and yet so frustrated.  It was fun watching him try to get off for a bit.  Unfortunately it wasn't long enough for me.

At some point in the future I want to try the following scenario: imagine you're were taken into a room, gagged and blindfolded.  You were simply chained to the post but able to move your major limbs about.  You're left in pup mitts (locked on of course!) and told to enjoy yourself for a few hours.  Wouldn't not being able to get off just drive you crazy.  Frustration City.

Heavy Metal Bear - Cuffs and SJ

Thought I would share some pics of me from a recent play session.  I see this top every month or so and I really enjoy what he does and what he is all about.  Away from the cuffs and SJ, he's a lovely guy.

He's very much into chained restraint and Straitjackets.  He'll get you nice and secure and leave you to deal with it.  I always thought this sort of Bondage was not for me, as I always go soft when I'm left to deal with this sort of predicament.  That was until recently when during one session, he left me for an hour or two (I can't even fathom how long it was as I nicely hooded!) came back and said I was pumping out pre cum. Guess I liked this sort of isolation Bondage after all!

Going to meet up for another session next week, and I cannot wait!

Monday, 28 November 2011


Ducter is another friend from Recon.  The twist on this Recon guy is that his is a top who loves to get big men tied and taped up nice and tight.  I've been tied and taped up by him a couple of times and I have to say it's been amazing.  What I really like is the fact Ducter really gets off on having a big man helpless and under his control.  He enjoys watching a big man struggle in his bonds, knowing that no matter how much he squirms about, he's not getting free.  And as his name says, he likes to use lots and lots of Duct Tape!  Check out some pics of the guys he's played with (see if you can spot me amongst them!):

You can find Ducter's Recon profile here - Ducter

Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Sunday Evening

Just a quick post to let you guys know that I got to cum tonight!  It's been the first time I've cum since last Sunday - so 6 full days in fact.  I really shouldn't complain about that, I know guys who are locked up with no hope of release.  I would say 'poor them' but I think they quite enjoy it.

Boyfriend got me in the rigid neck and wrist stocks, gasmasked, walked me to the door and attached rigid leg cuffs.  The then used rope to tie up my cock and balls so they were pulled toward my arse, and then tied off the rope to the collar.  He also used door hangers and more rope to tie me to the hangers so I couldn't move much.  I also had vibrating nipple clamps and 2 gasmask hoses on.

So there I am, dealing with the rigid restraints, cock and balls aching from being pulled, and concentrating on my breathing, and then out comes the rubber whip.  He gave me a good flogging until my back was nice and red.  (I must stress I trust my partner completely hence why we do flogging scenes.  It would take a while for me to build up trust like that with another top).

After that I was cuffed spreadeagled on the bed, at the wrists, and my legs were tied together.  He tied my cock and balls up to the headboard and tied the balls so they were split.  He removed the nipple clamps and started beating my balls instead.  At this point the gasmask has come off and I had the blindfold and stuffer gag in.  He then took mercy on me and milked me good.  Think I nearly screamed the house down!

Just when I thought we were done, he cuffed my wrists behind my back, took out the gag (but left the blindfold in) and made me suck him off.  The whole play session lasted about 2 hours but it felt like 20 minutes!

So that was my Sunday evening.  How was yours?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lockable Front Buckle Gag

I don't know if you guys agree but this could be the Daddy of all gags.  This gag has a cushioned panel with rubber stuffer piece attached.  The strap goes behind the back of your head and buckles at the front.  And if that wasn't enough, you are also able to padlock the buckle so even if your subs hands are free they can't get the thing off.  More time for them to say MMMPPPPFFFFHHHHH!  Pics of the gag are below, including a
few of me wearing my own I purchased a few years ago.

I purchased my Lockable Gag from here - MEO

Cool Hand Luke

Yes, it's yet another prison film.  But let's be honest, where else are you going to find films with really decent metal restraint scenes?  Anyway, I know Paul Newman is not a Bear (and I don't think I'm gonna find many prison films with lots of Bears in sadly), but the scenes in this clip are hot.  And I love the authoritative 'Boss' who has a menacing presence throughout the film.  Once the leg irons go on it gets a lot more interesting.  And when the second set go on it gets even better!  This all appeals to my ultimate fantasy, as avid readers will well know by now!  One of the best things about this film is the sound effects, you hear the clanking of chains a lot!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Straight Hell - Leon (Part One)

Over at Straight Hell the tops like to torment guys who need taking down a peg or two. Normally they only go after the more skinnier guys, but sometimes they take our their frustrations on the bigger more muscled guys.  Adrian has great fun tormenting Leon in these clips.  He locks him into wooden stocks, chains his feet to heavy weights so he can't escape and proceeds to beat his arse with a variety of implements.  (Apologies for the sound quality).

If you wish to visit Straight Hell, click here - Straight Hell  (Please note this site is not available to subscribers in the UK so they can protect the actors identity.  Why, I have no idea!)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tom Hardy

I'm rather partial to Tom Hardy.  I much prefer him with a shaved head, than with hair though. Thankfully his last few roles have needed him to shave it all off.  He's currently filming Batman, playing mega villain Bane.  Below are some pics of Tom on the set of Batman, and when he played Charles Bronson in Bronson.  And yes, clips of him in Bronson, will appear on the blog at some point.  Oh and the mask he wears as Bane is sexy too!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Five


Alex rifled through his wardrobe, undecided on what to wear.  Eventually he stopped midway through the rack and pulled out a pair of leather jeans.  He removed from the hanger and gave them a little shake.  As he guided the jeans up toward his waist, the lining felt cool against his skin.  The jeans fitted perfectly, making his legs look thick and sculpted.  The subtle smell of leather filled the air and got him hard.  He walked purposely toward the chest of draws and grabbed a black vest top.  The top had a slightly musty smell, like it had been well worn.  This was Alex’s trademark look when he played on home turf; he liked his subs to smell him, even if he were clean out of the shower.  He closed the draw and opened the one above it, selected a pair of black socks, and then walked back toward the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black boots.  Sitting on the bed he stretched out the boots a little.  He looked at the screen, still showing the static view of the dungeon.

‘Oh pig.  I really hope you understand what tonight is about.’  Alex spoke quietly in almost whispered tones.
He pulled the tongue on his left boot and pushed in his foot.  He bent forward and began lacing.
‘You’ve come so far; it’s been months since your last outburst, maybe you are ready to be my permanent pig in life as well as bondage.’  He scratched his left temple and then repeated the process with the right boot. 
‘Not long till I find out whether you’ll pass the test, pig.’  Alex pulled himself out of his thoughts, went downstairs to prepare for the evening.

Everything was laid out in the kitchen ready for poker night.  The trestle table was loaded with poker chips, bowls were full of salted chips and a cooler full of Beer rested by Alex’s seat.  The table was opposite the Kitchen work surface, and pointed toward it was a mini television.   Fiddling with the television picture controls, he twiddled the knob until the static faded and the screen was crisp and sharp into focus.  Before he could fiddle anymore, the doorbell rang.  Hitting the standby button, Alex went to the door.  Pulling the door open, he saw two guys stood on Alex’s porch.

‘Hey guys, come in!’  Alex greeted both men with a hug and a kiss on the lips. 
‘Alex!  So good to see you!  How long has it been?’
‘Probably a good three months Bill.’  Alex closed the door behind them, and they waited to follow his lead toward the Kitchen.
‘And how are you Mike?’
‘Can’t complain Alex, work is still busy as usual’ Mike trailed behind Bill and Alex as they walked through the hallway. 
‘Haven’t seen anything of you though, where have you been hiding?’
‘Well, I’ve been working very hard on a special project.’  Alex smiled.
‘Oh yeah, that special project of yours.’ Bill laughed and rubbed his eyes.  ‘You’ve been texting so many hints it’s been driving us crazy.  Come on, spill.’
‘All in good time, guys!’  Alex gestured for the men to go into the Kitchen. 

The men took their coats off and placed them on the back of the chairs at the poker table.  Both men were wearing Levi’s which tightly hugged their backsides; Bill was wearing a red flannel shirt and Mike a plain grey t-shirt.  Both men were wearing black boots too.

‘Damn, you guys look hot’ Alex moved toward both men and pulled them close. 
‘So do you Sir.’ Both men spoke in unison.
‘Thanks for the compliment boys.’ Alex pulled Bill to his lips and began kissing him deeply.  Mike got on his knees and starting kissing Alex’s crotch.  ‘Oh yeah, that’s good.’  Alex grabbed Mike’s nipple and twisted.  Mike groaned loudly.
‘Okay boys, enough for now.’ Alex pulled Mike up toward him and continued with the hug.  ‘Plenty of time for that later, first we play a little poker.’

The hours flew by as Alex, Bill and Mike caught up over a few rounds of cards.  The Beer had been flowing and they all animatedly discussed what had been going on in their lives. 

Alex had met Bill and Mike when he was out at the bars.  They had been at the local fetish night, and Bill had accidently spilled Alex’s Beer.  After the apologies and initial embarrassment, all three men spent the night chatting about their lives, fantasies and such.  It was like they were old friends rather than new ones.  Bill and Mike had talked about their relationship, the dynamics and how they both met through their love of fetish and bondage.  Bill was about five foot five, in his mid-fifties and was greying; he had a nice barrel belly, was broad, chunky and hairy.  He always had a bit of stubble, and a moustache which he kept neat and tidy.  Mike was taller at about five foot ten, about ten years younger than Bill and had light brown hair and a goatee; he was thinner than Bill but still stocky with some muscle definition.  It was clear to Alex from meeting them that Bill was the top and Mike was the sub.  Even if they hadn’t mentioned in conversation about defined roles, he could tell from the mannerism they both displayed to each other.  In the years since that first meeting, the couple has become firm friends as well as bondage buddies.

‘So, since the cards have been crap all night, are you going to tell us about your little project?’  Bill stroked the back of Mike’s neck.  ‘Enquiring minds want to know’.
‘Fair enough, let me show you what I’ve been working on.’  Alex grabbed the remote from his pocket and hit the standby button.  The television on the Kitchen work surface glowed into light and there on the screen was a picture of the pig in the dungeon.
‘Wow!  Fucking hell Alex, you did it!’ Mike stared at the screen amazed.
‘I know.  I finally got to have my dream realised.  I present to you, the pig!’  Alex laughed and patted Bills shoulder.
‘Jesus Alex, that is some set up!’  Bill put his hands on the table and leant forward to get a better look.
‘What exactly is the set up?’  Mike interest was piqued and he wanted as much detail as possible, staring at the pig as if it couldn’t quite believe it. 
Alex began explaining the complexities of the project and if he had looked under the table, he would’ve seen they were all hard as he talked…  

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Restraint Choices

There are a number of restraint choices out there...

Duct Tape




Something Else?

So guys, I'm throwing it out to you - what's your preference?  Comment and let me know!

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Thank You

I know this blog is in its very early stages but even so I wanted to say thank you to all you guys who have stopped by to read or view the material, and/or posted comments.  From a personal perspective I get off on knowing that perhaps a good few of you have been enjoying the clips and pics, if you know what I mean!

I'm trying to pace myself with postings, but I can guarantee I'll try to post something at least once a day (or two).  The most frustrating thing is the stories.  I can't seem to churn out the parts very quickly so you'll have to bare with me on that (although part 5 of Expanding The Pig I hope to have completed by the weekend - no promises though!).

If there is anything you want to see featured, let me know, or if you want to be featured on the site, let me know.

Happy reading!

My Chastity Agreement

I admit it, I can be a very lazy lover.  I want it to be all about me, and once I've cum, I'm not interested in doing anything else but relaxing.  So, with this in mind, me and my partner discussed a chastity agreement.  The agreement is that I wear the BON4 chastity device when I get home from work and it stays on until I go to bed.  Any time I'm at home, I have to wear the BON4 (unless there is a medical problem I can't) and I'm not allowed to cum unless it is during play, me as a bondage sub, me as a bondage top or if me and my partner are being vanilla intimate.  And even then, sometimes he can veto it if he wants.

The realities of this agreement means I get to cum, probably about once a week (give or take).  It's not enough to take the edge off but still enough to not drive me too crazy.  It's a nice little balance I feel.  I quite enjoy building up to the play sessions and still not knowing if I get release or not (although my partner has mercy and doesn't like to see me go too crazy!).

Maybe other guys in chastity has the same bi product as I do, but I've found that the bi product of chastity is that I have more energy, seem to think about bondage sex much more often, and I feel inspired to get busy and not loll about on the sofa all day long.  The other good (or bad) side is that I'm working on the blog and that is keeping me frustrated as hell, plus friends on Recon who like to torment me too.

Any of the readers out there want to share their chastity experiences?  Feel free to comment below.

Spyder Gag

Here at Bondage For The Big Man, we don't only want to feature clips and pics of all sorts of big men in bondage.  We also want to showcase other bondage related items.  This post is all about the Spyder Gag.  The Spyder Gag is a metal ring gag which buckles behind the back of the head.  It has four metal prongs, two above and two below the centre strap, which stick out at a diagonal angle (this is to stop the ring going too far back into the mouth apparently).  This gag is fantastic.  What is so great is that the sub has no choice but to take his Masters/Tops cock in mouth.  His tongue is still free to taste cock and pre-cum as the cock is being rammed down his throat.  Being face fucked whilst wearing this gag is hot, and I know because I have a similar gag (not the Mr. S Leather variant which is being marketed in conjunction with Bound Gods) and have been used in such a manner, many times!  Below are some clips of the Spyder Gag in action.

You can see more of the Spyder Gag in action at the following link - Bound Gods

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Con Air

Con Air just had to feature in this blog.  I guess, since my posting entitled 'Arresting Officer', you guys probably know why.  Burly Prison Officers, Handcuffs, Bagging and Tagging - it's stuff what fantasies are made of!  I've spliced a few of my favourite scenes together; in particular I love the Bagging and Tagging of a prisoner, instigated by the older, beary, hot Prisoner Officer.  But I equally like that he gets the same treatment later in the film!


I've been chatting to Andyspen on Recon for a while now and last month we finally got together for a meet.  I spent time with him in bondage, but also I had the opportunity to tie him down.  Below are some pics from the session. I have to say, Andyspen looks great in his army fatigues!

Blindfold, Gag & Collar

Sucking my OH

Double Gag

Bondage Hug!

Sucking me off

Andyspen can be found at the following link  - Andyspen Recon

Friday, 18 November 2011

Bearbound Bondage Buddies

Check out these Bondage Buddies from Bear Bound:

If I had Buddies like these, I'd never leave the playroom!

Bondage Buddies (and other Bears) can be found here - Bear Bound


Ok, so technically not a 'big man' but I still wanted to post about this most famous of escapologists.  His images are synonymous with high drama and daring escapes, but for me, it's the snapshot just before he gets to work on the cuffs and chains, that ultimately stays with me.  I can remember these images from an early age, and I wonder if they were instrumental is taking down the bondage path I now find myself on.  There is something quite beautiful about the picture I've posted and it's the one picture of Houdini I always come back to.  I think it's the juxtaposition of the chains, the locks,  his naked body and stance he's holding.  It almost says, I don't really want out, do with me as you will.  That's just me and my twisted representation I guess!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Four


Flopping onto the big leather chair, Alex stared at the screen.  He was naked apart from a black towel which now rested over the tops of his legs.  The screen displayed a 24 hour live camera feed of his dungeon.   The very dungeon which housed his property, pig Toby.  The warm air conditioning in the bedroom began drying the remaining damp spots on his skin.  He reached over and turned up the volume control.  He stayed focused on his pig.  Suddenly Alex heard a loud noise which sounded like a pneumatic drill.  His pig was snoring!  As much as Alex wanted to play, he didn’t disturb him; content in the knowledge that his pig was more than happy in bondage.

Alex moved the mouse around on the pad; the movements paralleled that of the camera.  Inside the dungeon there was the wrought iron double bed in the back left corner, the bondage chair in the back right corner, the cage sat next to the bed and the X Frame was tucked just to the side of the bondage chair.  The walls were painted deep blue and the floor was made up of black wooden slats.  The lights were always kept dimmed for maximum effect.  Everything was exactly has Alex has envisioned, including the black latex snoring pig.  As his eyes locked back onto the screen, he pushed the towel aside, began slowly stroking the head of his cock as well as gently tugging on his left nipple.   There was his pig, held in the centre of the room like a prized package.   Watching him, Alex began pumping his cock.

Down in the dungeon, the pig was held on an interesting steel frame contraption.  It bore the weight of his body but also kept him in tight bondage which he wouldn’t be able to escape from.  The first steel frame stood upright, four pointed, which constructed the skeleton of a cube.  Peppered along the frame were eyelets.  These eyelets had chains connecting to other eyelets which were housed around the centre rectangular steel table.
On the steel table lay the pig, zipped and locked inside his latex prison.  The table was titled at forty five degree angle, his head positioned higher than his ankles.  His cock and balls were still filling the latex sheath and the tube gag was still fitted in his mouth around his teeth.  Mounted behind the pigs head and facing away from him, was a wooden backed podium with a white urinal.  A thick transparent tube connected the urinal to the pigs gag.  Another tube, this one transparent but much thinner, connected the cock and ball sheath to the gag also.  This made sure that the pig would not waste a drop of fluid given to him.  There was also a piece strapped around the nose with grommet holes and small tubing, allowing the pig to breathe but not interfere with the tight seal.
The latex moulded around his skin beautifully, due to the nature of the restraint he was in as all the air had been sucked out, creating a vacuum.  All the pig could do was breathe out of his gag, not being able to move a muscle.  Well, unless the electro pads all over his body and the electro butt plug hidden under the layer of latex, stimulated his muscles for him.

As Alex continued pumping his cock he became distracted by a buzzing noise coming from the console next to the screen.  He turned his body and moved forward toward the sound as the towel fell on the floor.  Alex was careful to monitor everything that went on in the dungeon, including vital signs.  Studying the information he could see that medically, everything was fine.  The noise simply reminded him that the machine was recalculating the pig’s body mass, so it could form a tighter seal around the body.  Alex watched as air slowly trickled into the latex suit, just the smallest amount, but enough for his pig to be woken from his sleep.  Before he had time to react, the machine quickly sucked all the air out and the latex tightened around his body again.  Alex watched him grunting and trying to move.  He reached over for the microphone and clicked the on button.

‘Afternoon pig; did you enjoy your sleep?’  Before there was any reaction, Alex continued talking.
‘Shush pig.  You just focus on my voice and listen to what I’m saying.  Any noise out of you and you’ll know what’ll happen’.  Alex stayed silent for a few seconds, taunting for a reaction.
‘So pig, your transformation is nearly complete.  It’s been a long road but I think a very successful one.   I remember when we started this; you’d be forever whining and complaining about how you hated being a bondage pig.  What I’ve showed you is that you are a bondage pig, no two ways about it.  So you sit tight pig, you’ll need your strength for what’s to come.’  Alex paused and raised a finger to his chin then laughed.

Sitting back in his chair, Alex began rubbing his solid belly.  Trapping bits of his chest hair in between his fingers he pulled upright, making some of the hairs stand up on their own accord.  Over the past few years, Alex had really enjoyed the way his body had developed.  Gone was the skinny, toned frame and instead the years had added muscle but fat as well.  It all combined to give him the look of a big, stocky rugby player.  His head was kept shaved at grade one and he had a thick trimmed beard which made him look menacing when dressed up in his leathers.   Alex enjoyed being looked at and idolised, he knew it as a game of sorts, and he was more than happy to play.  He thought back to the many boys he’d tried to train up and each one falling at the last hurdle.  But this time was different, there was a connection between himself and pig Toby that he’d never felt before.  He knew pig Toby felt the same way, he could tell by the way he whined for him night after night.

His hands wandered back to his cock and as his pig continued grunting, so Alex continued stroking until he blew his load all over his legs.  He let out a sigh before reaching down for the towel on the floor.  After he’d cleaned himself up, he switched the microphone back on.

‘Oh pig, I just blew my load watching you grunt away!  You always get me going pig.  It’s so nice I have my own little toy to play with and make me cum when I want.’  Silence filled the air as the pig didn’t dare disobey Alex’s previous instructions.
‘Tonight pig will be the last test for you.  I’m not gonna tell you details but I will say that I’ve got some buddies coming over for poker night.  Let’s just say you’re gonna be a busy pig tonight.  You just think on that pig.  I’ll let you know when the fun and games start pig.  Rest easy pig.’

Flicking the off button, Alex put the microphone next to the monitor and walked over to his wardrobe, his head full of what was to come but right now he needed to get dressed and prepare for his visitors…   

Time Out

Over at Academy Men they like to keep their unruly prisoners in line.  In this scene Officer Ironhorse is sick of Dart's behaviour, so think an attitude adjustment is in order. He cuffs and blindfolds Dart, drags him into the woods, gags him with tape, ties him to a tree and leaves him to some Academy Men style time out.  Officer Ironhorse taunts Dart whilst chewing on tobacco, having his prisoner just where he wants him.  If Officer Ironhorse wants another willing prisoner, I'm first in line!

See more hot Officer/Prisoner scenes here - Academy Men

Arresting Officer

One of my big fantasies is to be arrested.  Of course, I don't actually want to be arrested for real (because I've no doubt the experience would be anything but horny!) but I would like a uniformed top to role play with.  I want to be patted down, cuffed and stuffed in the back of the car.  I want to be taken to a prison cell and kept in maximum security detention, always cuffed, shackled and gagged because of the considered risk.  I want to be made to endure bondage torment and service my guard.  I want to be made to feel like I am a prisoner and there is no chance of escape (which is ironic because in role play there will always be the eventual release!)

So you can imagine how excited I get when I see the uniform, especially if there is a hot guy inside it:

American Police

German Police

The UK Bobby

I've no idea if the reality of role play even matches up to the fantasy, but if all I've got is fantasy, I'll take it!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Metalbond for all his help and support for this blog. He's been kind enough to offer support, answer questions and profile my blog on his own blog.  Like I told him, if I'm even in NYC I owe him a drink or two!

If you want to read Metalbond's excellent blog you can do so here - Metalbond Blog

His blog is featured on the links on the right hand side of the page.

Thanks again Metalbond!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Apart from being a great film (well if you like modern gangster films!) there is a particular scene I wanted to post on this blog.  It specifically features the wonderfully husky Frank Harper, being tape gagged by the boys.  If that were me, I would have taped up his legs, body, and make sure the tape was wound around his mouth several times.  But I guess the boys weren't really bothered with such things when they had to make a speedy getaway!


Here at Bondage For The Big Man, we like to celebrate the bigger guy.  So, on my quest to get bigger guys on the blog I asked a few acquaintances if they would supply me with pics. Nordicboy33 happily obliged!  He told me that they aren't the most bondage orientated pics, but I told him they'd do just fine!  Enjoy this very cute chub sub!

Nordicboy33 in chastity

Cuffs and Leather

Chastity close up

If you'd like to contact nordicboy33, you can here - Recon

Friday, 11 November 2011

Big Boss Man

The infamous Big Boss Man (real name Ray Traylor) from WWE was one of my first crushes.  As a very confused 16 year old, I would watch him wrestle whilst wrestling with my own feelings; as I was just awakening to my love of Bondage and Big Men (although I didn't know what it was at the time).  The Big Boss Man was a Correctional Officer come Wrestler from Cobb County, Georgia.  He was big, meanacing and ALWAYS carried his nightstick and handcuffs.  After he'd beaten his opponenet, he would cuff them to the ring and continue to give them a pounding.  Although sometimes, as this clip shows; he would end up in the cuffs (which I think is just as hot!).  The Big Boss Man is no longer with us (he died of a heart attack in 2004) but his fantastic leagacy lives on, on You Tube.  Rest easy fella, and thanks for the memories.

The Big Boss Man

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Three


As the suction kicked in, Toby readied himself for the next part of the cycle.   He could feel the sheath tightening around his cock and balls, which along with the continued tingling sensation of the electro, was making is cock semi erect again.  He tried to steel himself as the suction sound got louder, which meant the pressure was getting stronger.   After a few seconds he heard the familiar snoring sound, and he knew that cum accumulated in the sheath, was being sucked up a tube independent from his body.  He tried to focus on the sound, focus on anything which took his mind off the electro.  The current felt like invisible hands running up and down his body.  Just as he was about to burst into laughter through his latex covered face, the tube gag filled up with a viscose liquid.


Toby felt his cum in the back of this throat.  It took all his effort to control his gag relax and not pitch into a coughing fit.  He’d become accustomed to the familiar salty, tangy taste.  As he continued to suck the last drops through the gag, he realised he was becoming hard again.  Just as his horniness was kicking in, the electro stopped. 

‘Typical’ Toby thought, ‘Just when I was feeling horny again!’

His cock filled the sheath again and he could feel a layer of cum rubbing against his cock head.  It felt like delicious slime.  Now he could focus again, Toby was suddenly consumed with the urge to piss.  There was no reason for him to feel surprised, this always happened after he’d cum.  The electro play and state of sexual bliss was great at masking his full bladder.  Toby tried to hold it back; he was going to fight it for as long as possible.  He took deep breaths and tried to think about something else.  But when he needed his thoughts as an ally, they showed themselves up to be his worst enemy.  All Toby could think of was running water.  Before he knew it, his bladder released and he went into full flow.


As Toby was relishing this release the suction machine started up on high.  Suddenly his mouth was full of piss.


The piss built up in his mouth and he knew he had to start drinking before it backed up.  He swallowed mouthfuls of his piss, one coming after the other.  The taste was warm but foul, like a pair of old gym socks that had been boiling for a few days.  But at least the taste was fleeting because it went down as quickly.  It was always the last bit that Toby hated.  As he swallowed the last mouthful and the suction machine wound down, the last few drops held static in his mouth.  Those drops would leave a nasty lasting impression on his taste buds for the next hour at least.  And there was nothing Toby could do about it, except belch.  Then the crackling started in his ear.

‘Bad pig.  You could say excuse me at least.  Weren’t you taught matters pig?  What’s that?  Oh yeah, I forgot, you can’t say a thing.’

Toby felt humiliated and ready for a fight.  He suppressed all his bondage desires, wants and needs into the pit of his stomach, his cheeks felt flushed, like there were flames on his covered face.  There was so much he wanted to say but articulation in his bondage prison was not allowed.  He was going to try anyway.
‘What’s that pig, I can’t understand a word you’re saying.’  The voice laughed.
‘Pipe down pig’ the voice was angry now. 
‘This is all part of your training.  This is ALL your doing.  You wanted this, we both wanted it.  So settle down.  And I thought you were beginning to learn, pig.  Do I have to teach you a lesson?  I have the electro box in my hand.  It’s set to shock you at random, but I can move it to the stab setting and crank it up to level 10.’
‘MMMMPPPPFFFHHHHH!’ Toby began to whine.
‘It’s ok pig, I accept your apology.  But it looks like we’re going to have to continue training for longer, aren’t we pig?’
‘MMMMPPPPFFFHHH!’  Toby couldn’t reply but all he wanted to say was thank you Master. 

He felt sad and upset that he’d let his momentary anger consume him.  He knew the voice was right, he knew he needed this training.  He knew it was a process, it would take time but he was happy to be right where he was.  He realised how much he craved this life, how much he craved his new Master.  And with that his cock got hard again…

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


On Sunday, I had the pleasure of tying up Medwaymale.  Below are some of the pics from the session.  It was a very intense session, probably one of the better ones I've had in a while.  Not only was it horny as fuck, but it awakened something in me that had been lying dormant for years and that was my top side!  Seems like I can be a little evil when I want. Hehehe...

Tied Toes!

Crop on the balls...

Wooden stocks and rigid cuffs...

Weighted nipple clamps and parachute!

Bit of CBT!

Roped up, Chastity and hooded...

Close up of the nipples!

Back of rope tie...

Struggling frogtie!

CB on display...

Close up of CB!

Made to watch Bondage porn whilst locked up!

Chains and NBC suit.

Close up of chains!


Medwaymale can be found on Recon