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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pics - The Bondage Cub - Skin In Trouble

So, I had a excellent session last week.  I'd been talking to this guy on Recon and we'd been planning this play for a few months.  I'd mentioned that I got quite turned on by being a maximum security prisoner, and kept in restraints similar to those used to transport prisoners to Guantanamo Bay.  Let's just say he didn't disappoint...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vids - Captured Guys - Finn Foot Worshipped By Sonny

Finn is getting the foot worship of his life by Sonny at Captured Guys.  Not sure he's enjoying it but he really doesn't get any say in the matter...

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Vids - Bound Jocks - Jean Shorts

This sexy guy in jean shorts is tied up by the Bound Jocks guys and left to struggle.  It's a short but very sweet clip...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stories - Test Of Endurance by Captor

This story follows on from Another Player, New Equation chapter posted last month.  Once again, a huge thank you to Captor for writing these fantastic stories.  Not only do I enjoy reading them, I know Captor enjoys the fact his stories get me hard and there is nothing I can do about it!  Anyway guys, enjoy 'Test Of Endurance.'


  After the huge hearty breakfast that Rob had prepared, Brad and Rob lounged around. Brad had told his friend all about his abduction on his way to the pub and how he was kept tied up and tormented by his captor virtually non stop throughout the night and how he had been left cuffed to a tree. It was Rob's turn to tell what happened after he had prepared breakfast.......... 

 ..........Rob was horny as hell after he tied Brad up on the bed. And hungry as hell too! After preparing breakfast he came to the bedroom to have a peep at Brad. When he returned, there was this masked man sitting at the kitchen wolfing down the scrambled eggs. He held a gun pointed at the strongman. Rob was more surprised than frightened. He was  more occupied with adjusting his huge rock hard cock in his faded skin tight jeans. 

        The masked man's eyes were barely visible through the narrow slits but Rob could feel them rake his humongous chest and the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He was ordered to place his hands on his ass. Rob grunted as the rope was wound tight across his thick wrists. His captor grasped his huge brawny arms and dragged him into the bedroom where Brad lay bound spread eagle in the large four poster. Rob's cock couldn't have got any bigger and harder! Before he could groan or moan, his captor gagged him with a strip of cloth.

        His captor then looked at Brad and shook his head. Rob heard him mumbling, "...no way to tie up someone as sexy as Brad..." Brad was untied and swiftly hogtied. This didn't seem to make any difference to Brad as he continued snoring softly! 
Turning his attention to the strongman he smiled coldly.  "Dame Luck has smiled on me today!" the masked man told Rob, adding, "I'd come to spend some lazy hours only with Brad here. And she gave me two mammoths instead!" He walked around the broad massively built strongman. Rob squirmed as a hand explored his barn door wide shoulders, his huge arms and his large muscular ass. Another hand came around and took charge of his immense pec slabs. Rob jerked as fingers pinched his large distended nipples on the lower slope of his chest. He was sure that a light touch to his cock was all it would take to shoot his load. The masked captor unbuckled the strongman's jeans and peeled it along with his briefs down to his ankles. 

     Rob's large cock wagged and twitched. "Woof! You ARE big! All over!" the masked man chuckled and fondled the long thick monster. The strongman couldn't control the sigh that escaped his lips. Taking a length of the rope, he quickly tied off the strongman's rock hard cock and his cum filled balls. He then tossed the rope over the ceiling fan's blade. Sitting at the foot of the bed, he pulled the rope. Slowly. Rob was forced to move towards his captor. It was more of a toddle as Rob's jeans and his briefs were around his ankles. 

   When the bound and helpless strongman came to stand exactly under the fan, the masked sadist grinned and pulled on the rope till Rob was forced to stand on his toes! "That's how I want you..." his captor muttered and with the rope in his hand, went behind the strongman and jerking his captive's wrists up, tied the rope to the wrists. Rob tried to lower his wrists behind him but this only caused the rope attached to his cock and balls to go very painfully taut! 

    The captor ran his hands slowly over Rob's huge thighs. The bound and gagged giant grunted and tensed his huge quads. "I want them relaxed!" the captor snapped and slapped Rob's huge rock hard cock. Rob relaxed the huge muscles on his thighs. "Mmm...that's better." He got up and walked around the tied up giant. Rob felt hot hands on his large firm ass. They mashed the cheeks. He felt the hot breath of his captor on the back of his thighs and a fingertip following it. They travelled southward and came to his calves. As he was standing on his toes, Rob's calves had bunched up like a pair of cannonballs. Hands went up and down them. The helpless Rob tried to move his legs. He was rewarded by a sharp slap on his right calf.   

 " You had interrupted my breakfast. I'll be back" the intruder did a Terminator take off and slapping the helpless Rob's twitching cock, disappeared into the kitchen. Seconds later, the aroma of frying eggs assaulted Rob's nostrils. He grunted and tried to move towards the slumbering hogtied Brad to try to wake him up. And promptly abandoned the idea. Nothing short of a bomb blast in the bedroom could awaken the huge man on the bed! And Rob couldn't move more than an inch or two before the rope yanked his cock and balls up. The only way to relieve the tautness of the rope was to raise his wrists behind him. Quite impossible as they were already almost between his shoulder blades! He tried to, but found it terribly agonizing to maintain for than a few seconds.  He sighed in frustration. 

  He looked down at his cock. It had never been so huge, so rock hard. Rob could feel his balls heavy with hot cum. He wanted to so badly shoot his load. The strongman twisted his thick powerful wrists in an attempt to loosen the rope around them but gave up as his captor had tied them cruelly tight. Rob looked enviously at Brad. He wondered how could a guy who was so uncomfortably hogtied, sleep like a baby! 
  The masked man returned from the kitchen, holding a saucepan of steaming hot scrambled eggs and toast. Rob noticed that he hadn't bothered about cutlery. Instead, he had brought the spatula and a knife along. Placing it on a stool, he picked up the knife, unzipped his trousers and stepped behind the tied up giant. Rob experienced a tinge of terror. He felt a hot shaft of flesh against his butt cheeks. The sadist moaned as he rubbed his hard cock up and down his captive's butt cleavage. He nibbled on Rob's ear as his hand landed on one nipple and pulled out the T shirt away from it. With the skills of a surgeon, he sliced off the cloth revealing his huge taut nipple. In a flash, the other nipple too was exposed. Rob felt the sharp tip of the knife go round his nipples. He stood motionless as his captor chuckled and whispered in a soft silken voice in his ear, "Don't be frightened. You'll enjoy it." Rob squirmed as ruthless fingers pinched his nipples.    

       The sadist stepped up in front of his bound prisoner. He held the knife in his hand and smiled wickedly at his captive.  Before Rob knew what's happening, in one swift downward stroke, the sharp knife slit open his tight T shirt from the neck all the way to the hem! Rob's immense hairy pec slabs pushed their way out of their tight prison. He heard his captor groan as the ripped T shirt was pushed away to leave his massive pecs exposed and utterly vulnerable. 

 "Forgot something" the masked man mumbled. He picked up the coil of rope and once again went behind his prisoner. Within seconds the rope went round the bound giant's torso and its ends were attached to his wrists behind him. Rob looked down at his chest. His pec mass looked monstrously large as they bulged out between the two strands of rope wound tight across his chest. His nipples weren't visible as they were on the lower slopes of his immense chest. He could feel them rub against the strands of rope on his lower pecs. It was highly erotic for him. Had his cock and balls been free, he was sure he'd have shot his load without any help from his hands! His torturer kneaded his jutting pec slabs and fondled the large swollen nipples. Rob moaned in lust. 

 The masked man sat on the stool and placed the plate of scrambled eggs and toast on his wide lap. He reached behind him and fondled the hogtied Brad's large ass cheeks. Brad groaned in his gag and went back to sleep. It was only now that Rob got a good look at his captor. He was really huge. Not musclebound but just huge. His black shirt emphasised his wide shoulders and chest. Thick arms and legs and a slight paunch. Rob's eyes took in the angry red monster that wagged from the unzipped crotch of his tight shiny black trousers! 

 The captor used the spatula and spooned some scrambled eggs on to a piece of toast and spooned it into his mouth.
Lazily chewing the egg and toast, and without a warning, he slapped Rob's cock with the spatula. The bound giant grunted and heaved his body more in astonishment than agony! The masked man appeared to relish his captive's grunt and gave a few more hard slaps on the rock hard shaft of his prisoner. Rob was relieved when the spatula fell on his massive thighs. The slaps were no doubt painful and he tensed his immense quads, but it was better than his cock being slapped! Next, Rob's bulging pecs and nipples bore the brunt. The tied up strongman could do little but moan and try to shift his body. In his frenzy, he turned around, accidentally offering his huge muscle butt to his tormentor!  

"Thank you for turning around! I don't have to get up and step behind you. Hehehe!" Rob's torturer chuckled and swung the spatula on to the inviting cheeks. Rod grunted and growled into his gag as the spatula stung him repeatedly. Finally, the masked man was tired and he stopped his torture. Rob turned around again to face the sadist.
The man pick up a piece of toast and very casually rubbed it on Rob's extra sensitive swollen red cock head! It felt like sandpaper and Rob heaved his huge body. 
  "Stand still!" came the whiplash of a voice and his captor jerked up the rope tied to his cock and his balls. He grunted in pain as his cock was lifted up further. He tried to stand on the extreme tips of his toes. 
"Hehehe!" the masked man laughed softly, "What are you?! A ballerina?!" The piece of toast was rubbed again and again. With a sigh, the masked man popped it into his mouth and chewed it with a sigh of satisfaction. 
 He let go of the rope and Rob dropped back to the comparatively comfortable position of standing on tiptoes. The sadist cupped the balls of his captive. "Mmm! So full of cum!" He suddenly exclaimed softly, "And what do we have here, eh?" 

 Rob looked down. Though his cock had been tied off, it still managed to spew out strings of pre cum! The man took a piece of scrambled egg and gently rubbed it on Rob's sweat coated nipples, all over the wide pec mass and finally his cock. The captor opened his mouth and ate it. He mumbled, "Loved the egg seasoned with your sweat, testosterone and your cum!" His mouth closed over the throbbing shaft. His tongue lashed the mushroom head. Rob groaned in frustration and passion. If only his hands were free, Rob mused.

 He watched as his captor pulled the hogtied Brad to the edge of the bed. How could a man sleep when he was bound so uncomfortably, the strongman wondered. Brad was turned on to his side. His gag was taken off. The bound strongman watched as cold water was splashed over Brad's face. "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!" the masked man said....

......Rob asked Brad, "You know what happened after that, don't you?"  "Yeah, mate!" Brad answered. He added, "What a fuckin' night and a day, Rob! Imagine! I was kept tied up almost non stop since last evening!" Brad confessed that he didn't have a clue about the identity of the man who had abducted him in front of the gay hideout.
Rob said that all he noticed about the masked man was his distinct garlic breath. 

 "I think I have an idea who he is!" Brad spoke and grinned. He added, "You needn't know, Rob. But, trust me, he shall not go unpunished! After all it's not everyday that you're tied up and tormented by two people. It was a first for me. I mean, I've never been tied up before! What about you?" he asked the strongman.

"Well, two years ago I was held bound for nearly 24 hours!" the strongman said. "What?! You?!" Brad asked. "Tell me what happened!" he insisted.  
"Sorry Brad, I'm pooped! Let's go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my experience!" the giant replied and grinned at his friend. He stripped himself and collapsed on to the welcoming bed....


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vids - Bound Muscle - The Trooper Pt 2

Here comes part 2 of Bound Muscle The Trooper.  Derek De Silva is still gagged and still tied to that car and not going anywhere!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vids - You Tube - Steve Santini Escapes From Swiss Castle Dungeon

I found this clip whilst browsing You Tube, searching for clips on restraints.  This clip features escape artist Steve Santini, who in a stroke of luck, happens to be quite chunky!  Okay, so he's actually escaping from lots of chains and shackles (when we really want him to be kept in them for as long as possible) but I still think it's a fun clip and quite hot to him in lots of metal to begin with!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Gear - Chastity Devices

Thought I'd do a quick change of gear on this post.  This blog is about Bondage For The Big Man, but I do like to share some personal things from time to time.  Seeing as I'm still in chastity (although thankfully have been allowed to cum semi-regularly) I thought I'd talk about some of the devices I own, and what I've worn over the past few years.  These are my own personal thoughts on each device, but I appreciate our experiences with chastity differ from person to person.

The first device is the CB2000.  I actually quite like this device.  The big issue I have with it is that my cock was way too accessible through the bars of the cock cage.  I could easily stroke myself and cum with minimal effort.  It was a good starting device to use but I quickly wanted something more effective.

The second device I used was the CB3000.  This was much more secure, although the holes at the bottom of the cock cage meant I could still play with the tip of my cock, although it was a lot harder to get myself off with this device on!  The main issue I have with this device is that I would get hard in the cage and then when softening up, my foreskin would poke out through the top vent holes.  And if I got hard again it would be quite uncomfortable to do so.  But I do like the security aspect and the fact the device comes with hinged rings to allow easier and more comfortable fit.

The third device I used was the BON4.  I really liked this device.  Because it's made of Silicone, the device has a little bit of 'give' meaning it is really comfortable to wear.  Actually have to say it's certainly one of the most comfortable devices I've worn.  The only issue I have is with part of the design; I really don't like the ball separator, found it annoying.  Unfortunately this device is so easy to manipulate.  It took hardly any effort to get my fingers between my cock and the device and get myself off.  Also it isn't very discreet when being worn under clothes.

The last device I'm going to talk about is the device I'm currently wearing, and that is the Steelwoxx's Steelheart device.  I love metal, so it's not shock that this device is my favourite.  The design of the device is quite beautiful, and it's extremely secure.  The cock tube only has a small hole at the bottom to allow urine to drain out, but that also means there is little to no chance of me touching my cock.  I can touch a bit of my foreskin if I really push the device back, but it's not easy.  This means I cannot touch my cock at all.  It's the device I've always wanted, and having worn it for a while now I can say it's my favourite.  Another great thing is that these devices are made to mesaure to ensure a correct fit.  They're not the cheapest device on the market but when you see the construction you know why, you really get what you pay for.  I cannot fault this device at all and hope I continue wearing it for how ever long my partner wants me in it.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vids - Captured Guys - Michael Tied, Tickled and Foot Worshipped

Those Captured Guys have gotten their hands on Michael.  This stud is roped, gagged then tickled and foot worshipped.  The top seems to be having a whale of a time, even if Michael isn't...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Vids - BoyzTube - Muscle Guy and the Pizza Boy

Watch this Pizza Boy take advantage of his muscled customer.  Hey, I'd be happy to pay for Pizza this way! Vid courtesy of BoyzTube.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vids - Beefycub - Military Bound

I reckon this clip is really hot.  Sexy, hairy, beefy guy dressed in military fatigues is tied to a chair and left to struggle.  Guess his military training isn't really helping him right now!

This clip was taken from Academymen but I can't seem to find Beefycub.com - shame.