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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vids - Bare Foot Bound - Bills Sofa Struggles

Bare Foot Bound got their hands on Bill, tied him up and dumped him on the sofa.  There's lots I'd do to this sexy hunk if I got my hands on him...

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pics - Captured Guys - Vinny Tied

Check out buff and broody Vinny.  Captured Guys got their ropes on him and boy does he look sexy all trussed up!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Vids - Bearbound - Officer Dart Chair Bound Pt 1

Poor officer Dart has been taken hostage, gagged and tied to a chair.  Can't really blame the perpetrator really, Dart is big, beefy and extremely hot.  If you want to find out more about Dart, check out his webpage - Darts Domain

Friday, 25 July 2014

Pics - Captured Guys - Adams Feet Fun

Captured Guys have sexy hunk Adam hogtied on the floor and forced to engage in some feet fun.  Who wouldn't use this stud as a foot stool?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pics - Bearbound - Bill (Re-Post)

Bill from Bearbound, getting a re-post.

Some more pics from Bearbound.  This time it's Bill all tied up...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Pics - Bearbound - Billy (Re-Post)

More Bearbound goodness...

Some great shots from Bearbound of Billy all tied up.  This bear is seriously cute!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vids - Bearbound - Brock Roped (Re-Post)

It's another Bearbound re-post!

And we're back with the Bearbound boys.  This time it's Brock's turn to be tied up and displayed...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pics - Captured Guys - Devin Sofa Tied

Check out another Captured Guys cutie, the hot and hairy Devin who has been left tied up on the sofa. Perfect to come home to after a long stressful day...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Vids - Barebound - Leatherbound Pt 4

It's the 4th and final part of Bearbound's Leatherbound, featuring Ironhorse.  Hope you've enjoyed the show!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pics - Bare Foot Bound - Nick Bound

Nick will be the last of my fresh Bare Foot Bound pics.  It looks like the site has folded, so I cancelled my subscription and called it a day.  I do have lots of vids left, and will be re-posting Bare Foot Bound pics from time to time.  I still have my subscription to Captured Guys, which offers feet photo sets, for those of you who like feet - so no worries there.  Anyway, enjoy Nick!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Storyboard - The Bondage Bear - The Personal Interview by Captor

Hope you guys enjoy this storyboard and the story.  This was a lot of fun to do I can tell you that. :o)


   Dave grunted into his gag as a hand slapped his rock hard cock. Fingers flicked the clothes pegs clamped on his large sensitive nipples. He heaved his huge chubby body. "Yes yes. Do that, Dave. I'm enjoying it!" a deep voice said with a chuckle. Dave lay on his side on a large bed. He was hogtied, blindfolded and gagged. His shirt had been unbuttoned all the way down and his nipples had been clamped. His trousers had been unzipped and his rock hard cock had been pulled out. As a refinement, his captor, Matt, had tied off his cock and his balls. "Will make your dicky bird very very maddeningly sensitive.." Matt had said and lightly slapped his cock.  It was true. A mere touch on his shaft made him groan and squirm! 

 He had lost all track of time. Judging from the muffled sounds of a popular cookery programme coming from the adjacent flat, it had to be around 9 pm. And he had come to meet the CEO of a company, and now his captor, Mr Mathew Hillman at 5:30! The rope bit into his wrists and his ankles. In attempt to escape those hands running up and down between his thick thighs, he turned on to his belly. Bad idea as the pegs on his nipples pressed against the bed and made him moan in agony. Matt's rough hands mashed his captive's rump and slapped it hard a few times. Dave's protests were muffled by the tight ball gag and he heaved his large body. "There's no escape, is there, Dave? Hehehe!" came the taunting voice. His cock throbbed and he groaned as a warm mouth sucked his little finger! Dave thought back to the phone call he had received this morning.

 Dave was between jobs and pretty desperate for one. Any job. He had applied for a job of a tourist guide and had been called for an interview by a travel agency. He was in his early thirties as were the half a dozen other candidates who had also been called for an interview. While the others were stylishly slim and dressed like dandies, Dave was a very fleshy heavyweight. And most of the weight was from his man breasts! They were huge and dense with nipples that were way larger than the US Dollar!. He had dressed rather casually. He wan't sure he would hear from them again. Imagine his surprise when he got a call and was asked to meet the CEO for a personal interview at 5:30 pm.

 "Good evening Mr Hillman!" Dave had shaken Mathew Hillman's hand after the CEO invited him into his cosy flat in an expensive, quiet suburb of London. "Call me Matt." his host had said pleasantly. Matt was a short wide man who was dressed in a tight black T shirt and tighter jeans. He had a beer belly but Dave was sure he was a physically strong man. AS they sat drinking Scotch, Matt explained what Dave's job entailed. Basically Dave had to show their wealthy clients around London. Dave's ears pricked up when Matt explained that all their clients were very affluent males from around the world. 

   Matt had, out of the blue asked Dave if he enjoyed bondage. Dave confessed that he loved to watch gay bondage torture videos and had fantasized himself being bound. "That's just great, Dave!" Matt slapped Dave's  thigh and let the large meaty hand linger for a few seconds. Dave's cock stiffened in his trousers.  "You see Dave, some of our clients may demand your services outside of showing them around London." Matt said with a schoolboy grin. "You'll be surprised at the number of people out there who'd love to tie up a chubby bloke...."  He added, "Want to try out your little fantasy, Dave?" Dave nodded. Matt led his guest to his bedroom.

  The  bedroom was quite a large one and the lighting was subdued. There was a table with drawers in one corner while a large bed occupied much of the space. Matt opened one the drawers and produced a coil of raw hemp and things that Dave couldn't identify. "Open your mouth Dave." Matt said. A black ball was placed against his gaping mouth and with the leather straps attached to it, was fastened tight. "That's what's called a ball gag." Matt said with a smile and sat at the edge of the bed. "Turn around!" he ordered. Dave's arms were pulled behind him and he felt the rope being wound around his wrists before being knotted tight. "I prefer raw hemp. It's totally non elastic and bites into the flesh, Dave" he said with a cruel smile. Matt made his captive face him. 

 Dave gazed down as his shirt was opened very slowly, button by button till his belly button. Matt pulled open the shirt and gasped at the sight of his captive's enormous man tits! They bulged out and seemed to offer themselves to Matt. Rough hands squeezed and  mashed Dave's chest. Thick fingers pinched and rolled his extra large, extra sensitive nipples. He groaned and tried to move his body. Matt giggled and said, "But Dave, your cock seems to like it!" indicating the bulge in the trousers. He felt his trousers being unzipped and his briefs being pulled aside and his cock and balls being pulled out. "Whoa! Someone's ready for action!" Matt exclaimed. "Well, not yet!" Dave grunted as the raw hemp was wound around his cock and his balls and knotted off. A blindfold went over his eyes. 

  Matt said, "Now for the finishing touch before the games begin!" and pushed the helpless Dave on to the bed. Dave landed on his belly with a loud ''Mmmmmf". His ankles were lashed together and Matt jackknifed Dave's legs and attached the ankles to his wrists."Roll onto your back, Dave!" the voice was a whiplash! Dave did so with considerable difficulty. "Woof! You look so fucking sexy all tied up   and nowhere to go! You're all mine now....."  Dave heard his captor's voice before fingertips flicked one of  his nipples and a tongue tip lashed across the other. Dave heaved his large chubby body.  He grunted in agony as his captor slapped his rock hard cock a few times. Behind him, the rope bit cruelly into his wrists and his ankles. 

 Matt's rough fingers rolled and pulled his captive's nipples. Dave felt an indescribably sharp pain first on one nipple and then the other. He keened into his gag. "I've clamped your nipples with my clothes pegs." Matt explained and added,"Isn't the agony so fucking sexy, Dave?" Without waiting for a response, Matt tapped the clothes pegs. Dave arched his back in pain. And exquisite ecstasy! Every tap on the pegs transmitted an urgent message to his cock. Hands roamed lazily over his enormous chest and descended to his big thighs. Dave wanted his captor's hands on his cock so he tried to move his hips towards them, but the hands expertly skirted his crotch and returned to his man tits. 

 Dave's wrists hurt badly as he was lying on his back, so turned on to his side. He felt Matt lying next to him. His captor reached behind his head and undoing the buckles, took the blindfold off. Dave blinked his eyes a few times. Matt smiled at him and brought his hand to one of the nipples. "This is gonna hurt, Dave.." the captor said and took one clamp off. Dave screamed in his gag. Matt licked the nipple lovingly and sucked on it. When Matt repeated it on Dave's other nipple, the bound helpless captive groaned in agony and pure lust. 

 He was pushed onto his back again and Matt lay on him. Starting from Dave's chin, Matt kissed his captive's large body. He brought his mouth to those humongous man breasts. Matt chuckled as Dave squirmed. His hands replaced his mouth as Matt brought his lips to Dave's rock hard cock. What followed was exquisite torture for Dave as Matt mashed those large man boobs while his tongue lashed across Dave's cock. Dave was certain he was going to lose his sanity any minute. His cock and balls ached for relief. Behind his back, his wrists burned with agony.

 Matt slowly undid the rope around his prisoner's balls and his stiff cock. Dave let out a low animal growl in his gag and arched his back. His chubby body tensed for a second or two before collapsing back on to the bed. His cock erupted in Matt's warm mouth. Matt licked the last drop. Dave sighed in relief as he was sure he'll be freed of his cruel bonds. But Matt had other ideas. He took his clothes off leisurely with the finesse of a male stripper. 

  Dave eyes popped at the sight of the monster between the hairy tree trunk legs! It twitched and spat pre cum!  Matt unbuckled his captive's trousers and yanked them down to his knees. "Roll onto your belly, Dave." Matt's voice was thick with lust. Dave did so. Behind him, he felt Matt untying the ropes around his ankles. He moaned in agony as he straightened his legs. The pain of returning circulation was hell. Matt caressed Dave's ass. And gave it a few hard slaps! Dave yelped in pain. 

 Matt lay over his captive. Dave felt his captor's thick hot shaft in his own hands. "Jerk me off! Slowly!" Matt's voice was hoarse with lust.  Arms snaked around his upper body and Matt's hands landed on his man tits. Then with a slow steady rhythm, the battering ram went in and out of Dave's hands. Simultaneously, Matt's hand mashed and caressed the two huge soft mounds of flesh. Sweat from Matt's face dripped onto his captive's. Dave moaned as his captor's tongue ran around his earlobes. And just as Matt's cruel fingers rolled and pinched his captive's huge nipples, Dave felt his captor go rigid as a stone. A few seconds later, Matt emptied his shaft into Dave's hands. He felt Matt's tongue lick his own cum off his hands. Matt. Dave idly mused, had swallowed enough proteins in for another week!

  A half hour later, Dave was fully dressed as was Mr Mathew Holden, the CEO of the travel agency.  "Well, Dave, I'm impressed by you." Matt said, adding, "I'm sure you'll be an asset to out valued clients."