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Friday, 23 December 2011

Sensory Deprivation Hood

This is one serious piece of kit.

The hood has internal padding and a small hole for breathing.  The straps can be pulled tight to give a really snug fit around the head.  And if you add padlocks your sub knows that hood is not coming off!  I can attest to how great this hood is because I own one and have been put in it many times.  I always struggle to hear anything when I'm wearing it.  I end up saying 'Sorry Sir, I cannot hear you' when all I can hear is a whisper.  Pretty sure my captor is talking at normal volume too.  It's a head cocoon which blocks out everything, the only thing you can hear is your own breathing.  It's actually incredibly relaxing as well as horny! Seriously fun!


  1. Groan! Now, if only your wrists were cuffed behind you.Not that you don't look sexy with your hands in front of you, but still......

  2. Well what you can't see is that the cuffs are attached to a metal collar, quite a severe type of restraint...