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Friday, 9 December 2011

The Big Boss Man v The Mountie - Shock Treatment

It's time for more Big Boss Man.  

I was talking to someone on Recon and we started reminiscing about The Big Boss Man and the many guys he jostled with.  One of his more high profile feuds was with The Mountie in the early 90's.

Both the Boss Man and The Mountie fought it out over who would be considered the ultimate law enforcer in the World Wrestling Federation.  They would go back and forth with a war of words, and compete in several bouts, each getting the upper hand at some point in the feud.

In this clip The Mountie decided to play a little dirty and in an disused storage room, backstage in the arena, he cuffed The Big Boss Man to a pipe and used his signature cattle prod on him.  He shocks and beats him so much, he leaves the Boss Man foaming at the mouth - quite literally.  Then we see The Big Boss Man in the studio, talking about his ordeal (with his shirt open - woof!).  I'll forgive the fact that he looks to be wearing some cheap Handcuffs.

Now I don't think shocking someone to within an inch of their life is horny (although I think a little bit of mild torture can be nice, plus it's quite obviously all staged) but I can make exceptions when I see The Big Boss Man cuffed and open shirted!

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