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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bear Tied and Mummified - Part One

Poor bear.  All he wanted was a nice relaxing massage.  Unfortunately he called upon the services of a guy he used to bully at school.  And although the bear has little memory of the incident, the tormented guy remembers everything, so it's time for revenge!

In this part of the film, the bear is given a nice massage before he has wrists tied behind his back.  It's only then, when he gets prompted and has a good look at the masseur, does he realise the predicament he's in...


You can find these clips, and many others like it at - Bear Bound


  1. Tying up the beefy bear's wrists behind his butt is no easy task for the captor. The way the captive struggles and heaves his huge heavy body, trying to resist his attacker's plans is somehow, so damn sexy to watch!

  2. And sexier to watch is the beefy bear struggling helplessly with his wrists tied expertly and tight behind him.........

  3. Specially----GROAN!----when a helplessly bound beefy bear does the struggling!

  4. Groaning is good too - as long as there is a gag involved!

  5. Confucius say: Groaning in pain and pleasure is aphrodisiac for tormentor. ;-)

  6. Did he say that? Must have missed that part of his teachings...LOL

  7. Look up his 'Confucius & Sex' volumes. This is in Volume VI, Chapter 96, Page 296, line 24. You read Mandarin, don't you, HMB? ;-)

  8. Volume VII is all about cruelly hogtying a beefy bear and gagging him. And the pleasure for the captor and the pleasure and agony for the beefy bear. Chapter 15, Page 81, line 6.
    Happy reading! ;-)

  9. *Gets book out and thumbs through pages*