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Friday, 2 December 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Six


Alex talked animatedly, waving his hands around and rubbing his beard, making sure to cover every detail.  Bill and Mike sat transfixed, alert, they took in every word.

‘Hold up, the pig lives in your dungeon permanently?’  Bill looked perplexed, trying to calculate everything Alex has said.  ‘I mean how can that even be possible?’

Alex smiled and gave them both cocky look.   ‘The pig lives there more or less permanently.  I release the pig once a week.  Pig is put in rubber restraints, wrists locked behind the back whilst shower and cleaning is taking place.  At this point pig is free to talk about how he is feeling.  I need to let the pig have that verbal release as it makes the pig more compliant in the long run.  And I’ll let the pig suck me off if I’m in the mood.  If I’m feeling generous I’ll wank off the pig, but that doesn’t happen often.’

Bill looked at Mike and Mike scratched is head, working out logistics as much as Bill was.  Mike was full of questions too. 

‘So does the pig have a daily routine?  Mike could feel his cock getting hard in his jeans.  ‘Or is the pig just stored there for when you’re ready?’ 

Alex leaned back in his chair and passed a poker chip from one hand to the other.  ‘The pig is stored in the dungeon always.  The pig is sealed in vacuum packed rubber and cannot move a muscle.  Generally the body does not hold up to long term storage in this way.’ 

Alex grabbed a potato chip and devoured it quickly.  ‘Luckily I have the pig wired up to an electro stimulation machine.  There are pads all over the pig’s body, on the cock and balls and a butt plug up the arse.  The pig’s whole body can be stimulated – either all at once or in sections.  Not only does it stimulate the muscles to keep them strong, it also produces a lot of pain or pleasure.’  Alex laughed.  ‘The pig never knows what is coming!’

Bill leaned forward on the table and considered what he’d heard.  ‘Okay, I get the cleaning and muscle stimulation but what about food and water, how do you administer that?’  Bill rested his arms flat on the table, his belly rubbing the edge gently. ‘What about wastage?’  Alex continued to talk.

‘I wondered when you would ask that.  The pig has a tube gag which is fully moulded to the mouth.  Inside the gag is a stuffer piece, which keeps the pig from talking.  But it also has a hollow tube perfect for accessing fluids.  The tube runs to the base of a urinal which is located behind the pig.  There is also a smaller tube running from the pigs cock and balls to the mouth piece.’  Alex smiled.  ‘Everything is suctioned, so the pig doesn’t miss a drop.’

Alex’s fingers moved enthusiastically in the air as he traced the layout of the tubes.  ‘It means that the pig gets to drink what I put down the urinal; that could be anything from Coke, to water, to my piss.  It also means that the pig gets to recycle his own piss and cum; a true pig in every sense of the word!’   Alex loved the look on their faces as he kept explaining.

‘As for waste products; the pig is on a liquid diet which means there is not much to shit out.  I’ve learned to spot the signs when it’s coming, so the same routine is applied as when the pig is cleaned – rubber restraints whilst on the toilet.’

Mike’s mouth was open slightly.  He loved everything he’d hear d so far, but still wanted to know more.

‘So what were all the monitors and machines I saw by the side of the pig?  What are they for?’

Alex smiled ‘Ah, glad to see you’re paying attention Mike!’  Alex ruffled Mike’s hair.  ‘Those machines monitor all of the pig’s vital signs.  If there is even a sniff of a problem it alerts me.  Alex drew breath and continued before Mike said anything more.  ‘It means I’m a bit of a prisoner in my own home – oh the irony, but as I work from home it’s not too much of a problem.  If I need to get out of the flat then I have a very trusted friend who comes over to pig sit.’ 

There was an important part of this whole set up that Alex had not shared with anyone.  But tonight, seeing as the pigs training was nearly over, he felt he could be even more candid with his friends.

‘There is one piece of this puzzle I still haven’t explained.’  Alex leaned in closer to the guys.  ‘Of course my fantasy had always been to own and control a boy, who I could mould into my slave.  But it goes deeper than just conditioning the mind.  I had to condition the body too.’  Alex eyes became emotional as he explained the last part of his plan.

‘Have you guys not noticed that every mirror is covered?’  At his point Bill and Mike looked around the kitchen and noticed that the mirror had a dust sheet over it. 

‘You see guys, when I say conditioning of the body; I wanted my pig to have the perfect body.  So I’ve been feeding the pig, shake mixes which will not only supply nutrients but will allow him to grow fat.  This with the combined electro stimulation has turned the pig from skinny boy into a big, stocky chunky pig.  During this process the pig has put on 5 stone and has the barrelled belly to prove it.  That’s another function of the computers, to recalculate the pig’s size and readjust the vacuum for a tight seal.  It’s just how I always wanted my pig to be.’

Bill turned to Alex and spoke softly.  ‘So the pig doesn’t know any of this?’

Alex looked pensive.  ‘Well I presume the pig knows he’s put weight on, but he’s not seen what he looks like since the first day of arrival as all the mirrors are covered. That was 6 months ago.’

Bill and Mike didn’t know what else to say.  All questions had been exhausted, all had been explained.  Now all that was left was that all three of them were hard.  Sensing the sexual tension in the air, Alex continued talking.

‘Now that I’ve explained all about the pig, do you guys want to meet him?  We have some unfinished business in the dungeon.’  With that, all three left the table and headed downstairs into the basement…

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