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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Expanding The Pig - Part Seven


Alex led Bill and Mike to the basement Dungeon.  The light began to diminish, the further they descended the stairs.  As they entered, the dim light threw shadows across the walls, trying to trick the eye into seeing things that were imagined.  But there as the centre piece was the pig.  With extra lights around the contraption, it almost looked like a spotlight was shining down on the pig.

 ‘What do you think boys?’  Alex lent against the door frame as Bill and Mike tentatively took a few steps closer to the pig.
‘Wow!’  Mike tried to keep his voice in hushed tones.  ‘Can the pig hear us?’
‘Nope, I’ve set the ear piece to white noise.  All the pig can hear is some slight static.  Those ear pieces are pretty heavy duty, so feel free to speak normally.’
‘Got to hand it to you Alex, this is some seriously sexy set up you’ve got going.’  Bill spoke a little louder than Mike, yet he was still afraid to disturb the scene in front of him.
‘Well boys, time for talk is over.  Are you still happy to help me feed the pig tonight?’  Alex approached Bill and Mike from behind and patted their asses.
‘Yes sir!’  Both spoke in unison and began to undress.

It seemed like only a few moments before Bill and Mike were naked, their clothes thrown in a bundle off to the side of the room.  Alex gave them both a long look up and down.  He fondled their balls, tweaked their nipples and gave their cocks a good slap.  At this point both Bill and Mike were rock hard, their cocks twitched and bounced gently up and down from Alex’s actions.

‘Do you remember what we discussed boys?’  Alex stood face to face and looked them in the eyes.
‘Yes sir!’
‘This is your last chance.  If you want to back out, now is the time to say so.’  Just by looking at the pre cum beginning to form on their cock heads, Alex knew the answer.
‘No sir!’  Bill and Mike both took a deep breath and steadied themselves for what was to come.
‘Right then, let’s get to work!’  Alex looked over at the pig; still quiet, still steadily breathing, still had no idea anyone was in the Dungeon.

 Alex got to work quickly, walking across the room to the back cupboard; he opened it and pulled out a leather sleep sack and leather body bag.  He left the door ajar and walked back to where Bill and Mike were.

‘Come here boy, you’re going to assist me with this.’  Alex pointed at Mike to join him by his side.  ‘And you boy.’  Alex gestured for Bill to join them.

Alex put the body bag on the floor and inspected the sleep sack.  He was used to looking over his gear in the Dungeon’s dim light.  He’d done it so many times before his eyes had become familiar with the lack of light.  Shaking out the sleep sack, Alex couldn’t help but inhale the faint smell of leather, which started a stirring in his pants.

‘Right boy, get in here.’  Bill stepped into the sleep sack as Alex roughly pulled at the D rings around Bill’s ankle, making sure the leather was smoothed out.   The sleep sack had two zips; one which started at the neck and one which started at the toes.  Alex gave the zippers a few tugs to get them to move.  He worked methodically, firstly continuing the smoothing process along; pulling the zipper at the toes upward, moulding the sleep sack against Bill’s skin.  Once Alex got halfway he paused for a moment.

‘Put your arms in here boy.’  Alex pulled open the internal sleeves, and after a small negotiation with the sleeves, Bill’s arms were enveloped in leather.  Alex continued pulling the sleep sack upward, as Mike steadied Bill’s lower body with a vice like grip. As Bill’s upper body got covered in leather, Alex grabbed the neck zipper and pulled it down until both zippers connected at Bills groin area.  Now Bill’s whole body was cocooned in Leather.  He looked down on himself as if he couldn’t quite believe it.

‘Thank you, sir.’
‘Don’t thank me yet boy, we haven’t finished.’  Alex looked down at Mike who was still steading Bill with his arms. 
‘What do you think of your boyfriend now boy?’
‘He looks fucking hot sir.’  Mike could barely contain his excitement at seeing his boyfriend, the top and dominant, enveloped in a leather sleep sack.
‘Indeed he does boy.’  Alex leant in toward Bill and snogged him.  ‘We need to finish getting you packaged up boy.’

The sleep sack had horizontal straps which started at the feet and progressed up to the neck.  With each strap approximately two inches apart it meant that even if Bill could pull his arms free from the internal sleeves, there was no way he was getting out of his leather prison.  Literally every part of his body was strapped up.   Alex tugged heavily on each strap, making sure each one was buckled tightly.  He left the strap across the neck, open.  

‘This is looking very good indeed boy.’  Alex stepped back to look at his work.  ‘Just one last thing and you’re done boy.’ 

Mike got up from his knees so he could use his whole body weight to support Bill who was now beginning to sway slightly.  By the time Mike had done this, Alex had returned with two leather hoods.  He walked over to Bill and pulled the hood over his head.  The hood was medium density leather, zipped and laced at the back and had detachable mouth and eye pieces.   Hooking his fingers in the open mouth piece, Alex fiddled with the hood until he was happy with the fit.  He pulled the zip from the top down, laced up and tucked the bottom of the hood into the neck strap of the sleep sack and then buckled it up.  Alex reached across to where he had left some gear and grabbed a mouth piece.

‘One last bit boy.  Open up.’  Alex pushed a stuffer gag with small breathing tube into Bill’s mouth and used the press studs to fix it in place.  Bill was now covered head to toe, mummified in leather. 
‘How does that feel boy?’  Alex waited for the response he loved to hear.
‘Exactly boy.’  Alex grinned at Mike and went in for a snog. 
‘Help me move him to the bed.’  Mike took Bill’s top half and Alex had the lower half.  They carried Bill over to the big metal frame bed in the corner.  They placed Bill gently on the bed and rested his head on the pillow.

‘Stay here boy; study your boyfriend for a few seconds because you’re next.’  Alex grabbed the bits he needed, picked up the body bag and walked over to Mike.  He shook out the body bag and opened it up.
‘Step in boy.’  Mike stepped onto the hard leather and waited.
‘One thing is missing here boy.’  Alex grabbed the pair of leather pup mitts which were on the floor next to him.  He unzipped the mitts and opened them out.
‘Put your hands in boy.’  Mike place both hands in the mitts and Alex zipped and buckled them up.
‘That’s much better boy.’

Pulling the bag up toward Mike’s neck, Alex followed a similar procedure to the one undertaken with Bill’s sleep sack.  The bag had slightly more slack than the sleep sack, but it had the same set up with the zips.  Once the bag had covered Mike’s body, Alex fixed the zips so they too were at Mike’s groin area.   Buckling up the horizontal straps tightly, Alex tugged on the leather, which eliminated any room for manoeuvre.  Again he left the strap at Mike’s neck open. 

‘Thank you, sir.’  Mike of course knew what was coming next, having help truss up Bill.
‘It’s the hood for you too boy.’  Alex supported Mike and again hooked the mouth piece with his finger so he could get the right fit with the hood.  Once again he followed the same procedure – zipped and laced up, the hood was tucked into the neck strap and it was buckled up. 
‘Open up boy.’  Alex grabbed the exact same mouth piece, and in went the stuffer gag with breathing tube.   It too was fixed in place with press studs.  Before Alex could say anything Mike made that familiar noise he loved.
‘Yes, exactly right boy.’  

Luckily Alex didn’t have to carry Mike to the bed as it was right next to them.  Instead he got him to shuffle a few steps in the body bag and Alex helped lower Mike onto the bed, placing his head on a pillow, right next to Bill.  Both boys were struggling in their bondage, testing the restraints.  There was a little bit of movement but nothing that was going to allow their release. 

Making another trip across the room, Alex rummaged around in the wooden chest until he found what he was looking for.  Buried at the bottom of the chest were several straps.   These were simple straps which are used to secure items to car racks, but Alex knew they could secure much more than that.  He walked back to the bed and began opening up the straps and throwing them under the bed.  When he had both ends at either side of the bed, he connected them together and pulled them tight.  He repeated the process with six more straps.  The result was both boys strapped down to the bed, head to toe, definitely unable to move a muscle. 

‘Now this is quite a sight, boys.’  Alex folded his arms and looked at both his prisoners.  The small squeak from the bed let him know that they were both trying to move around but both failed to get anywhere.
‘You are strapped down tightly, there is no way you are getting out of this.  I’d save your strength boys.  You’re going to need it.’  In spooky unison, both boys called out.
‘We’re nearly done here boys, just a few more pieces to go and then the games can begin.’  With that, Alex eyes lit up as he went back to the cupboard…

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