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Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Few Good Men

Anyone who is a fan of duct tape is probably a fan of the following scene.  Two army officers (not being up on the rankings I'm guessing privates?) enter another guys room and proceed to rough house him.  They shove a rag in his mouth and then put duct tape over it.  Then they duct tape his wrists behind his back, and tape up his ankles too.  At this point the clip fades to black, but if it were me, I would be wrapping that duct tape all over his body.  It would be a waste of a good roll if I didn't...

I know in the film the guy dies.  This is of course fiction and I'm not advocating grabbing some innocent person and taping them up.  As always, play should be consensual.  Sorry for the public service announcement but don't want the world to think I advocate what is shown in the clip without mutual consent all round.  Here endeth the sermon.  As you were. 

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