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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Okay, I know I said as much in the Christmas post, but I wanted to wish all readers a very Happy New Year.  In under two months there has been 10,000 hits on this site.  It is totally amazing, so thank you all.  I'm trying to keep posts varied and interesting, focusing on many aspects of Bondage and Big Men, not just the wonderful porn!  So I hope you keep on reading and enjoying the blog, and here is to more Bondage For The Big Man in 2012!


  1. Just a big thankyou for all you hard work in producing this site, long may it grow......the site... that is!!!

  2. Thank you, it is much appreciated! :o)

  3. Would also like to chime in a 'thank-you' for your excellent work on this site. It is very appreciated, in many ways ;-)


  4. Hi ukporkbelly,

    Thank you, I appreciate it very much. :o)