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Friday, 6 January 2012

Dirty Work...

My partner has a bondage meet planned for tomorrow (whilst I'm out having a session of my own) and I thought it was about time I cleaned up the rusted metal neck and wrist yoke.  

Here are some pics of how it looked before:

And here are pics of how it looked after:

There is still a bit of ingrained rust but it has mostly been cleaned off.  I didn't have the energy to sit there cleaning it for hours.  And in the end, most of the rust and dirt ended up on me.  But you know sometimes, this bondage lark is dirty work!


  1. You need a slave to deal with things like that.

    But I don't know where you can find one - and I'm certainly not up for the task myself.

  2. Shame, you could have cleaned it, then worn it.

    I might just have to look for a house cleaner slave, that would work.

  3. You have more chance of making me wear it, and then cleaning it yourself. I think you would have found that more interesting than straight forward cleaning.

    Do such slaves really exist? Everybody I have chatted to so far just want the chores to lead to punishment / reward, and are only interested in token tasks. You probably have more chance of getting a robot like the one in the story on www.eckie.com !

  4. Ah but I wouldn't be able to clean the inside if you were wearing it...

    I think slaves do exist but I think true slaves are few and far between. I reckon you're right though, a robot would be easier and simpler to find!