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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Big Boss Man v The Mountie - Jailhouse Match

New year, new Boss Man clip!

Following on from the events in the blog post entitled The Big Boss Man v The Mountie - Shock Treatment, The Big Boss Man and The Mountie went head to head in a bout.  The bout was called Jailhouse Match and the loser would be taken away and incarcerated in the County Jail for the night.  This post is divided into several clips as the whole thing was too big to upload into one video file.  Still, I hope you enjoy it, as it's a set of fun and horny clips in my opinion!

The first clip is the pre-match hype, where The Mountie and The Big Boss Man goad and taunt each other with insults and the like.  I really enjoy The Mountie with his animated description of what is going to happen to the Boss Man when he gets taken away.  The part about shackles got my attention!

The start of the second clip featured the last few seconds of the bout, which of course The Big Boss Man wins. As stipulated in the rules, The Mountie must spend the night in the County Jail and have done to him exactly what he was boasting about would happen to the Boss Man in the pre match hype!  The Big Boss Man gets his fellow officers to help him cuff The Mountie and drag him off to the Police van.  There is a very sexy exchange between the both of them as The Big Boss Man claims The Mountie as his prisoner, as he is rough housed into the van.  And as The Mountie is driven away to the County Jail there is more posturing from The Big Boss Man about how he is the ultimate in law enforcement!

In the third clip, the Police Van pulls up to the County Jail.  By the time The Mountie is pulled out of the van, he's in leg cuffs, as well as handcuffs.  There are three officers literally dragging The Mountie into the Jail.  He tries to protest and get them on side, even quoting 'reading the rights' but alas it doesn't work.  The entrance to the Jail is opened and the officers pull The Mountie into the Jail to be processed.

In the forth clip, The Mountie gets forced by the officers to have his mugshot taken.  They are still having to drag him around because he is still protesting and being an uncooperative prisoner.  The person taking the photograph manages to trick The Mountie into looking at the camera, therefore making sure the officers have photographic evidence of his stay in the County Jail.

In the fifth and final clip, The Mountie, who is still continuing to put up a fight, has his fingerprints taken.  There is a funny moment when, as the officers ask for his fingers he actually gives them the finger.  But unfortunately for The Mountie, being cuffed and shackled, he is no match for the three officers who only need to use a bit of force to get those prints. Once that ordeal is over, another is only beginning.  The Mountie continues to moan as the officers chuck him into a cell with other prisoners.  The officers leave the handcuffs and leg cuffs on during his incarceration, to further add to his humiliation.  Seems The Mountie may have got more than he bargained for as he gets accosted by his cell mates.

Okay, so the acting is really hammy and the whole camp, predatory prisoner at the end is really offensive, but there are so many things about these clips which gets me going - the uniform, the restraints, the participants, the verbal, the dragging!  Also The Big Boss Man has that sexy, dominate southern drawl going, especially every time he called The Mountie 'BOY!'.  I also think The Mountie's uniform is really nice and I like the look of him in restraints, especially the leg cuffs over his brown boots.

It's a shame they didn't film an alternate ending, as I think it would have been equally sexy to see The Big Boss Man going through that incarceration!


  1. I loved this match between the BBM and the Mountie. I loved seeing the Mountie getting cuffed and dragged off of the ring to be hauled off to jail.
    The only thing that would have been better for me is if they had unlaced and pulled off those hot boots and forced him to go barefoot, since he kept trying to kick everyone! >:)


  2. That sounds hot Anon! I would've added a scene at the end where he cuffed hands are bolted to the ceiling and his cuffed ankles bolted to the floor. Then ball gag him! All set!