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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Expanding The Pig - End Game


Alex looked around the room again.  Bill and Mike were still testing their restraint and moaning into their gags, they were clearly happy in their leather prisons.  Alex sensed that the pig was stirring too.  He could spot the micro movements the latex allowed, the pig was only doing what came natural, what he craved – movement.   Smiling to himself, Alex thought how lucky he was to have three prisoners tonight, although that thought reminded up of what he needed to do next; begin the pig’s feeding process.

Walking with purpose, Alex grabbed tubes and wires from the wardrobe and a small, thick, cubed electrical unit with various tubes attached.  He walked back over to Bill and Mike, and began moving the zips apart on the sleep sack and body bag.  Slowly he worked both their cocks out of the leather, so they were now separate from the mass of black.  Both their cocks were erect and pointed at a forty five degree angle.  Alex couldn’t resist giving them a little slap, and then a quick suck.  Once he did this, both Bill and Mike moaned even louder than before, trying to form words around the thick gags stuffed into their mouths, unfortunately all Alex heard was ‘MMMPPPFFFFHHH!!!!!’

He was having so much fun, but Alex had to stop himself from getting carried away and focused on further preparations.  He picked up two clear tubes, each one had a larger tube connected at one end, and at the other was a plug with a serrated edge.  He took the larger tube, spread a little bit of lube along the internal rubber sleeve, and fixed it onto Bill’s cock.  He repeated the process with Mike’s stiff cock.  Now, both Bill and Mike’s cocks were covered with a Perspex tube, their cocks hidden underneath the internal rubber sheath.  He grabbed some rope from under the bed and tied down the Perspex tube, to make sure it didn’t slip.  Alex connected the other end of each tube into another clear tube.  These were then connected to the base unit, which was plugged into a socket near the bed.  Alex ran the rest tubing along to where the pig was, and fiddled about with the connecters behind the table.  Once he’d finished, he stepped back to double check that all tubes were connected and that a strong seal had been formed under the rubber sheath.  Once he was happy with everything, Alex disconnected the pig’s earphones and started talking.

‘Gentlemen, I hope you’re comfy.  And pig, I’ve disconnected your earphones so you can hear everything I’m about to say.’  Bill and Mike continued to wriggle.  ‘What you don’t know pig, is that I have a couple of guests to keep you company.  Don’t be shy boys, say hello to the pig.’ 

Bill and Mike tried to form words, but all they could do was moan.   The pig moaned in sympathy too.  ‘Now boys, listen up.  You said to me all those weeks ago, you wanted to help feed the pig, well now you can.  I’m sure this wasn’t quite what you expected to be doing, but I think you’ll enjoy it all the same.’  Alex shifted onto his right foot, and felt pins and needles in his toes as the blood supply came rushing back.

‘Boys, you currently have a device attached onto your cocks.  This device is my own personal milking machine.  When I turn it on, the internal rubber sheath will massage your cock until you achieve orgasm.’  Alex turned the machine on and watched the Perspex tubes go up and down.  It was almost hypnotic.  Bill and Mike’s moans got louder and more desperate.  Alex switched off the machine and watched their bodies calm down. 

‘That was just a little taste boys.  Because feeding the pig is such a big job, these machines will be switched on all night, kicking in at different intervals, collecting every drop of cum you spill.’  Alex laughed and continued.  ‘And once you have shot your load, the suction machine will whirr into life and will pull your load from the Perspex tube and be fed directly to the pig.’  All three moaned in unison.  ‘Oh, the pig will be fed well tonight.’  

Alex stopped and coughed.  ‘If you’re wondering about having to piss, don’t worry about that boys, the tube is more than capable of collecting your piss and delivering it straight to the pig.’
Alex continued; enjoying his explanation of the situation.

‘That’s right pig; you will get every load of cum and piss these boys manage to expel, all night long.  But I haven’t forgotten about you pig. ‘Alex pushed a button on his remote, and saw the pig twitching, ‘I’ve switched on your electro, pig.  And it’s set to random shock; can’t have you being too comfortable tonight.’  Alex switched on the base unit, so now everything was ready for their uncomfortable night.  As he walked out of the dungeon, he could hear all of them moaning as the electro and milking machines started to take effect.

Alex sat upstairs in his room and watched the dungeon.  He was physically tired, yet couldn’t keep his eyes off the screen.   Before he drifted off, he noted that the electro had shocked the pig half a dozen times, not all of it pleasant either.  The boys didn’t get off lightly, their milking machines on for most of the night. 

The next morning both Bill and Mike were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to do it again.  All that was left for Alex to do was unhook the pig from the machines, unzip the latex and release him.  When he got the pig out of his bondage, he helped steady the pig on his feet and walked him to a covered mirror in the hall.

‘Pig, you must have noticed, every time I released you for a clean, that each mirror in this house was covered.’  Alex looked at the pig to give him the okay to speak.
‘Yes Sir’.  The pig looked up at Alex with his big eyes.
‘This process was more than just transforming your attitude pig, this was about transforming you into the pig I always wanted – inside and out.  And now you are pig.’ 

Alex removed the dust cover off the mirror and the pig finally got to look at himself after months of not being able to see his reflection.  The pig had thick trunk like legs, a barrel belly which was pushed out but firm, pecs were thick, the pigs back a mixture of muscle and fat.  The pig had a look of a strongman – everything was thick and fat.

‘What do you think pig?’
‘I, I, I, I can’t.’  The pig broke down and sobbed into Alex’s arms.
‘Are you okay pig?’  Alex looked concerned.
‘Yes Sir, I’m just so happy.  It’s a shock but I really love how I look Sir.  I can’t quite believe it Sir.  Thank you Sir, I love you Sir.’  Alex took the pig in his arms and held him tightly.  Together they sobbed quietly.
‘And I love you pig.’  They moved to the bedroom and the pig was nestled in Alex’s stomach.  ‘You know pig, this is only the beginning.’  Alex smiled
‘I hope so Sir, I hope so.’  The pig looked up at Alex and smiled.


Well that's it for Expanding The Pig, hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know if you did!

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