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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hard Time - Pt 1

Faced with the choice of jail or some hard time at the Academymen centre, this criminal thinks some hard time will be a piece of cake.  In the first part of this clip, the criminal is roughed up, gagged with duct tape, strung up and threatened with a gun and taser.   Unfortunately for him, Officer Ironhorse is in charge and is gonna make his night hell.  The criminal has no option other than to take it or face ever dire consequences!


  1. Where are the other parts?

  2. I had to remove the other parts unfortunately...

    1. Can you put the rest up now?

    2. Do you have clips from to serve and protect (academymen) when the officers get taped up?

    3. I'm not sure to be honest, I don't think so.