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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Hunt For Vers/Top Players...

I always thought the grass was greener.  I always thought it was just me that bemoaned the lack of good vers/top bondage players where I live.  Now don't get me wrong, I get to play with some great guys who I have come to regard as friends.  But I guess I'm always on the look out for more connections.  And the guys I do connect with and who I think I would have a great time with, are always thousands of miles away.  From my chats with guys this seems to be a common recurrence.  Maybe it's the same shit all over the world, who knows.

So what do I do?  Well I contact guys on Recon or FetLife who I think might be a good fit...so far no takers.  Instead I've embraced my Top side and spend more time tying up guys than being tied.  I hope this isn't the sign of things to come.  I know I'm complaining but I do really enjoy tying up guys, can't beat seeing a guy struggling and grunting at your feet.  It gets me hard in my chastity (yes it's still on) and leaking like a mad man.  So I guess I'll continue to take opportunities whenever they come my way!


  1. About the first part of your post, I never gave it much thought but it is quite interesting to see that many people seem to find their best kink connections outside their own city/country/continent :) I'm one of them, as you know. Not really sure why this happens, the grass being greener might be one factor, but at the end of the day you're still making a personal connection with someone, not because they live far away but because you have stuff in common and you like each other.

  2. Yes indeed, and I do love to make connections with guys who share similar interests. I can talk to my non kink friends about my activities but they don't completely understand because they don't indulge in it. So I like chatting to guys, even if it never goes anywhere. And who is gonna say no to some horny chat along with the more day to day conversations... ;o)