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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Posting Material From Films Depicting Guantanamo Bay...

This is a sort of odd post to write but I could really do with you guys opinion.

I'm trying to marry two different opinions about Guantanamo Bay/Camp X-Ray which leave me a bit unsettled.

Firstly I am very much against the practice of rendition and the torture and incarceration practises that go on at Guantanamo Bay/Camp-X Ray.  I don't agree with state sponsored abuse and torture. Ever.

But my kinky side very much enjoys the restraint practises they use: sensory deprivation, shackles, cuffs, restraint chair.  That side of it gets me very turned on.  But I should add that's in a mutually agreed play session.  If these were used on me during such session that would be fine.

So my dilemma is, there are some Hollywood films out there which have covered the events at Guantanamo Bay/Camp X-Ray.  I know I've posted clips from films before, but what I'm asking dear reader, is would it be acceptable to post some clips even though I know this stuff goes on in reality?

My moral and just side is having a fight with my kinky side...

I'm really looking for you guys to let me know what you think in the comments section, because if you guys think it's okay then there are a few scenes I'd like to post, one featuring a very sexy Muslim daddy actor!  


  1. I'd say yes, post them. I have the same qualms that you have regarding real torture, but from your description, these clips are from movies depicting events that really took place, but with actors playing them. By all means, though, if you do decide to post the clips, do remind of what they are and what they are based on.
    Your quandary is one I've been faced with too. Very often, people have a bad opinion of SM because they have never really faced the difference there is between fantasy and reality, between consensual and non-consensual acts. We, as people who are into bondage and other kinky stuff, have had to face those issues. I think this awareness of issues like consent makes us gentler human beings.

  2. Hi Jeryn,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, these are Hollywood films which show actors playing characters, although we all know the scenes which feature restraint and torture actually happened. I will definitely post what I think the background is. Although I'm not too sure. The clips are barely a minute long each though.

    Yes, I don't know why people think that the activities we partake in are bad. So long as everything is consensual then no one should question anything. Agreed and also helps others who are new to it all and might have their own questions and issues.

    I realise now it is only 2 short clips. But I really like the restraint chair used, and the hot daddy actor!