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Friday, 29 January 2016

Arse Play

Chastity has done many things to my body and my thoughts over the past few months.  At first I was wearing it regularly, self regulating and allowing myself to cum maybe once or twice a week.  When my Sir got involved, he then decided when I should cum.  So far it's been once in about 40 days.  So how has my mindset changed in this time?  Well I certainly seem to want to suck a lot of cock and cum, but where my thoughts have been totally transformed in arse play.

In the past I have said to every guy I've met, absolutely no arse play whatsoever.  But I started to realise that perhaps the only pleasure I'd now get would be by playing with my prostate.  So I started experimenting with putting things up my arse; butt plug, vibrators, prostate massager and even a dildo or two.  And I now seem to want to do the same thing to the guys I have tied up.  I now enjoy opening their arse with my fingers and then filling their holes with toys and hearing them moan.

I don't think I'm totally ready for fucking.  Well maybe a little ready but on my own terms.  I don't fuck mainly because I can't stay hard when I've entered guys (trust me, I've tried!) but I do want to experience being fucked.  A new American friend of mine came up with a very good idea; tie up and gag a sub, watch them get hard (because they always do!) and then I back onto their cock and ride it. That way I can control the speed and motion.  Perhaps the more I do this the more open I would be to being fucked tied up and with loss of control.  I definitely plan to try this soon and let you know how it goes!

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