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Monday, 18 January 2016

30 Day Explosion

So, after 30 days of not cumming, I finally got to cum last night.

I went onto Skype with my Master and we had a little play (as best you can when you're doing solo bondage) which was a lot of fun.  Firstly I was ordered put on my collar, then leather ankle and wrist cuffs.  I then had to tie up my cock and balls.  He ordered me to paddle them, which was very tough seeing as I have such sensitive balls.
Afterwards he made me tie my legs to my bed head frame, then put a ball gag on and then edge myself slowly. When I finally exploded, my god it was amazing!  I'm so glad I was gagged, I made so much noise.
Do I feel like the tank is empty?  Not at all.  There is still lots backed up there and who knows when I'll get to cum again!


  1. Ever considered video camming it? I'm sure many would love to see you gagged and explode of cum.

  2. I like the sound of that. I will have to chat to my Sir and see what he says but it's a definite possibility!