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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vids - Str8hell - Mattias & Artur Pt 7

In the last part of this Str8hell film, Mattias is chained to a bench and is allowed to play with himself whilst Artur fucks him.  When Artur has had enough of the brutes hole, he cums over his face then gets Mattias to suck off the last few drops from his cock before he finishes with his muscle slave.


  1. I loved naked, collared men. It shows ownership. Woof Woof!! And being forced to suck off his captors cock after he shoots his load... WOOF WOOF!!!

  2. It's very hot, although I'm not sure I'd allow his hand free to play with his own cock like that...

  3. Agreed, hehehe... His only pleasure should be what his captor gives him ;). Woof Woof!!

  4. Oh yes! And he makes a very lovely muscle slave!