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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stories - Another Player, A New Equation

This follows on from Captors last story Raw Lust: New Player, New Equation Pt 2...

Brad slept like a baby. Sleep deprivation had finally scored and he went almost dead to the world. In his deep sleep, he was aware that his cock needed his attention as it was rock hard and his balls were crammed with cum. He vaguely remembered that he hadn't been allowed to shoot his load for long hours. But why couldn't he bring his hand to his crotch, he wondered.

   Rob hadn't wasted any time when he'd driven his friend home. The sight of a gagged and blindfolded Brad cuffed against the tree had aroused him like never before. They had been sharing an old but spacious flat for the past four months. Apart from some occasional horseplay in the pub along with some of their mutual friends, there was nothing sexual about their relationship. Brad had often noticed Rob's eyes on his massive man boobs. Frankly it had given him a thrill. He too used to often gape at Rob's massive, musclebound body. But so far it had been a mutual 'no touch no feel' understanding. All that changed when Rob went insane with lust at the sight of those huge man breasts and the sheer helplessness of his tied up friend. He had driven home like the devil with the still cuffed Brad beside him. Rob had first taken Brad to the toilet where the cuffed helpless man had pissed like a camel.

 Rob had undressed his friend and lay him on their huge comfortable four poster. He had noticed a ball of twine on the small table beside the bed. This was a golden never-to-be-missed opportunity and he seized it. Brad's arms were stretched and his wrists were tied with the twine. Rob spread those bulky thighs as wide as possible and bound the ankles too to the posts. He picked up a length of old cloth and gagged his friend. Rob ran his huge meaty hands all over the big broad body. Brad groaned in his sleep and tried to shift his body. His cock had gone hard. 

 Rob was very hungry and reluctantly went to the kitchen to prepare a hearty breakfast for the two of them. He'd perhaps feed Brad and spend the Sunday morning driving him crazy with his hands and his mouth. It was still quite dark in the kitchen though it was nearly 8.30 in the morning. Rob had the appetite of a horse. As did Brad. He cracked six eggs and added a bit of salt and pepper. Minutes later the aroma of scrambled eggs, bacon and tea wafted all over the flat. He went to the bedroom to check on Brad. Rob was highly aroused and he adjusted the bulge in his tight old jeans.  He was famished and rushed back to the kitchen. And he screeched to a stop! 

 Seated at the table was an apparition in black! Black turtle neck T shirt, black trousers and army boots. He had worn a mask that revealed only his mouth. He was forking scrambled eggs and bacon into his mouth. In his left hand, he casually held a gun! Aimed at Rob's belly! "What do you want?" Rob asked, totally unafraid. "I came for him. Brad." the masked man replied as he chewed a piece of bacon, "but I get two guys with one stroke! My lucky day!"  "Don't hurt us, whoever you are! Is it some money you want?"   "Money?! Hahaha! No! No!"  Rob found it eerie as only his lips were visible. The masked man went on, "After what I've done to you two, you might want to pay me though. Hehehehe!"

 The masked man, like Rob, was quite a huge man. But whereas Rob still sported immense muscles, this man's muscles had surrendered to fat. He got up and from a small bag, he took out a coil of thin white cord.
"Turn around and put your hands on your ass." he said softly. Rob did as ordered. He felt the rope go around his  thick wrists and grunted as it was wound tight and tied off. He tried to wrench his powerful wrists but there wasn't a leeway of even a millimetre! Next came the gag.  "Let's see what Brad's up to, shall we?" he said and pushed Rob into the bedroom. This man obviously knew Brad. And he knew his way around the house. 

  Rob watched as he untied Brad. He prayed that Brad would subdue this intruder, but the bulky man merely groaned and lay unmoving. With cold efficiency, Brad was hogtied. The captor effortlessly flipped Brad on to his back. Rob watched mystified as the man climbed onto the bed and tied one end of a length of rope to the fan on the ceiling. Was he planning to hang his captives, Rob wondered. A chill ran through him. 

  Brad heard, "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!" before cold water lashed his face. He gasped and tried to get up only to realise that he was hogtied. Once again! He shook his head to clear his face of the water and to also clear his foggy mind. He opened his eyes and what he saw astonished him! 
  Rob stood with his heavy legs wide apart. His tight white T shirt had been ripped from the neck down to below his chest. His massive hairy pecs and his large dark nipples were on display. His jeans and briefs lay around his ankles. He was gagged. Across his humongous pecs rope ran tight above and below his dense pecs, causing them to bulge. His cock and balls had been tied off and the rope was attached to the fan on the ceiling! It was taut, forcing the strongman to stand erect! 

  It was the first time Brad was having a glimpse of Rob's cock and balls. Very impressive dimensions, he had to agree. The strongman's cock was huge and thick and his balls too were huge! Of course, they'd been tied off and the cock was rock hard and had gone a bit blue! The captor, cruelly tapped the stiff shaft. His hands went to the wide chest and fondled the bulging flesh and muscles. Rob groaned and tried to evade those hands but it was futile. The masked newcomer, grasped Rob's barn door shoulders and turned him to offer a profile view to Brad. 
   "That's better!" the masked man said and ran his hands over Rob's huge ass, squeezing the hard butt cheeks. He knelt before the strongman and closed his mouth over the throbbing shaft. Rob let out a long moan as a tongue tip flicked across his piss slit. It was sheer torture as his cock had been tied off around ten minutes back and was painfully sensitive to the touch. The captor's hands kneaded Rob's mammoth pecs and rolled those large nipples between his fingers. Rob and Brad groaned in tandem. One in agony, the other in helpless lust. The masked intruder reached out and fondled Brad's cock. The hogtied bulky man squirmed and grunted.
  The twin torture went on for some long agonizing minutes. Or were they hours? Finally their captor stood up and maneuvered Rob towards the edge of the bed. Rob winced as the rope on his cock was stretched taut. The masked man pulled the hogtied man too to the bed's edge and made him lie on his side and took off his gag. It was obvious to Brad what was expected of him. His mouth closed around the strongman's thick juicy cock. Meanwhile, the masked captor lay behind Brad and brought his hand to the bulky captive's mammoth man boobs and the extra large nipples. He unzipped his black trousers and whipping out his cock wedged it in the bulky prisoner's ass cleavage.

     Rob groaned as his cock was sucked ever so gently and slowly. A hand descended on Brad's cum crammed cock and stroked it agonizingly gently. Brad too groaned and moved his huge body. At least he tried to. His captor giggled and began jerking the cock in his hand. Rob grunted for relief. The masked captor ensured that Brad's moth was doing its job. He slowly untied the strongman's cock and balls. With a growl that no gag could silence, Rob shot his enormous load into the warm mouth. Brad went rigid for a nanosecond before his cock exploded in his captor's hand.

     He felt the masked man's cock in his butt crack twitch and let loose an avalanche of thick cum. The three men were still for a few seconds. The masked man got  up and wiped his cock on the bedspread. Taking a knife from the kitchen, he tossed it on to the bed. He said with a chuckle, "You can free yourself. It'll take some time. By then I'll be far far away. Don't worry, I have stolen nothing from here except some quality time with you two. And that heavenly scrambled eggs. Good bye!" He ran his hands once again over the bodies of his two bound captives, then slapped the two men on their butts and walked away with a lusty laughter.

    Rob dropped onto the bed and crawling to the end, rolled onto his back and clasped the knife. Within a short time, they were free of their ties. 'Let's take a shower." Rob suggested. It was the first time they showered together. Rob once again prepared a hearty breakfast and the dug into it like two hungry hyenas.
   "Who was that bastard?" Brad asked.  "No idea." Rob replied and narrated how he'd entered the kitchen and encountered this masked man. "He should do something about his breath." Rob said and chuckled, "Bloke has a strong garlic breath." "Is that so?!" Brad asked, his face brightening. "I think I know this mysterious masked Marquis de Sade!" he added and dug into the scrambled eggs............. 



  1. Why does Brad remind me of you, HMB?! God! How I'd love to truss you thus! ;-)

  2. Can't say I'm not receptive to the idea either! ;o)