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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Vids - BondageMan Brazil - Ander Chair Tied

Well guys, I recently got myself a subscription to BondageMan Brazil and I have to say I really enjoy the material on the site.  I think the models are really great, and I like the fact there is a wide variety for differing tastes, the ties are inventive and many of the models have no problem being naked, clearly showing how much they love being gagged and bound!

After the blunt and rude non-dialogue with the owner of Captured Guys, I ended up cancelling my subscription and switching to BondageMan Brazil instead.  I reached out to the owner and he has very kindly allowed me to post certain clips and pictures on Bondage For The Big Man.  I'm very appreciative of this, as it allows me another resource to create posts for you all.

So the first post from BondageMan Brazil is Ander, chair tied.  Hope you guys enjoy and I encourage you to visit the site and show your support.


  1. Least he hasn't fallen over with all that struggling.

  2. Nope, he does look very secure doesn't he...