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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Evolving Views On Chastity...

I have a love/hate relationship with chastity play, and I guess that's the point.  Recently I have been getting back into wearing chastity on a more longer term basis.  But the fantasy and reality have never meshed well with me.  Being a bigger guy, I have found it difficult in the past to wear a device long term.  At the moment I only wear chastity when I'm home alone (which to be fair is a lot) but when I'm out and about I'm swinging free and easy.  The personal issues I have vary really; sometimes I can be so soft that my cock can almost come out the cage, soreness around my groin area means I have to remove the device until the skin has healed, and I've not yet found a device which is discreet.  This leaves me feeling a bit mixed about chastity devices because it's very much, when it's right it's fantastic and when it's not it can leave me and my body feeling irritated.

My normal chastity device is from Steelwxxks:

To be honest I love this device, I think it looks really sexy and I have to say I have no issues wearing this.  Even over nights are no problem.  The only issue is that it's quite easy to get excited within in the tube and I can manipulate it my own ends.  I probably should have gotten a smaller tube but that would've have made erections quite painful...what's wrong with that I hear you say! 

My fantasy device has always been a belt, but they are bloody expensive.  The other device I drooled over was the aluminium seed pod.  It was always a bit out of my price range, but I recently was able to purchase one.  I tried it on once and to be honest I was disappointed.  It feels like the device is made for guys who are bigger in that area.  I realised though, that the seed pod could work if I hadn't cum for anything over a few days. I was more likely to be semi hard than completely flaccid all the time.  

Today is the first time I've worn the device for more than 30 minutes and so far, so good: 

The plan now is to wear it for the rest of the night and sleep in it as well.  Wish me luck!

What are your thoughts on chastity play?  Do you know of any really great devices?  Have to had experience wearing them?  Drop me a message or comment, I'd love to hear what you guys think.


  1. Chastity is one of my biggest kinks but just like in your case, the practical side can ruin the fun sometimes. I'm still looking for a device that is easy to wear and that I can't pull out of - since I'm a shrinker/grower (depending on your point of view...) that's a big challenge. I'm interested in custom made metal cages, but that's a big financial investement I'm not sure I'm willing to make.

    I've owned the CB2000/3000/6000, but for long-term wear I go back to the 2000 every time. Unlike the others, my little friend can't get uncomfortably trapped in the "neck" of the device, and it's easier to keep clean than the others as well. They don't sell it anymore as far as I know, and mine's practically falling apart, so I'll have to upgrade at some point...

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wrestles with the practicality. Like you Rauber, I've thought about metal belts, but like you say it is a very big investment, and like you I'm not sure about paying out for one...yet.

    I found exactly the same thing with the CB2000, it is a great device. My own problem with it was that stroking my cock through the cage was enough to get me off. Seriously, I can be quick to cum it's ridiculous. I'm sure you'd be able to find one if you looked. I'm back in my original Steelwxxks device. It's starting to feel like a second skin now. I am toying with getting a Picto Boy Trainer, with internal silicone spikes. Wonder if that would deter me from playing with myself...