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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

FetLife - Place To Connect...

Have any of you guys ventured onto FetLife?  What are your thoughts?  At first I wasn't sure about this site which basically looks to be Facebook meets Fetish.  But after sticking with it, I've made some really good friends and connections with other guys I might not have met on Recon.  I think Recon is great and I use it daily, but I can see what FetLife might be more of a draw for certain people.  It seems to be more focused on making friends and connections regarding our fetishes, rather than looking for a quick hook up (not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with that!)  I think there's a place for both points of view in cyberspace.  I'd say if you haven't, go check it out.  You can connect with me there, my username is BearIn2Bondage (funnily enough!)

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