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Friday, 26 October 2012

Vids - Punishing Officer Grrowl!

Another fantastic video of Jim Gagbear getting some bondage torment.  Looks like this officer needs to be punished!

Follow the link for more Gagbear - Gagbears World


  1. God! There's nothing sexier than a bound and gagged Gagbear struggling and grunting in his bonds.....

  2. Love me some Gagbear!!!! His stuff is always good!! Just a big ol bear being tied up and poppered and enjoying the ride!! What more can you ask for!! Check out his Xtube vids!! Lost of gagging and struggling!!

  3. I have Paul, Jim has given me permission to post anything that's on Xtube here on the blog. Very nice to him to let me, as he always gets a lot of traffic and it's easy to see why!