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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sites - Blogs

You know that I appreciate all the support you guys give to this blog; be it contacting me via Recon or Twitter to let me know how much you enjoy it, or leaving a comment on a post, or even just visiting the site - it lets me know how many guys out there really want to see big men in bondage, and it gives me drive to continue updating on the days I want to throw in the towel and hit the delete button.

Anyway, I'd like you to show your support to the following blogs, as the guys not only put a lot of effort into them but there is some top drawer material contained within.  Some are more general bondage whilst others are of a more personal nature, each has something to offer though.  I know all the blogs are listed on the right sidebar, but I wanted to acknowledge them properly and in case any readers actually hadn't noticed them listed before.  Click and enjoy!

http://rauber-inchains.blogspot.co.uk/ - A blog featuring a mix of personal and general bondage, created by Rauber who I've gotten to know recently, a lovely guy.

http://bndgboss.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=7fa4602293a916c - The Bondage Boss, to me quite a formidable guy with a blog full of personal posts about his and his slave's life.  Oh what I wouldn't give to spend even 5 minutes under this guy's control.

http://ruffsstuffblog.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=5ac33f530f5146e - Ruff is very well known in the bondage blogsphere, and it's clear to see why.  His blog is a pick and mix of all sorts, including some hot bondage. Plus he has a great sense of humour to boot.

http://www.metalbondnyc.com/ - MetalBond was probably one of the first blogs I visited.  Metal has been very supportive to this blog and helped me when I was starting out.  Not only is it jam packed full of bondage, Metal has a big love of metal restraint, something I'm very into.

http://roidsnrants.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=188e50fc3c1ffdd9 - This blog is less about bondage and more about muscle.  Still it's a great read, and who doesn't like a bit of muscle?

http://bodylounger.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=7b87fc88b893db8f - I found Body Lounger through a friend and I have to say his artwork is amazing, especially when he adds a bit of restraint to his drawings.

http://mrkristofer.thumblogger.com/ - Mr Kristofer is a well known bondage porn actor, director and owner of several porn companies.  His updates are always horny and worth a look.

http://bearpaul.blogspot.co.uk/ - Bear Paul's blog is a mixture of personal updates and general bondage posts.  He's a lovely guy who I've had the pleasure to get to know over the past few months.

http://nosafeword.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=521889a2d5e32eb1 - No Safe Word is a great blog featuring insight into the life of a gay couple into BDSM.  I really enjoy reading the updates, seeing the pictures and videos - very hot.

http://tskinboot.blogspot.co.uk/ - This blog is all about TSkinBoot, his life, his kinks, his world.  TSkinBoot is a guy I have known for a few years, he's very kinky but also a very sweet guy.

http://mencomix.wordpress.com/ - What can I say about Mencomix?   Well the artwork is simply stunning!  I love the updates, the comics, the stories, the drawings - the guy who runs this is quite a talent!


  1. Thank you for the mention, and thank you for the kind comment too, really appreciate it. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the mention! Really appreciate it. I got a very sudden and quite spectacular increase of readers on my blog, I guess that's your doing :)

  3. Paul, you are more than welcome. :o)

    Rauber, it might be who knows! Glad more guys are visiting your site though. :o)