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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pics - Dagdabear

Time for another feature on one of my Recon friends.  I've been chatting to Dagdabear for a good few years, but unfortunately we never had the chance to meet before I moved away from London.  He's a big bear into the usual, the things that draw all of us here.  He's kindly allowed me to profile some of his pics where he's tied up.  No escaping for this bear!

If you'd like to make contact with Dagdabear, you can find here Recon profile here - Dagdabear


  1. i'm a star at last lo, thanks mate for the kind words

  2. No problem at all! You're a star anyway!

  3. Very cute bear. I love the suit bondage pictures. I love bear bound and gagged in suit. They are very adoreable. Wish could hug him all day while his bound and gagged in his suit.

  4. I agree about the suit, suit bondage is hot!

  5. Wouldn't mind seeing you tied up and smartly suited my cubby friend growl!!!

  6. Well hopefully someone reading will be up for that... ;o)